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COVID 19 – A Detailed Outlook of Pandemic Over World Decimation


COVID 19 or Novel coronavirus, a name that was unknown to us a few months ago turned out to be a household name, not for the right reason though!

And it all started from a “Wet market”- Prediction!

Assuming the first case was probably started at Wuhan, China in late November 2019, it was a potentially deadly disease that was not taken with an adequate amount of seriousness.

Wet Market of Wuhan, China, Via:

According to an article published by American magazine ‘National Review’ highlights how China withheld information that proved detrimental against the COVID-19 fight. The coronavirus that jumps from an animal species to a human being probably began at the Chinese ‘wet market’.

Spread across the globe and declaring it a pandemic.

By the time the authorities traced the pneumonia-like illness to a fatal virus, more than a good amount of Chinese people had been already infected and a global threat was possible assumed. And the assumption started to come true when the first cases of COVID 19 were registered outside China. Thailand was not prepared for the outbreak but the real problem was ahead of the current situation and the entire globe will going to pay for it!

Precautionary measures were taken at the airport, Via:

According to Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte said to CNN that “two cases of coronavirus in the country were of two Chinese tourists who landed in Rome a couple of days ago. We have already prepared all the precautionary measures to isolate these two cases. There is no reason to create social alarm or panic.” All flights to and from China were suspended.

By the time more than 1,776,867 cases of coronavirus were reported worldwide, the majority of them being in the US, with 23,423 deaths cases.

Italy leaped to the most affected place

However, within no time there was a tremendous increase in the number of people affected by the novel coronavirus and death cases came way along. And as of today, Italy stands top and received the most fatal blow with more than one lakh positive cases and about 11000 deaths within a month.

Death Toll in Italy Reached 20,46
Death Toll in Italy Reached 20,465, Via:

The hospital staffs and authorities are now in a gross situation and with a devastating impact, they are to decide whom to save and whom to let perish. What would possibly have gone wrong with Italian authorities handling the entire situation?

Major reasons that may have caused Italy to this extent

Two theories unfold the calamity. The first is according to the University of Oxford researchers in a new paper in the journal Demographic Science, “the country has the second-oldest population on earth with people above 65 of age and Italian have a healthy relationship with their elders. Mostly parents who work keep their kids with grandparents and young adults often visit their elders. Thus the chance of transmitting virus into the elderly people who are prompt to infection more in this case. To make the factor worse the transmission of the virus within families proved true thereafter, worldwide. Also even before contemplating the seriousness, there were a lot of tourists coming in and out of Italy, as the place is a well-known tourist destination without any doubt.”

However, researcher Dowd proposed, won’t completely agree with the ageing population theory. On the other side, he points out that “countries like Japan have ageing populations, yet compared to the positive and death cases related to COVID 19 are far lesser than Italy which is standing top”.

Succumbing to the pandemic. Countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore acted fast at the initial stage by conducting ramped tests and isolating suspected persons and implemented strict travel norms within the state or borders, which Italy failed miserably. It is predicted that there was a considerable delay in mass testing and the authorities rather used symptomatic treatment with the isolation that may have proved fatal.

As of, 14 April 2020, Italy has 158,516 positive cases and 20,465 death cases making the country most critical despite severe extreme measures taken. Taking the right action at the right time indeed is what makes it counted. Hopefully, we learn it for the future!

Consequences of COVID-19 on US, India and other countries

Talking about the United States, it surpassed Italy and became the highest of the coronavirus death country with 23,644 cases. Till 14th April, in US Coronavirus Cases reached 587,173, but the positive news is that till now 36,948 were recovered.

According the news published by BBC on 14th April 2020, US President Mr Trump told that his administration is finalising a plan to reopen the US economy, which has been largely shut down to slow due to the spread of the coronavirus. Also, the Trump administration has given the hints that restrictions may be removed by 1st May 2020.

US president talking about the current situation. Via:

The current White House recommendations for Americans is that they have to avoid visiting restaurants and should stop non-essential travel and keep in-person gatherings of not more than 10 people expire on 30th April.

Corona effects in India—

In India, Maharastra, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh have witnessed a big increase in COVID-19 cases till 14th April. According to news of, the increased cases of coronavirus are linked with the event of Tablighi Jamaat of a religious community- (Muslim missionary movement) at capital New Delhi’s Nizamuddin area. Hundreds of worshippers were moving in and out of the five-storey building. Tablighi Jamaat links have been found in cases across 14 states including Andaman and Nicobar, Assam, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. This religious gathering organised by the group on March 13-15 caused the biggest coronavirus spike in India.

Indian Citizens in Lockdown and Following Social Distancing, Via:

The cases are designated as ‘under special operations’ by the Delhi Government. Seeing the ongoing medical condition, PM Narendra Modi has announced extended lockdown in India till 3rd May 2020 and stated that it is very necessary to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. At present, India’s COVID-19 tally crosses the 10,000 mark with over 300 deaths.

Covid-19 effects in United Kingdom—

After seeing the latest figures, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson released his action plan for dealing with the crisis. The UK government’s action plan has four stages: contain, delay, research, and mitigate. The UK has now entered stage two and the guideline given by the government states that “Action that would be considered could include population distancing strategies to slow the spread of disease throughout the population.” according to

Earlier Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also tested positive from COVID-19 but now his condition is in control and he got discharged from hospital.

Covid-19 effects South Korea—

According to a blog published by, South Korea will send a total of 750,000 coronavirus testing kits to the U.S., and this new is confirmed by a public health official. South Korea has so far tested more than half a million people, confirming 10,564 cases and 222 deaths.

So, Stay Home & Stay Safe!

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