Another Prank Video by Prankbaaz on YouTube. A alone bride asking for help to load some luggage in Car, see what happens when his boyfriend comes.
A very funny video with Indori Touch. There is Mr Rajeev Nema, I think this video is his creation. We got this video on whatsapp by one of our follower. Have a look.
This is another prank video shoot by the Funk You Guys, In this video, a boy told he raped a girl last night and Girl agreed on that, his friend shocked to listen that, and shouting on him. His friend...
In this video Saas and Bahu, (As Friends) dancing in a marriage on "Saat Samunder Paar" song. It's look some funny but the dance was awesome. This video is a similar video of another most viral video on YouTube where... In this video a boy sprayed air fresher in car while closed windows than used lighter to burn cigarette and the result was flames inside the car, see in the video

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