Adventure Travel Mysterious Famous and Mysterious Haunted Banff Springs Hotel of Canada

Famous and Mysterious Haunted Banff Springs Hotel of Canada


The magnificent Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta, Canada, made in 1888 at the end of the railroad, acted as a retreat for businessmen travelers. The beautiful environment and luxurious conveniences earned it the name “the Castle of the Rockies.” Over its 128 years, the inn has been host to many special visitors, for example, Queen Elizabeth II, Helen Keller, and Marilyn Monroe. Yet, there are some other recognized visitors at Banff Springs who have never left.

Legendary Facts

Legend has it that a man killed his wife and little girl before killing himself all in Room 873. But, in case you’re wanting to reserve that room during your stay here, then you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Paranormal action in Room 873 obviously arrived at such a fever pitch, that the authorities chose to block up the room—along these lines setting its supernatural legend in stone.

The beautiful Banff Hotel Hallway / Image credit:
The beautiful Banff Hotel Hallway / Image credit:

Visitors who were fortunate enough to remain in Room 873 before it was permanently closed case claims that they were threatened by ghostly screeches and shouts in the night. House keepers were constantly reporting about the bloody fingerprints which they were unable to clean from the bathroom mirror.

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Room 873

Banff Springs Hotel workers claims that the homicide suicide is simply a violent made up story and no such wrongdoing happened, and there is no blood-splashed room fixed behind a wall. Although, some ambitious visitors have done their very own investigation work trying to demonstrate that Room 873 did in truth exist. On different floors, there are rooms finishing off with the numbers “73,” aside from on the eighth floor. The space where Room 873 would exist, has been made into a hallways and cutting at the exact position suggest that there used to be a door there.

If you make a thump along the walls between each room, you’ll hear a sound tap-tap-tap. However, knocking where Room 873 is claimed to be, and rather you’ll hear a lighter, empty and hollow sound.

Different visitors guarantee that in spite of the hotels earnest efforts, the ghost of Room 873 are still residing at Banff Springs. Some have revealed seeing the soul of the youthful little girl stranded outside her room, as though lost.

Room No 873 closed by brick and plaster / Image credit:
Room No 873 closed by brick and plaster / Image credit:

The suicide family of room 873 is not the only ghosts that resides and haunt the hotel. Another scandalous visitor who is said to have met her demise at Banff Springs is the Ghost Bride. Quite a while in the past, as she strolled up the stairs in the lobby of the lodging to meet her future husband, the bride lost her balance—some state she slipped, while others state her dress burst into flames from one of the numerous candles decorating the stairwell. She came tumbling down the stairs and breaking her neck and died. Visitors have claimed to see the spooky ghost of the poor young lady, wearing her wedding outfit, both on the staircase and in the dance hall. Some have even guaranteed that, on the back of her long dress, rising flares can be seen. The Ghost Bride of Banff Springs has turned out to be popular to such an extent that she even has her own Canadian postage stamp and gatherer coin.

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Friendly Ghost

Apart from the above mentioned spooky ghost, there is friendly ghost too in the Banff Springs Hotel. The ghost is said to be a former bellman of the hotel from Scotland Sam McAuley. He loved the hotel so much that while dying he said that he would haunt the hotel halls. Guest have reported to get an assistance of a friendly Scottish bellhop, that would be friendly and would help them with proper instruction. But after asking about the bellhop they learned that no such Scottish person existed in the staff. Even claims are made about a person vanishing right in front of the visitors while receiving the tips.


Many have claimed to experience the paranormal activities in the hotel. Some claims to hae stayed in the room 873 and has shared there experiences with the ghost family. Hotel management claims that no such room exist and the facts which have been put forward is not true. They even said that room 873 has never existed. So why is the room 873 been kept behind the wall. There should be some kind of explanation from the staff who have experienced the presence of ghosts in the Inn, but were never reported.

Image credit: Linda Hoang
Image credit: Linda Hoang

Even the story of the bride lady are true. The incident did happened in the hotel and police investigation were done, but still whenever the presence is reported they never agree to it. The mirror with blood hand prints, has been seen by many visitors. The blood prints either go invisible or are unable to be cleaned by the staff. Even the vanishing bellman. Known as the friendly ghost who once worked in the hotel and now after his death is working too. The friendly behavior of Scottish Bellman is something that has a extraordinary effect on other haunted stories here. So after reading about these incident what would you think of this hotel. Is it haunted?

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To Summarize

Whether or not the Hotel is haunted, the Banff Spring hotel is a beautiful hotel for a visit. It has all the modern amenities and excellent staff. The haunting here has many proof and claims. The proofs are all over internet but still do ghost are for real or just a made up thing. The haunting here has affected a lot of people and many ghost adventure lovers tries to get their booking here for a paranormal search. So the Hotel is quite famous and has a lot of visitors visiting it yearly. So in my opinion if you want to know about the above mentioned facts, then do book your stay in the hotel and know for real from personal experiences. However not a single death of a visitor has been reported in the hotel, so these ghost if they really exist will not harm you.

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