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Best Places In Asia For Yoga And Rejuvenation


The ongoing situation has to give us a run for peace of mind and serenity. We all desperately need a vacation and not to mention the best one! Most of the travel enthusiasts had undergone a tremendous heartbreak this year. And a little escapade to a favorite place is what we yearn for. However, the situation has lightened a little and we are now packing our bag with a bit of precaution. And while packing the bag, listing out a budget and planning out the days we know all we want is a place to relax and enjoy our “me time”. We will be chalking out various places this season, that will give you the best of adventurous places, historical and art places, best of cityscapes and nightlife.
Here, in India Imagine we will be discussing, any guesses?

Well, best places to revive our sanity through yoga, meditation and rejuvenation! Let’s get-go…


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The first name that comes to our mind when we talk about yoga and meditation around Asian countries is Thailand. It a perfect place with nature and green that reflects positive energy into you. Thailand is very well known for nature’s beauty and serene surroundings which soothe your inner self. As for yoga and meditation, there are too many professional services too that would render you the facility of yoga and retreat. So, you can just sign in for a session and enjoy. Or else just walk through the sands of beautiful island beaches and bath in the streaming Waterfalls.


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India is a land of ayurvedic treatment and yoga, with a history that goes way back centuries. Yoga and meditation are a part and parcel of life. From the ranges of the Himalaya and to the backwaters of Kerala, India is a hub to many meditations and ayurvedic centers across the country. Kerala has some unique yoga and rejuvenation centers that offer tourists all around the world a special treat. People also explore across the Himalayan valleys in seek of solace and serenity. Places particularly like Rishikesh, which has a nickname of yoga center of the world. This place is a perfect blend of culture, tradition and healing through spirituality. Merely walking through the lanes of the Rishikesh will leave you relaxed and healed forever. Down the southern side, Mysore is quite a place to practice professional level yoga. Several centers impart a hand to hand knowledge on the age-old health practice.

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Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka / Image

You don’t need to be a professional to enjoy yoga and meditation in Sri Lanka. The overall atmosphere and surroundings of the place ensure you a peaceful mind and a calm body. Tourists who visit Sri Lanka had always talked with high regards about this place. People after a tour and sightseeing across the place yearn to go for relaxation. People mostly seek services to feel for the proper place best for yoga and rejuvenation.


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Nepal is with no second thought a popular tourist destination. With landscapes and architecture that lures your heart, the place stands with beaming pride. People, however also discovered yet another beautiful side of Nepal. The one that is close to nature, peace and serenity. Several yoga retreats are conducted regularly in the capital of the city and places like Mahalaua, Kathmandu. The retreats offer the best yoga practice in the banks of the rivers under the warm sun. These yoga sessions are held particularly in the morning and evening hours, basically when the Sun is not at its peak. Nepal has certified yoga centers and tourists come down here to experience the best of rejuvenation.


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Maybe China, an enormously populated place in the world is always a bit crowded but that doesn’t stop it from ensuring its visitor a place for relaxing and refreshing. Some places allow tourists to have a wonderful time. One of the most popular places for yoga and meditation retreats is the beautiful Summer Palace. It is a park with a beautiful mansion situated at the heart of it. There is a garden with exotic plants with vibrant colors and looks. Tourists stroll through the garden to relax and achieve a sense of serenity.

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Japan, the land of the rising sun, is a tourist destination that attracts thousands every year. The cities, culture and food are some reason that pulls tourist to this land. But the ancient culture is also a part of the soul soother. Thus Japan has a lot of eye-catching temples and buildings that stick to the ancient roots of the land. You can easily discover that yoga practice and meditation is one of the normal and usual practices among the locals there. So it is comparatively easy for tourists to join a yoga retreat in Japan. Several, well-known and famous sites conduct yoga retreats to ensure the best experience for their visitors. So, next time when you think about visiting Japan, add yoga and meditation to your list without fail.


Indonesia Cover
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Indonesia is one of the most sought-after places when it comes to tourism. There are too many places and things to do when you are there in Indonesia. And that makes Bali too most loved place among the travelers. But when we talk about Bali, we can’t ignore the reason that pulls travelers to the city. The place has witnessed quite a popular retreats for body and mind. The programs are specifically articulated for tourists who approach them in seek of rejuvenation of mind and body. So, without any doubt, Indonesia is a must-visit!

Traveling always soothsayer your soul and rewind our life’s experiences to rejuvenate and refresh. After a gap in traveling, we all would love to go out and get close to nature and refresh and recharge ourselves. And for that, I have chalked out the best places to visit and recharge…till you look into it, it’s a Bon Voyage from me!

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