Army succeed fire test of Brahmos Missile


The Indian Army got sucess in test fire of BrahMos land attack cruise missile against a designated target at Pokhran test range.The missile test was launched by a mobile autonomous launcher (MAL) and succeed in all the targets in mission. According to the chief of BrahMos Aerospace "BrahMos missile system, the most lethal and potent weapon system for precision strike available with Indian Army, has proved again its effectiveness in today’s successful launch’. Many defense organizations and officials including DRDO congratulated to Indian Army and BrahMos Aerospace on the victory of mission.

Know the Power of Brahmos Missile

The Indian army is already equipied three regiments of Brahmos Block-III versions. The test of Lank Attack version of Brahmos was in test procedure since 2007. The supersonic Brahmos missile is made for fire and forget technologies and equipped with best defense and auto navigation system. Brahmos having the range of 290 KM and Mach 2.8 Speed ( 1 Mach =1195 km/hr) and can be launched from land, sea, Air on any target. Brahmos Missile is made under the joint venture of DRDO of India and NPOM of Russia.


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