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Kodaikanal – Gift Of The Forest – My Travel Dairy


Tamil Nadu has an alluringly beautiful place with exquisite countryside and tourist destinations. Madurai, Coimbatore, Rameswaram, Chennai every nook and corner of the state is a traveler’s hub. I have been to Tamil Nadu n- number of times for work as well as to visit places. I here at India Imagine will be taking you to one of my favorite places in Tamil Nadu. It’s a pretty hill station, a perfect weekend getaway for people around the place. It’s the very beautiful Kodaikanal!

Even though the place is small compared to any other places or the other famous hill station, Ooty, there are numerous things that you can do at Kodaikanal.

Boating in the misty lake

Misty Lake
Misty Lake / Image credit:

Hill stations are full of beautiful lakes and rivers. Tourists particularly honeymooners love to take a boat ride through the misty lakes. I loved watching the lake of Kodaikanal but didn’t get a chance to have a boat ride as I visited the place during the chilly winter season. However, people enjoy the serenity of the place and love the experience that will stay forever with them.

The rose garden tour

Rose Garden
Rose Garden / Image credit:

Yet another enchanting thing that you would do is visit the rose garden. The garden here is very organized and well maintained. People walk around the garden or cycle to explore the beauty. I had a beautiful time walking through the rose garden and relaxing a bit sitting there. I saw people going around with kids and having a picnic time there in the winter afternoon. I had clicked few pictures to save the memories forever.

Dance through the pine forest

Pine Forest Kodaikanal
Pine Forest Kodaikanal / Image credit:

Have you ever watched South Indian movies from the ’80s or ’90s? If yes you would have watched the couples singing and dancing to the tune around the pine trees in the foggy hills. The majority of the shoots are done here at Kodaikanal or Ooty. The pine trees filled forest are a marvel and walking through it will give you an enchanting feel.

Echo point trekking

Hill stations and trekking comes hand in hand. You being to Kodaikanal and didn’t experience the adventurous trekking will be a sin. I consulted a professional team of trekkers before going around. The professional trekking team help you or guide you to experience the best trekking experience. They trek you through the hills and usher you to the dolphin point and the famous echo point. The view from the Echo point needs no particular description. You need to visit to know the beauty of it!

Go cycling around the valley

I recommend you to take cycling as a major way to get everywhere or go around the place. We can hire cycles from the stores that allocate cycle for people who like to ride through the mountain ranges and hills through cycling. There are quite a few good cycling trails too for cyclists. You need to follow the timing for cycling as the cycling trails mostly close by 6 in the evening.

Bird watching and safari

Kodaikanal is a beauty, mother nature has showered her love in abundance. And tourists come here from all the places just to assure that love! Kodaikanal is not very much known for wildlife as the place and people have decided to protect them against the development. But you can still enjoy the wildlife safari that the government provides. Birdwatchers flood here annually to enjoy various species of birds. The climate and nature together give you an experience that you would never forget.

Guna cave for the adventurer in you

Guna Cave Kodaikanal
Guna Cave Kodaikanal / Image credit:

Ok, let me tell you first hand, I didn’t attempt the daredevils of climbing the Guna Caves. But for the adventurer in you, it’s a definite try. Even if you don’t climb the caves, the look and serenity of the place is an alluringly unique experience. There are mysterious cave chambers and interesting stories, particularly folklore to go for it. It would be bestowed if you take a local person for a guide. They will usher you through the caves along with stories and fables.

Silver cascade falls

A waterfall that is unique from others. India does have so many waterfalls however the beauty of Silver Cascade Falls is entirely different. The name itself implicit that these waterfall looks silver while falling from the height of 2318 meters. The waterfalls emerge into Kodai lakes, where people come to swim and dip in the beautiful silver aesthetic waters of Kodaikanal.

Coakers walk

Coaker’s walk is a haven for the people who love long walks and enjoy serenity along with it. People come here to escape the noise and sounds of city lights and enjoy the serenity. The summertime is what people love the most. The cold morning walks allure people to come here again and again. The best part is the telescope house on the top of the valley that gives them the best of the views.

Ooty has gained immense popularity when it comes to tourism, but Kodaikanal is a beauty untouched. My visit was just a two days affair, but a lifetime memory. Whenever you have a chance to observe a weekend getaway do consider Kodaikanal for reason many.

Bon Voyage!

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