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Poverty in early childhood carved these famous writers.

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After thquote-it-s-a-wery-remarkable-circumstance-sir-said-sam-that-poverty-and-oysters-always-seem-to-go-charles-dickens-359671e imprisonment of his father, Dickens had to leave school and started to run errands to earn a bread for himself and his mother. He worked at a boot polishing factory near River Thames. He witnessed a lot of hard days that abandoned the child inside him and turned him into a more mature yet shattered personality, who never got an opportunity live his youth to the full.  he was permitted to join school years later after which he started freelance writing in London.


The creator of the wquote-poverty-entails-fear-and-stress-and-sometimes-depression-it-meets-a-thousand-petty-humiliations-j-k-rowling-25-30-09izardly world of Harry Porter, went through severe depression after being divorced at the age of 28. She had a hard time taking care of her daughter as a single mother, she even tried to commit suicide. After a lot of rejections and attempts to suicide she finally got her first book “Harry Potter and the philosophers stone” published at the age of 31.

STEPhe-thrusts-his-fists-against-the-posts-and-still-insists-he-sees-the-ghosts-quote-1HEN KING –

The king of chills and thrills, saw
his parents split up when he was very young. He wrote for his college newspapers in the University of Maine, but after graduation found no luck as a teacher. He worked at a laundry and wrote stories in spare time until 1971.



She was a victim of racism being a bllaugh-sometime-famous-quotes-about-peace-life-scary-and-dark-finding-light-poverty-spirit-which-standing-glaring-contrast-scientific-1024x576ack american lady, was raped at the age of 7 by her mother’s boyfriend. Struck by a deep mental shock after the event she remained mute for several years. She gave birth to a child at the  age of 16 and spent years shuffling jobs to support herself and her child.



He rarely saw his father who was stationed in Iquote-poverty-is-what-i-m-writing-about-george-orwell-257228ndia, and never had a good bond with him. Orwell remained sick during his early years. In school he wasn’t treated well as the school mostly cared for the rich. He found his life going nowhere after school, his family was incapable of paying his University fees, so he joined the Indian Imperial Police force in burma.


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