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Kasauli – A Tiny Hill Town Famous For Apple Orchards


Kasauli is a tiny hill station in Himachal Pradesh, a hub of various tourist attractions. It has some fabulous colonial-era buildings and monuments that allure history lovers to the destination. Kasauli will give you the best Apple Orchard in the country. Kasauli is an amalgamation of historical travel, nature at its best, and finger licker good food.
People love to explore this beautiful place and a few other hill towns in the surroundings. Let us look into the best places in Kasauli that a tourist should not miss!

Places to visit while you are in Kasauli

  1. Monkey Point Kasauli
  2. Mall Road
  3. Gilbert trail
  4. Sunset Point
  5. Christ Church
  6. Toy train ride
  7. Timber trail
  8. Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanakji
  9. Kasauli Brewery
  10. Gurkha Fort
  11. Heritage Market Kasauli

Monkey Point Kasauli

Mountain point

The Monkey foot has one of the oldest and most religious footprints to its credit. It is said that Lord Hanuman had steeped here while looking for “Sanjeevini Booti” for Lord Rama. Hence the name of the place is as it is. And the tip of the hill, there is a small and beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. People partiality locals love to visit the temple and also seek blessings. Tourists love to view the place from the top point.
Hence when you visit the place, consider visiting the area and enjoy the peace and serenity like never before.

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Mall Road

Mall Road

If you are looking for some serious shopping, you should probably visit the Mall road at Kasauli. There are two parts to this shopping area. One is the upper and the second is the lower part of the shopping area. Many eateries and clothing centres in the vicinity allow tourists to enjoy some quality time shopping.

People also collect souvenirs to take back home from the travel. All you have to do is a bit of a bargain and walk a bit to check out all the places to shop.

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Gilbert trail

Gilbert trail

When nature gets its best form, you can enjoy it to the utmost level. The Gilbert trail is a 1.5 kilometres trail in a narrow part of the area that ultimately reaches a point that resembles heaven. They walk through the stone pebble lanes to get to Lover’s Lane. And from there the walk takes you to the Paradise view! The trail is well known for its natural beauty and lush greenery. People love to walk around and make a perfect picnic around the area.

If you have enough time, spend quality time here with your friends and family or enjoy the solo walk!

Sunset Point Kasauli

Sunset Point

Almost at a distance of 1.5 kilometres from Kasauli, the sunset view is one of the best tourist attractions. People gather here, particularly in the evening when the sky and the surroundings are blissful. If you are planning on staying a bit longer, you need to arrange for food and water before your arrival. It is due to the lack of shops in the vicinity. And when you enjoy the sunset in the evening, it will be something you have never experienced before.

Christ Church

Christ Church

While taking a short trip to Kasauli Mall road, you will come across one of the most important landmarks of the place. The Christ Church is a historical and religious landmark and one of the oldest churches in Himachal Pradesh. It was built in the year 1853. Tourists and devotees come here between 7 am to 7 pm, every day apart from Sundays.

If you plan to visit this part of Kasauli, the month of April to November is the best time in terms of weather.

Toy train Ride

Toy train Ride, kasauli

A toy train ride of Kasauli is the most enjoyed activity by travellers and locals. The train runs between Kalka to Shimla, which gives you an extraordinary view to enjoy and a narrow tunnel to travel in through. The toy train ride and the entire area are also preserved under the part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tunnels that the train passes through last exactly a 3 minutes ride.

Tickets can be availed from the Irctc website or the local station.

Timber trail

Timber trail, kasauli

For those who love outdoor activities and adventures, the timber trail is the most sought-after activity among others in Kasauli. It is a much-loved destination among the young generation and students alike. Thus the place has one of the most amazing ropeways for the tourist to enjoy. The ropeway runs above the thick, lush green forest beneath. That makes the view unbelievably beautiful and serene. The entry fee to this place is free, although you have to pay for the ropeway tour. Within a maximum of 2 to 3 hours, you can explore the site.

Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanakji

Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanakji, kasauli
Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanakji: Image Credit/

One of the most historically significant religious places in Kasauli is the Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanakji. This place is also a prominent spiritual place for the Sikhs in that part of the region. The architecture of the Gurudwara is visit-worthy for the tourist. Daily prayers for the devotees are held every day here. There is another Gurudwara near the vicinity after you have done with the Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanakji.

Among all the religiously and historically significant places, the Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanakji is the most visited.

Kasauli Brewery

kasauli Brewery

Kasauli Brewery is not only the oldest distillery in Solan, Kasauli but also carries a historical significance behind it. This brewery and distillery were built in 1920 by Edward Abraham Dyer, father of Reginald Dyer, the man behind the infamous Jallianwala massacre. Hence the place is also a famous landmark consisting of the oldest standing building in Himachal Pradesh. Kasauli Brewery is open to tourists and travellers all over the year. People come here and taste the best malt whisky in entire Himachal Pradesh.

Don’t miss this famous landmark and enjoy your drink on your visit to Kasauli.

Gurkha Fort

Gurkha Fort is situated on the top of the hill in Subathu, which is known as the most popular cantonment town. It was built in the 19th century by the Gurkhas and later captured by the British, defeating them in the war. This 19th-century fort has more than 180 canons preserved that were once used on the battlefield! Now the place is a training centre for the 14 Gurkha Indian Army.

Hence visit the place and explore the history of India!

Heritage Market Kasauli

Heritage Market Kasauli is a gem of a place for all the tourists who love shopping. Right from handicrafts to eateries, this place has stuck to its roots precisely and firmly. People try to chill out sitting here and tasting the best coffee and crepe available. Even if you are not on a shopping spree, you should explore the place as it brings in experiencing the local itineraries.

Travellers love to visit hill towns for various reasons. For few, it is a perfect break from the hectic life; for others, it may be a reconciliation with nature. But whatever the reason is Kasauli will be a perfect destination for the travel enthusiast that you are. With orchards full of red apples and mountains that are magical, visit Kasauli and bring back the vibe in you for rest of the life!

Till you ponder, its a bye from me!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kasauli the best place to visit?
Kasauli is a hill station in Uttaranchal. Right from Caves to mountains, Waterfalls to Parks, temples to monasteries, Shops to local markets, there are a variety of things that you can explore and experience while you are at Kasauli

What is the Best Time to visit Kasauli?
Preferably during the summers as it is a hill station. And avoid mostly monsoon season.

Is Kasauli best for outdoor activities?
Yes, Kasauli has the best outdoor activities with trekking, hiking, paragliding and walks.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Kasauli.
You need to keep the weather in your mind and avoid monsoon season while visiting Kasauli.

What languages are spoken in Kasauli?
Hindi is the official language but locals speak and understand English as well.

How safe to visit Kasauli ?
Kasauli is the safest place to visit as per tourism.

Are there any historical places in Kasauli?
Yes, there are many historically significant places in Kasauli that has influence. Mostly related to the religious aspect, temples and monasteries.

Can I get cheaper accommodation in Kasauli?
Accommodations are not that cheaper in Kasauli, particularly during the peak tourism times.

Is Kasauli a good honeymoon destination?
Yes! Kasauli is without any doubt popular among honeymooners and couples. The snowcapped mountains, ambiance, surroundings, nature and luxurious stay pave the way to it.

Important Phone Numbers to have while visiting Kasauli.

  • Police Station : 01792 272 002
  • Women Helpline : 1091
  • Gudiya Helpline: 1056

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