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10 Reasons To Visit Bikaner – The Ancient City in Rajasthan


Bikaner is an ancient city in Rajasthan known for flourishing tourism and the great Thar Desert. The place is well known for textile work that implicit the definitive work of Rajasthan. There are historically significant places and places that preserve that significance for years for the future generation. Also, the area has some beautiful and unique temples. To learn about all these places in detail, let us look at the sites that are a must-visit while you are in the beautiful land of Bikaner, Rajasthan.

Places that are a must-visit when you are in Bikaner

  1. Junagarh Fort
  2. Lalgarh Palace
  3. ICAR, Bikaner
  4. Rampuria Haveli
  5. Devi Kund Sagar
  6. Prachina Museum
  7. Bikaji ki Tekri
  8. Sky Bird
  9. Jorbeer Conservation Reserve
  10. Jassusar Gate

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1. Junagarh Fort

Junagarh fort is one magnificent structure that no traveller can neglect. The foundation of this massive fort was laid in the year 1478. It was then called Chintamani Fort and later was renamed Junagarh fort. The architecture of the place is one marvellous work across the city. The historical significance of the structure also makes it a popular tourist destination. Many temples and palaces are lined up within the fort and create a moist sought place for tourists. Visitors can visit the site from 10 AM and stay till dusk. The fort is now under the control of the Government of Rajasthan and tourism.

2. Lalgarh Palace

Lalgarh Palace was a place that was later converted into a heritage hotel and the main tourist attraction. People from all over the state and country visit the place to enjoy some leisure time with their family and friends. And Lalghar is one of the best spots in Bikaner. If possible, halt for a day or two, enjoy the interior, and relish the luxurious stay and food here. There are more than 50 rooms that include suites, deluxe rooms, and interiors with heritage value. This majestic palace was built in the year 1902.

3. ICAR, Bikaner

ICAR, Bikaner is an education institution comprising a research centre dedicated explicitly to the camel. The place also promotes eco-friendly tourism and rural tourism. This spot plays a vital role for people who come here looking for eco-friendly tourism. It is a hub for avid researchers and students doing their PhD. The hospitality is considered the best for tourists who come here. There are technology exhibitions held now and then for those who come here to explore. Hence when you are in Bikaner, you need to visit ICAR without fail.

4. Rampuria Haveli

Rampuria Haveli is fondly known as the pride of Bikaner. It was built in the 15th century with red sandstone. The structure is well known for its grandeur, architecture, antiquity and exquisiteness. The interior of this Haveli is mesmerizingly beautiful. It is decorated and beautified with traditional and aesthetic objects with historical significance. The place also implicit the importance of art and culture of the place. Apart from its beauty, the places hold the historical values of Bikaner. Hence, if you are an art lover interested in havelies and palaces, this is the perfect place for you.

5. Devi Kund Sagar

Devi Kund Sagar is situated at the city’s heart and is considered one of the most prominent travelling spots for people visiting Bikaner. It is a cremation ground for many eminent personalities and royals of Bikaner. It contains some famous cenotaphs that pull the people to come here and explore them. There are uniquely built and divided cenotaphs for the kings and queens and other officials of the Bikaner Royals. Try to keep in mind the visiting hours and don’t forget to click some beautiful pictures of the place.

This place makes the best tourist attraction for the people who want to learn about the place’s culture.

6. Prachina Museum

When people want to know about the culture of a place, the best spot is nevertheless a museum. I bet everyone will be on the same page for this. Museum represents the other face of the place and the Prachina Museum of Bikaner stands true to it. This museum is situated at the Junagarh Fort and hence is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bikaner. Prachina Museum is a cultural centre of Bikaner that exhibits art and contemporary religious accessories of the olden days. Apart from art, there are cutleries and also perfumes showcased that have been an integral part of the royal family once. Hence visit the place at least once while you are exploring the traditional aspects of Bikaner.

7. Bikaji ki Tekri

Bikaji ki Tekri is the top travel destination of Bikaner and a perfect place to visit with family and friends. This unique museum is also known for its architecture and the wonderful ambience that the place has to provide. It is particularly famous for art and is known as an art gallery. There are several pieces of art at this museum that have been collected worldwide. A perfect place for all art lovers.

Apart from the interior exhibitions, the overall exterior structure is well known and admired by tourists all over the country.

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8. Sky bird

Sky bird Park is well known among families, particularly with kids. This amusement park is situated in Nal village, Bikaner. That makes the place more admirable as it is entirely far from the city in the isolated area. The surroundings are beautiful and extraordinary. This is also the only amusement park in Bikaner. And hence people come here for picnic and explorations. There is no separate fee for entering the premises. However, to avail yourself of amusement and entertainment, you need to pay a small amount when choosing.

9. Jorbeer Conservation Reserve

The Jorbeer Conservation Reserve is a dump yard turned into Conservation Reserve, particularly for birds. This place is situated on the outskirts of the city. Due to it being a dump yard, many birds like eagles come to feed on the carcasses. And this has not only developed a bird community over some time but also become a hub for many exotic birds from different places. People like to explore the place and enjoy the view of new birds chirping out.

If you are planning a trip to Bikaner then Jorbeer Conservation Reserve should be one of the main literary.

10. Jassusar Gate

Jassusar Gate is a magnificent structure and a historical monument of Bikaner, making it the best tourist attraction. It is also a well-known landmark in the city. There is nothing much to do at Jassusar Gate but to watch it and click a few pictures around. Still, the place is worth a watch for all its architectural beauty and the historical aspect that it plays long. So take some time to visit the place for once.

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Rajasthan is a well-known place for tourism. The beauty and the prosperity of the Indian state are applauded worldwide. Places like Jaipur and Udaipur had garnered the reputation of being the most loved places among the tourist worldwide, Bikaner is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan. With some fabulous heritage sites and nature’s gifts, the place makes people get attracted to it very frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bikaner the best place to visit?
Bikaner is a tourist in Rajasthan. Right from mountains to lakes and some luxurious stays, it is one of the best places to visit.

What is the Best Time to visit Bikaner?
Preferably during the winters.

Is Bikaner best for outdoor activities?
Yes, Bikaner has the best outdoor activities like architecture explorations.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Bikaner.
Just keep in mind to book your stay

What languages are spoken in Bikaner?
Rajasthani is the official language but locals speak and understand Hindi and English as well.

How safe to visit Bikaner?
Bikaner is the safest place to visit per tourism.

Are there any historical places in Bikaner?
There are no historical structures in Bikaner.

Can I get cheaper accommodation in Bikaner?
Accommodations are not that cheaper in Bikaner, particularly during peak tourism times.

Is Bikaner a good honeymoon destination?
Yes! Bikaner is without any doubt popular among honeymooners and couples. With some best exploration and lake rides.

Important Phone Numbers to have while visiting Bikaner.

  • Ambulance: 102
  • Fire: 101
  • Hospital: 102, 0151-2226335
  • Police Control Room: 100, 22261123

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