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PM Modi in New Avatar With Renowned Adventurer Bear Grylls


Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is very much in the center of discussions because of their accomplishments worldwide. Either for their foreign tours or speaking boldly about the elimination of terrorism at various corporate organizations and summits of 2019. Now this time again, NAMO  in the limelight as he is going to feature in Discovery Channel far-famed show Man Vs. Wild with most famous Survivalist Bear Grylls.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeps on lifting India, and this is a proud moment for all Indians. For Prime Minister Modi it will be a surviving moment in the untamed wild forest of the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, We have to wait for the show as it will be telecasted on August 12 across the world.

PM Modi views

Talking about the show, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated, “For quite a long time, I have lived across nature, in the mountains and the woods. These years lastingly affect my life. So when I got some information on this extraordinary program focussing on life past political issues and that too amidst nature, I was both fascinated and inclined to take part in it”.

NAMO With Bear Grylls, Via-

A trailer for the program demonstrates Modi, 68, crashing into the Jim Corbett National Park in northern India guided by Grylls. “You are the most notable individual in India, I must ensure you,” Grylls tells Modi. The trailer likewise has pictures of Modi following Grylls as he treks through the wild, and the pair on a little swelled pontoon on a stream in the recreation center (the Ramganga and the Kosi course through Corbett).

Bear Grylls On This Event

On Sunday, Bear Grylls on his Tweeter account Mentioned that” The Prime Minister of India @narendramodi – leader of the world’s largest democracy. And what he shared here was mind-blowing. Coming soon to Discovery.” Further, he added in this next tweet “Sir, it was an honor to share an adventure with you Let’s keep the mission of spreading the positive message of discussion & protecting our environment and planet.”

Image Via Bear Grylls Twitter Handle

From this trailer, in that scene, PM Modi is inviting Grylls to India and holding up a weapon out of bamboo and other material arranged from the backwoods and saying, “I will keep this with me for you.”.To this, Grylls answers with a burst of chuckling, “You are the most important man in India, my responsibility is to keep you alive.”

Modi Vs. Wild image Via

The show has been shot as a way to aware familiarity with creature preservation and ecological change.

What Opposition Has To Say?

.In March, media reports had recommended that Grylls visited India in February – during the Pulwama attack of CRPF guards occurred. The report included that Grylls’ was available at the Jim Corbett tiger save in Uttarakhand’s Dhikala for a “shoot.”During a similar time, Uttarakhand Forest Department had dropped all visitor appointments for the Dhikala because of PM Modi’s visit to the state.

Image Via Twitter

Many people started commenting on this matter, especially the opposition party of India, Congress.  The announcement of the special episode attracted criticism from opposition parties when it became apparent because of this TV show the Prime Minister was shooting at the time of the Pulwama terror attack. Congress spokesperson Shama Mohamed claimed on Twitter that the PM “continued shooting even after being told of the heinous attack.” Soon after the Pulwama attack, government officials said there was a delay in informing the PM of the incident.

Mixed Reaction From Indians

Minutes after explorer Bear Grylls declared PM Narendra Modi’s up and coming appearance on well known British show Man versus Wild, Twitter were insane and couldn’t contain their enthusiasm.

While many indicated enthusiasm to see PM Modi with the British TV star, others made jokes about the declaration, saying the leader will “make havoc in the liberal wilderness.” Top tweets we are showing you here.

Image Via Hindustan Times

  • Ayushmann Khurrana said, “I’m too thrilled even to consider watching our PM in an alternate symbol out and out. This is staggering!” He additionally included, “Good luck for the show. Can hardly wait to watch you.
  • Arjun Kapoor said, “I would like to say to our PM, you’ve done such amazing work for our country and personality like this makes us even more proud of you.”In the end, he added, “Kudos to you guys for this off. I’m so excited to watch this.”
  • Kavita Tiwari says, “Wow, that’s why I love PM, not only for his creative and brave gesture but how to kick start the campaign which is crying need of the world. Awareness and Importance of forest, biodiversity Life, river, etc.”.
  • Netu Garg says, “Omg, this is unexpected and must say that Pm can’t ever be judged what all he has done till now. He always does something else which raise the bar and raise the expectation. Just amazing and happy to see my Prime Minister”.
  • Mihir Jha says, “this will undoubtedly be the most-watched Manvswild episode ever in the history of discovery!

Comparison between Modi And Obama Is Right?

Many people have started comparing Barack Obama, former President of America and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. People are saying Original is original, but the copy is duplicate. But Narendra Modi you can’t be Barack Obama.

comparison of Modi Ji and Obama image sourced via- twitter

One user said that “not very first time this happened in a western tv show which is as famous in India as there. But I am wondering that, is it an internal compilation going on twitter between Obama and Modi Ji.

So, this is our take on NAMO featuring at Discovery channel With Bear Grylls. What your view on this post, please comment and give your valuable feedback.

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