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12 Things All Skinny Girls Go Through

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Being slim and called “Zero Size” is most of the girls’ dream. But there is a group of girls, who have to go through a lot just because they are skinny. Being skinny might be sexy but the pain and the troubles that skinny girls go through are only known to them. It’s rude to walk up to a fat person and to comment on their weight, but people don’t think that it is also rude to walk up to a skinny person and to comment on their weight. Here are 12 things that skinny girls have to go through in their lives.

  1. “Do you ever eat?”











Whenever someone sees a skinny girl, the only question they ask is, “Do you ever eat?” I’m sure,those girls would have been pissed out hearing this. They’ll be like, “Just shut up! Why do you ever bother about me?”


  1. Never get clothes that fit them perfectly:











They never get clothes that fit them perfectly. Either it’s too short for their height or too big for their size. “Putting a jeans pant without a belt, is a nightmare.”



  1. Eats like a pig, but never gains weight:

They eat a lot and try everything and anything to put on weight, but are always skinny with their collar bones protruding out.

















  1. Uncomfortable to sit for a long time:









They find it very difficult to sit down for a long time, because their butt bones start to hurt, if they sit for a while. This situation is so embarrassing, we can’t even tell people that our butt bones hurt. Imagine you are in a class and you excuse yourself just because your butt pains. This is ridiculous, right?



  1. Called by funny names:


Skinny people are called and made fun with names. Some are called as “Miss Skinny” whereas on the other hand they are called with ridiculous names like: toothpick, stick figure,bone bag etc. etc.

  1. Hearing lame advice:









People give lame advice to skinny girls. Some of which are: “Don’t go out on a windy day,you might be taken away with wind”, “Do not sit near a fan. Or else you will be blown by it”,“Don’t run, dance or do things that would make your body work continuously, because you already look as if you are gonna break into pieces.”

  1. Put on some weight:








People ask them to put on some more weight, so that they look good. But how the hell do they know if she would look good if she puts on weight?Seriously? Why are people being so nosy?

  1. Feeling cold most of the time:











Even when the weather is good, they feel cold, that’s because they don’t have fat. But how to gain fat? By eating cheese burger? Or is it by eating ghee halwa? Whatever they eat, they never become fat. God help them!

  1. Having no curves:









It’s depressing when a girl does not have a perfect body shape, forget Perfect, there are no curves at all, only straight stick figure.

  1. Going to Gym:







Most of the girls go to a gym to reduce weight but skinny girls go to gym to gain weight. What diet should be followed to gain weight? Answer: Cheese, Ghee, meat etc. “But I already eat them often”, is what they say.

  1. Why do you work out?



If skinny girls work out, people be like, “Why do you ever work out? Do you want to become more thin? As if you are very fat now. But working out is not just to reduce weight or to burn calories, working out keeps you healthy and fit.

  1. What diet do you follow?




Fat people tend to ask skinny girls, what diet they follow. But it is frustrating, because They want to become fat. Why don’t we have a machine or a spell to transfer fat from one person to another?


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