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World’s 5 Highest paid tennis players in 2015

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No 1 Top paid tennis player in the world


1. Roger Federer
Total Money – $ 67 million
Prize Money – $ 9 million
Endorsements – $ 58 million
The 34 years old, Roger Federer, the king of lawn tennis player has been cruising again for the last 12 months with seven tournament wins. At the moment he has the most (17) singles Grand Slam titles and career prize is $ 93 million. On the other side his advertisements prize money is already filled with big companies like Nike, Rolex and Credit Sussie and moreover, he extended his deal with Mercedes-Benz at the end of 2014 for next three years.

novak djokovic

2. Novak Djokovic
Total Money – $ 48.2 million
Prize Money – $ 17.2 million
Endorsements – $ 31 million
Novak Djokovic has won 15 out of 20 Grand Slams Tournament with eight wins in those matches. He earned almost $ 63 million as a prize money since the start of 2011. Now, he has $ 83 million as a prize money which is the second highest as far as the ranking is concerned. On the other side he also deals with big companies like ANZ, Jacob’s creek, Peugot and Seiko which is done last year.


3. Rafael Nadal
Total Money – $ 32.5 million
Prize Money – $ 4.5 million
Endorsements – $ 28 million
Rafael Nadal has been struggling with his injuries after a superhit 2013 season and due to this his prize money drop from $ 10 million to $ 4.5 million for the last 12 months. He was the number 1 player in the world in June 2014, but now stood as no. 8. Nadal also did link with some big names like Tommy Hilfiger and Spanish communications Giant Telefoncia. Moerover, Kia Motor also renewed its deal with Nadal in May for 5 years.


Hottest and top paid tennis player Maria Sharapova

4. Maria Sharapova
Total Money – $ 29.7 million
Prize Money – $ 6.7 million
Endorsements – $ 23 million
The world’s highest paid female is Maria Sharapova, who won her second French open title in 2014 and also got huge bonous from sponsors like Nike and Head. Other major endorsement are Avon Products, Porsche, Tag Heur and Evian. She got the latest deal as a two year contract with American Express during the event of US open.


5 Serena Williams
Total Money – $ 24.6 million
Prize Money – $ 11.6 million
Endorsements – $ 13 million
Serena Williams reached on a different level as she got her four consecutive Grand Slams Titles. Her $ 73 million career prize money is double than Maria Sharapova. Williams also has big deals with Chase and Audemars Piguet in past few years. Moreover, she also expanded her Gatorade relationship with Pepsico.

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