Food & Cuisines Cuisines Of Kerala, The City Of Spices

Cuisines Of Kerala, The City Of Spices


Kerala cuisine is influenced by the Malabari, Arabian and French touch. These influences with some Kerala unique touch gives its food a recognition in the world that is deeply appreciated. The Portuguese used to visit this place for its variety of spices. These spices are used in good quantity in all the meals prepared here. Kerala lies in the coastal region, so the seafood is in abundance and fresh.

Hence for Non-Vegetarian foodie, there are many different varieties of foods available here like Tuna, Lobsters, Oysters, Crab, Prawns, Mackerel, etc. The food style in Kerala is not limited to Non-Veg, a huge variety of vegetarian food is also available here.

Here is the list of the most popular food cuisines of Kerala.

 1. Idiyappam Biryani

Idiyappam is a dish made from rice flour. This dish is best served with a curry or stew. It is known as the Kerala style Maggi because of its similarity in shape and texture.

Idiyappam a Kerala Cuisine with Kadala Curry

Even it could be had with the egg curry. The thin threads of this dish are easy to digest and gives you a refreshing taste.

2. Appam 

One of the most popular dishes in Kerala, appam is another dish which is made from rice. Everyone in Kerala likes appam and in general, it is a rice pancake.

Kerala Appam Image credits Archana Kitchen

There are different styles for making it. It could be made with and without sugar. Usually, the appam is paired with stew or other curries. The best thing about this is that it is healthy food and can be eaten without any supportive curry.

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3. Puttu

The puttu is another rice driven recipe. Puttu is cylindrical shaped food made from a puttu maker machine. The puttu is usually prepared for the morning breakfast.

Puttu A Dish In Kerala

It is a light and good breakfast to kick start the day. Usually it is served with kadala curry which is black chickpeas and gives a better taste with puttu.

4. Erissery

Erissery A Dish In Kerala

Erissery can be seen in every kitchen in Kerala. This is a type of curry which is made by boiling sweet pumpkins with spices and salt. It is served with rice and is a very good curry. It holds significant importance on the eve of Onam festival. This is typically the second curry that is provided for the special Sadhya of Onam.

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5. Ela Sadhya

Ela Sadya is the combination of all-vegetarian Kerala food! With a greater number of choices than you’d ever have seen on your platter, Sadya is arranged and served during religious and formal events like celebrations, weddings, and that’s just the beginning.

Ela Sadhya In Kerala

This lunch is a mix of dishes like pachadi, kichadi, pulissery, olan, sambar, varavu, thoran, aviyal, payasam, presented with hot steaming rice on a banana leaf.

6. Parippu(Dal) Curry

Parippu Curry A Dish In Kerala

It is quite unusual for the people in Kerala for their taste in dal curry. The parippu curry is quite famous here and has some wide varieties of dal curry available here. For the festive occasions, the Masoor dal curry is prepared and for the general occasion, simple dal curry like north India is made. The parippu curry here is quite spicy and have a lot more spices. So it is a must for every visitor to once try this and feel it themselves.

7. Ghee Dosa and Sambar

Dosa is worldwide famous for its taste and texture. The Kerala special dosa is made with ghee till it gets cooked. It is then roasted till it becomes crisp on the borders.

Dosa A Famous Dish In Kerala

It is one of the world-famous cuisine available in Kerala. The combination sambar as a curry really makes a lot more difference to its taste. The sambar is made up with all the vegetables available and then when served with the ghee roasted dosa, makes the perfect combination.

8. Kozhi Varuthathu

Kozhi Varuthathu A Dish In Kerala Image Credits: Ayesha Kitchen
Kozhi Varuthathu A Dish In Kerala Image Credits: Ayesha Kitchen

It is a fried chicken made with a variety of spices. It can be had with roti or parota. A parota is a special kind of chappati that is made with flour and maida mixture. Very heavy for lightweight food eaters. The chicken is usually served in a banana leaf with onions garnished around its corner.

9. Prawn Curry

The traditional prawn curry of Kerala is made with chilli and pepper, salt and turmeric, and is then cooked in entire coconut milk.

Prawn Curry A Dish In Kerala Image Credit: Archana Kitchen
Prawn Curry A Dish In Kerala Image Credit: Archana Kitchen

It is garnished with leaves at last. The taste of this curry will surely last for a long time in the memories. It is a typical food found near the coastal lines of Kerala.

10. Karimeen fry.

Karimeen Fry A Dish In Kerala

One of Kerala’s most conventional dish, Karimeen Pollichathu is made out of a dotted fish ordinarily found in the backwaters of this Alleppey. Once Famous only among the Syrian Christian community of Kerala is now one of the states main delicacies. The fish curry is prepared from marinating the fish and filling in the stuffing of spices salt and others inside it. Then it is cooked and served with either rice or chappatis.

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