Food & Cuisines Explore Best Gujarati Cuisines Of India

Explore Best Gujarati Cuisines Of India


Gujarati’s have a particular flavour to their cuisines, and their utilisation of flavours stands out the most. Gujarati Cuisines are very famous in all over the country as Gujarat is an overwhelmingly veggie-lover state. As soon as someone speaks about Dhokla, Fafda, Khakhra, and Thepla immediately Gujarati Garba Music Start ringing in our mind. Apart from these famous snacks, Gujarati traditional food is also renowned all over India and in the World. So, here we will discuss and explore the best Gujarati Cuisines of India.

Gujarati food is a perfect combination of sour-sweet taste. Traditional Gujarati meal comprises of Rotis, Dal, special Gujarati Kadhi and Shaak, Khatta Miitha Bhaat and homemade pickles to tickle your taste buds. The aroma of ‘Vaghaar/Tadaka will definitely increase your hunger level. The greatness of ingredients like Besan or Gram flour, Lentils, Sesame Seeds and Yoghurt is another feature that sets Gujarati dishes apart from other states.

1. Bateta Nu Shaak

Bateta Nu Shaak is one of the famous Cuisine that this dish of every house in Gujarat. In simple language, we can call it Potato Curry.

Batata nu Shaak, Via: Youtube

It is a perfect combination of sesame seeds, curry leaves, ginger chilli paste and bland potatoes. It tastes best when served with daal and rice.

2. Bharela Bhinda

This dish is also famous as Bharva Bhindi. Bharela Bhinda or Stuffed Okra is simple, spicy and delicious Gujrati cuisines.

Bharela Bhinda, Via:

In Gujarati, it is also known as Sambhariya Bhindi. Fresh Bhindi is stuffed with tangy spices which give irresistible tastes. Served with Roti or Bhakhri.

3. Thepla/ Dhebra

Thepla or Dhebra is the perfect tea-time snack of Gujjus. It is a kind of Gujarati Indian bread which is prepared from wheat flour and seasonal vegetables like Onion, Tomato, Spinach, Methi, Chillies, and Capsicum.

Thepla, Via:

The necessary amount of protein and nutrients essential for the body are present in Thepla. Thepla is also widely available in all places around India.

4. Lilva Kachori 

Winter is an excellent time for the Gujaratis and a time for festivals. The Lilva kachori filling used in this is of fresh Tovar Daal and green peas. Certain spices like green chillies and ginger make it more appealing.

Lilva Kachori, Via:

After the kachori gets its filling, it goes to have an excellent deep fry. Immediate consumption is always necessary to enjoy the crispy and flaky outside and the tasty inside.

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5. Undhiyu

This is a fantastic winter dish that originated from the city of Surat and is an iconic Gujarat Food. It is a dish made of several vegetables and then cooked with a lot of spices. The common herbs used are brinjals, unripe banana, green beans, pea, and potatoes.

Undhiyu, Via:

It is directly served hot with the masala tea. The dish is traditionally originated from Gujarat only. The Undhiyu is very god for health because it contains the vegetable.

6. Dhokla

Dhokla is an ultimate and world-famous Gujarati cuisine. These soft and spongy in nature with weet ana sour taste and cannot be missed by anyone.

Khaman Dhokla, Via:

This dhokla making process is a quick and easy one that is delicious as well as healthy. you can make Dhokla in just 30 minutes, using besan with a colourful, chilli tempering.

7. Khandvi

It is a famous Gujarati snacks, people also know this dish as Patuli or Dahivadi. This  dish can be prepare with chickpea flour. Khandvi is also popular in Maharashtra.

Khandvi, Via: Pinterest

This rolled, a light snack is tempered with coconut, mustard seeds and curry leaves and is a delight to serve with tea.

8. Handvo

Handvo is a savoury tea-time snack that is crisp on the outside and soft from inside. A healthy mixture of Bottle Gourd (Lauki) along with a blend of buttermilk, flour, coriander, chillies, lentils and rice.

Handavo, Via:

To make Handvo more deicious add some chutney in it.

9. Patra

Patra is a popular snack, which is an excellent combination of flavour, colour and good health. Colocasia leaves are a powerhouse of nutrients like Iron.

Gujarati Patra, Via:

cooks prepare Patra from smooth paste of besan with spicy, sweet and sour flavors is  over the leaves, rolled and then steamed.

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10. Doodhpak

In India, we find sweetened rice in several forms. Doodhpak is also a speciality dish that originates as a Gujarat Food.

Gujarati Doodhpak, Via:

Doodhpak mainly prepared during the festivities of Diwali. The rice pudding has ingredients such as milk, sugar, saffron, almonds and other things. It makes you feel satisfied after a sumptuous meal.

11. Basundi

Basundi is similar to like Rabri. This desert of Gujarat is very popular in all over the country and world. Process of making Basundi is done when milk is boiled to that extent when it reduces to half, and the texture becomes very thick.

Famous Gujarati Basundi, Via:

At the time of boiling it, poure some Kesar and the dry fruits into it for inhancing its flavour.

12. Ghari

Surati Ghari is a sweet Gujarati dish from Surat, Gujarat, India. Cooks make Ghari from puri batter, milk ‘mawa’, ghee and sugar – made into round shapes with a sweet filling.

Gujarati Ghari, Via: Youtube

The crispy outer layer made of flour encloses fresh dates sauteed in ghee. People make this traditional Gujarati sweet on the festival of Chandani Padva.

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Gujarati cuisine is mouth watering when you see it but finger-licking when you eat it. Saying this from my personal experiences of having Gujarati food. You will always remember the taste. You will always remember the taste of this food.

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