National Samosa Week Launched In England’s Leicester City: Interesting Things About The Festival


As we all know that Samosa is a real must have in every Indian house. Be it a rainy season or when super hungry or even as an appetizer at parties we always love to have samosas. But in England, they generally host pies, burgers, chocolates or cheese festivals and events, and now they are going to host an event for our favourite snack ‘Samosa’. On the month of April, England’s Leicester city is going to host National Samosa Week.

This event has been launched by the organisers of the Leicester Curry Awards. National Samosa Week has been launched to spread awareness about South Asian food and culture. According to ANI report, the event is going to take place from April 9th to 13th. The main aim of the event is to encourage everyone to try, taste and enjoy these piquant delights.

On April 9, Monday, the restaurant Chutney Ivy will open a pop-up shop outside the restaurant in Halford Street. There they would be selling their freshly made samosas. The organisers of the event want the people to sell their homemade or shop-bought samosas as they are keen to organise get-togethers. The money which will be raised from the event will go to two local charity.

The organiser of the award, Romail Gulzar said, “We want to encourage people all over the UK to buy or make their own samosas this week and sell them at work to raise funds for our nominated charities. If you’re feeling competitive, you could offer a prize for the best samosas. We think this could be the start of something really popular.”

Samosa is basically a spicy and flavourful fried street food dish stuffed with spiced potatoes or minced lamb, onion and peas. Though it is popularly known as South Asian delights, but it is also said that it was originated from the Middle-East.




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