Adventure Travel 10 Most Appealing Beaches of Philippines

10 Most Appealing Beaches of Philippines


Philippines is like a heaven on this earth for beach lovers. This place is famous all over the world for its royal tourist destinations. This place is also well-known for its stunning beaches and hidden islands. Here more than 7,500 islands with amazing shorelines present. This makes the Philippines the most bio-diverse country. Tropical rain-forest, coral reefs, mangroves, mountains and a wide range of flora and fauna are the unique attractions of this country. This place is stunning and will fascinate you with its charm.

The Philippines also offers one of the longest white sand shorelines in the world. So, if you are looking for tropical getaways and want to spend quality time with your loved ones on amazing beaches, the Philippines won’t disappoint you.

Check out our list of 10 Most Appealing Beaches of the Philippines.

1. Marimegmeg Beach

Marimegmeg Beach is situated near El Nido and can be easily reached out. This beach is referred to as the last boundary of the Philippines. This beach is a fantastic place to catch the sunset. Here you’ll discover white sand, limestone cliffs, beautiful lagoons, clean turquoise water. You will love the peaceful vibes at this beach.

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Here you can enjoy daybeds, beanbags, swings, blend of cocktails, listen to good music and the beautiful sunset. Marimegmeg Beach is the excess of wildlife and the largest marine reserve of the Philippines. You can enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling at this beach.

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2. White Beach

The fantastic White beach is located at Boracay, which is the most popular destination for travelers who are planning to visit or visiting the Philippines. The gleaming white beach got its name from white powdery sand dipped into beautiful crystal clear water.


Aquamarine species and ultimate peace surround this dazzling beach. White Beach is also famous for scuba diving and helmet diving.

3. Nacpan Beach

Nacpan beach is the island paradise of Palawan. Philippines locale can reach this beach by bike or car as it is very close to El Nido. This beach shows off a clean, gorgeous stretch of fine white sand.

Witness the twin beaches together at Nacpan Beach, Via:

When cruising the Nacpan beach, take pleasure in watching swaying coconut palms, a fishing village, clear aqua water and small surfable waves. Nacpan beach is one-half of the trendy Twin Beaches. The other half of this Twin beaches is Calitang Beach.

4. Hidden Beach

A lovers’ beach situated between the high mountains provides a haven for romance. During your El Nido itinerary, Hidden beach always comes on top. The stunning work of nature and magnificent mountain formation attracts many tourists from the Philippines and nearby countries for hopping this beach.

Enjoy the tour of the Hidden Beach, Via:

The shape of the Hidden beach looks like an isolated cove. Relax on the beachfront, enjoy swimming, try snorkelling and enjoy the marvel surrounding at this beach.

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5. Coron Island

In northern Palawan in the Philippines, Coron is the third-largest island in the Calamian Islands. Coron islands are the tenant of Tagbanua people. It is the blend of natural beauty with steep limestone cliffs, white-sand beaches and seven mountain lakes. Especially the Kayangan Lake, which has given the title of the cleanest lake in Asia. This island is also famous for world-class scuba dives.

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Behind the beautiful rock formations, there is a secret lagoon with crystal green water enclosed with white-sand shores. You can try rock climbing on this beach. This beach is a perfect paradise for all travelholics.

6. Dumaluan Beach

Dumaluan Beach is the most popular and beautiful beach in Panglao Islands. The breezy atmosphere, super clean beach, calm turquoise water and refreshing cocktail USP of Dumaluan Beach. Kids mostly love this beach and considered one of the best family-friendly beaches in the Philippines.

Stroll in the crystal-clear water of Dumaluan Beach, Via:

Explore the marine life and coral formations being a sea walker. Enjoy scenic beauty by glass bottom boat and banana boat. Try jetski, wakeboard, flying fish ride and parasailing at the beach. Total relaxation is exactly what this beach wants from you.

7. Vaughan Boulder Beach

Vaughan Boulder beach is situated in the north-most part province of Batanes in the Philippines. This beach is full of smooth rocks and boulders, which are the product of Mt. Iraya eruption over a thousand years ago.


This creates a superb landscape on the beach, like no other beach in the Philippines. The contrast of grey rocks, deep blue water, reddish sand and beautiful sapphire sky creates a mesmerising view on the beach. This beach is a treat for photographers and beach lovers.

8. Pink Beach

Samal islands are the most developed holiday destination for travelers in the Philippines. The most important and beautiful beach of Samal Island is the Pink beach. The pink glowing sand is the reason behind the name of this beach.

Pink Beach, Via:

The radiating pink sand looks impressive against the backdrop of lush mangroves, swinging coconut trees and clear blue water. You can also explore the nearby located Montfort Bats Conservation Park, which is a habitat for millions of fruit bats.

9. Mactan Islands

Mactan island is the densely populated island of the Philippines situated in Cebu. It is listed among the best island in the world and renowned for the best tourist attractions in the Philippines. Mactan offers rich marine biodiversity.

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Thus you can enjoy diving and snorkeling on this island. There are also numerous water sports activities, like jet skiing, sailing and parasailing. When you are done with island hopping, explore the Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary close to it.

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10. Puka Shell Beach

Popularly known as Puka Beach situated in Boracay. You must visit Puka Shell Beach for enjoying private moments with yourself or your partner. This beach draws the attention of everyone by the rustic charm and natural tranquillity. The sand present at the Puka beach is more coarse due to its blend with Puka shells.


Whenever you go swimming remember, the water waves on this beach have stronger currents and steeper drops. So enjoy your holidays on this fantastic beach.

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