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Top 5 Places To Visit In Chandigarh


Chandigarh is a place that’s full with greenery, well-organized and still has a coating of contemporary in it. Chandigarh isn’t solely a contemporary however additionally one amongst the youngest cities in Asian nation. Some key factors like high urban coming up with, terribly low rate and climate conditions create this town an attractive traveller attraction, for the foreigners and therefore the locals. Besides, the Chandigarh’s is close to Himachal Pradesh offers several different pleasant sights. The multiple alternatives in terms of places in Chandigarh to go to overwhelm many another traveller. The various Places to go to in Chandigarh ensures a lifespan of happy reminiscences. Chandigarh boasts of its superb design and landscape that’s without doubt a treat to eyes. The overplus of gardens and picnic spots, beside the clean and funky surroundings town of Chandigarh may be a should visit for each traveller.

Rose Garden

So the primary listing to prime amazing places to go to in Chandigarh is that the largest botanical garden in Asia. Zakir Husain garden is spread around thirty acres of space with bulk varieties of roses. Aside from roses, one would see many styles of medicative herbs too. However creative is sitting between rose in exceedingly calm weather with the soft breeze flowing around & dragging the rosy aromatic smell to you. Moreover, it soothes your body and your mind which might be the explanation why this installation faces a large quantity of tourists per annum.

Leisure Valley

Leisure valley is most positively the place to go to in Chandigarh and is an esthetically vital traveler attraction. in addition, it’s a garland or chain of gorgeous and distinctive gardens which might tease the 5 senses of the guests. it’s a stretch of gardens ranging from Rajendra Park and stretches concerning eight-kilometer consisting of the many parks and gardens. This includes gardens like Shanti Kunj, Vine Garden, Mallow Garden, Garden of Fragrance, etc. For this reason, the sizable amount of holiday lovers from totally different countries return to explore this place.

Butterfly Park

The authorities dedicate The Butterfly Park of Chandigarh for intensive care of butterflies. This seven acre park ensures that the landscaping is engaging and pleasing to the attention. This park contains variety of plants and trees that create the traveller relax and luxuriate in the intense and delightful butterflies. Since butterflies need flowers, several flowering plants like salvia, flower and Dahlia pinnata also are planted. Besides, tall and powerful trees additionally give cool breeze and shade for the guests that is accountable to draw in tourists.

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Iskcon Temple

If you’re not an unbeliever, we have the listing of a place you’d like to visit. Moreover, the Iskcon temple is attractive and choked with charm. ISKCON temple of Chandigarh options lovely deities of God Krishna and his love of the life Radha. guests here expertise the presence of God and supernatural powers. in step with them, if you sit during this temple for a short while, you get mental peace and obviate fat. Temple is open on a daily basis from early morning up until eight within the evening however the simplest day to go to is when seven PM on Sunday. If you are taking a visit to the current place, attempt to take a district in Aarti because it is very soothing and reposeful.

Rock Garden

The rock garden is close to Sukhna Lake. This not solely adds beauty to the current place however is additionally answerable for the scenic beauty. If you are taking a glance at the garden, you may notice several interlinked ways running on the body of water of the near lake. For the art lovers, the garden options landscapes of pottery, sculptures of animals, dancers and musicians. Additionally, these characters are crafted with rock and for a second they appear to be realistic. the wonder of this place resides in its solid design with the employment of rock. For this reason, it’s one amongst the highest Places to go to in Chandigarh. In addition, it has an open theater with a suitable stage. Many prestigious performers have performed here too.

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