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Plan Your Holiday in Sri Lanka Numerous of Places to Visit


Sri Lanka is really attractive and can suit any traveler’s interests with its high traveler attractions. The tiny island nation is chuck-full of journey activities like surf riding and trekking. There are many extremely spiritual sites for the spiritual follower, and unbelievable historical relics for history buffs in Sri Lanka. However, nobody will forget Sri Lanka’s unbelievable natural beauty, weather or for enrouting to an ideal surf break . Either by visiting a historical website or on a pilgrim’s journey, lush leaf and exotic animals are never far-off.

Sigiriya Rock Fort

Sigiriya Rock Fort is totally spectacular. The rock walls arise 200 meters from the bottom, solely to administer thanks to a flat plateau at their summit. There are steep stairwells to achieve the highest and lots of fresco’s to marvel at on the way up. At the top, you’ll be able to notice the remains of an ancient civilization, as well as traces of a palace and cloister. It might have taken true engineering ingenuity to make a structure at this height such a large amount of centuries ago and round the rock fort are several vital caves and gardens; impressively they’re some of the primary landscaped gardens within the world.

Galle Fort

It is simple to induce lost within the cobblestone alleyways and streets inside Galle Fort. These days the Galle Fort is packed with fashionable restaurants, hotels, clothing, and memento retailers. Meanwhile, snake charmers and buskers line the seawall. However, the fort wasn’t continually such a cosmopolitan spot. A basic fort was made by the Portuguese once they created their 1st landing to the island in 1505. once the Dutch eventually confiscated management of Galle, they created variety of improvements; as well as the large ocean wall that also lines the fort. Galle Fort is a superb example of what the synthesis between European and Asian design sounds like.

Temple of the Tooth

The Temple of the Tooth may be a extremely sacred place. The temple contains one in all Buddha’s teeth. Legend has it that the tooth was taken from the Buddha on his deathbed, then black-marketed to Sri Lanka from India. It absolutely was black-marketed within the rule of a princess, when her father’s kingdom had been enclosed. It forthwith became an object of nice importance and has been celebrated and paraded throughout history. However, several tries have conjointly been created to steal or destroy the tooth. doubly daily, pujas are held to celebrate the relic and provide guests and devotees the possibility to urge a glimpse of the tooth at intervals its casing.

Adam’s Peak

At the summit of Adam’s Peak could be a footprint solid in stone. it’s religious significance to variety of various religions, however, there’s presently a Buddhist cloister at the summit. To the Buddhists, the footprint is that of Buddha’s; to Christians, the footprint is Adam’s; and to Hindus, the footprint is attributed to Shiva. The location could be a standard place of journey, particularly on full moon nights. The trek to the highest of the mountain to envision the footprint is via a steep stairs containing over 5000 steps. The path is lined with several tea stalls and food retailers that act as places of rest. the majority begin their hike at 2:30 am to achieve the summit in time for sunrise.

Yala National Park

Yala park is formed from mesmerizing vistas and a real abundance of Sri Lankan life. It’s the best density of leopards within the world, thus probabilities of seeing them are terribly high. Though leopards are the most attraction here, they’re followed closely by elephants, sloth bears and crocodiles. The park is split into 5 blocks; a number of that were zoned to hunters till Yala became a park in 1938. make sure you create time to go to the terribly informative traveler center at the doorway of the park for perceptive displays concerning the world.


Mirissa is that the ultimate Sri Lankan beach getaway. the gorgeous Long Beach is flanked by tall overhanging palm trees and lined with trendy restaurants and hotels. The restaurants have western vogue food at Sri Lankan costs. simply off the beach is Parrot Rock. It’s little stairs resulting in the top that provides nice views of the ocean and outline. Day journeys from Mirissa embody whale looking at, skin diving and surf-riding. Weligama, simply many kilometers from Mirissa, is one in all the most effective beaches in land to find out surf-riding. Return time of day and into the evening, several the restaurants flip their venues into beach clubs and pump out drinks and tunes.

Ravana Falls

The beautiful Ravana Falls are used for bathing within the hot summer months. within the season, the water flow is exceptionally sturdy and is a formidable sight. The falls are a part of the Ravana Ella life Sanctuary, and also the near cave advanced is wealthy in native legend. handily placed on the most road on the thanks to Ella city, the caves are a typical stop off purpose for guests throughout their journey. several nervy monkeys sleep in the encompassing trees and that they are usually seen on the wayside eating on fruit. However, don’t allow them to get too close, as generally they’ll get over-friendly with guests.

Dambulla Cave Temple

The Dambulla Cave Temple is a sacred Buddhist site. There’s no entry fee to induce into the temple on full-moon days; but currently  busy attributable to the spiritual significance of this lunar part. Devotees from everywhere the globe create journeying to the current place. There are over eighty caves documented within the space, however the foremost celebrated 5 are outfitted with spectacular statues and paintings. a number of the caves date from to 1000 before Christ, once prehistoric Sri Lankans would have lived among them, thus it’s unsurprising that they might have created temples within at that point. If you do arrange to visit, please bear in mind that guests should cowl their shoulders and legs and take away shoes before coming into the temple.

Kataragama festival

One of the foremost standard holidaymaker attractions in land, the Kataragama festival takes place once a year in July or August and is devoted to one of the Hindu gods. It takes place over a two-week amount and folks from everywhere the globe return to hitch in. The festival is full of parades of elephants and colorfully dressed performers. There are innumerable traditional dances that take place; with musicians, acrobats, and fire-breathers feeding into the festival’s contagious energy.


This white sand beach within the little seashore city of Unawatuna could be a excellent spot to relax. There are variety of snorkel diving and diving operators in city who make the most of the abundance of coral reefs simply off the beach. Colorful fish and plentiful turtles are the norm in these waters. There are variety of nice eating choices on the beach, that welcome guests to use their sun loungers and relax the day away with a soak up hand.


Mihintale is a mountain close to the city of Anuradhapura. Its summit has a abundant spiritual significance to the Buddhist community. It’s believed that on this mountain prime a Buddhist monk named Mahinda met King Devanampiyatissa and along this meeting introduced Buddhism to the country. Monk Mahinda affected the King with the peacefulness of the Buddhist philosophy, and his contented, serene nature. The King after renounced war, and went on to unfold peace throughout the state. There are many spectacular spiritual and historical structures on and around Mihintale Mountain. Many pilgrims visit the location annually.

Nine Arch Bridge

One of Sri Lanka’s most picturing sights is that the nine Arch Bridge within the little mountain city of Ella. This viewpoint offers spectacular panoramas of the encompassing space, that is formed from abundant greenery and tea fields. Guests will watch trains roll over the bridge as they create their approach on the Demodara Loop. Made within the early days of the railway enlargement in land, the bridge is especially spectacular as a result, it’s made from cement, stone and brick, while not the employment of any steel.

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