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Visit “Namma Bengaluru” And Explore The Positive Vibe- My Travel Dairy


Bangalore or Bengaluru is yet another place that I would love to visit often, write or talk about. The capital city of Karnataka state is very much popular and in-demand among the IT population. Thus the city is also known as the Indian tech hub. Bengaluru is known for the majestic palace and happening nightlife. My stay at Bengaluru was just confined to two years but till then the city became ” Namma Bengaluru ” to me.

Today at India Imagine let’s discuss a few places that I was lucky enough to visit.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Lalbagh Botanical Garden
Lalbagh Botanical Garden / Image credit:

Lalbagh is basically a garden but not an ordinary one. It is one of the oldest gardens with unique and different types of spices and wild plants. Now, this garden is a hub for many organic as well as economically benefiting plants. One of the main attractions is the glasshouse inside the garden that is nearly two centuries old. The glasshouse is mostly used for organizing beautiful flower shows. Visitors come here to take a stroll in the garden and enjoy the serenity.

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace / Image credit:
Bangalore Palace / Image credit:

Bangalore Palace is a massively huge and popular palace in Bengaluru. The palace was constructed between the years 1874 to 1878. Now the palace stands in the area of almost 45000 sqft with a mesmerising Tudor revival style architecture.
The palace and property are bought by personal funding of the Wadiyar family. Visitors usher here every to catch a glimpse of the fabulous building. There is a ticket per head as an entry fee to enter the place.

Bannerghatta Biological Park

Bannerghatta Biological Park, founded in the year 1970, however, it was declared a biological reserve in late 2002. This park is one of the major tourist attractions. The park consists of a zoo with various wild animals like the white tiger. There is a beautiful butterfly enclosure that is definitely worth a watch for this generation. A snake park and an aquarium center to go with it. If you are willing to get a ride through the park, catch up for a safari tour.

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Tipu Sultan’s Summer palace

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace
Tipu Sultan Summer Palace / Image credit:

I am a fan of Indian history, and won’t miss a chance to visit any historical significance places or sites. Then how would I miss Tipu Sultan’s beautiful Summer Palace? It is a marvellous specimen of the extravagant Indo Islamic architecture that prevailed in that era. The palace was a summer residing place for Tipu Sultan. However, now the place is been under the supervision of the Archaeological Survey of India.
Visitors need to maintain decorum while visiting the place. Keep silent and don’t throw trash here and there. Enjoy the teak furnished pillars and balconies where once Tipu Sultan conducted his Darbar.

Snow city

Snow City
Snow City / Image credit:

Are you missing the snowfall? Are you thriving to go to Switzerland? Well, for time being if you are in Bangalore visit the amazing Snow City. It is an indoor snow city that will definitely make you forget the outdoor world. The place is filled with snow and snowfalls. Kids enjoy playing in the snow and making a snowman out of it. There are several other fun activities like rock climbing to entertain you. And don’t miss the snow ride and be a kid again. While you bring in kids make sure you are properly dressed with full sleeves.

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Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium
Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium / Image credit:

This is specifically for children and young adults. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is an educational center and a tourist attraction at the same time. There are shows been conducted on a timely basis in English and Kannada language. The science center is an attraction among the school kids who love different experiments and innovations. They also learn a huge deal of information about the Solar System and the Universe. A fun time with education imparted is what the place is all about.

Devanahalli Fort

Devanahalli Fort
Devanahalli Fort / Image credit:

A historical significance site, Devanahalli Fort is situated almost 35 kilometers away from the heart of Bangalore city. At first, the fort was built by mud which later Hyder Ali renovated and built-in stone. The fort has a keen love by the local people who have stories to reminisce. The place is very close to the Bangalore International Airport which makes it easy to access. This fort is also protected under the Archaeological Survey of India.

Blossom Book House

I can’t help myself, I am in love with this Book house when I last visited it. If you are a book worm and looking for some old gem of books then this is the place. Spend some time browsing through the titles and you won’t come home empty-handed, that’s how the book house and the neatly arranged books going to lure you. Invest some and gather a zillion worth of knowledge! Visit Blossom Book House.

Bangalore is a city with a heart of young people. There is everything for everyone. The above list is the places that I had a chance to visit, however, there are more to explore and enjoy. The nightlife and the surplus shopping corners around the city us not to be missed. Moreover, don’t leave Bengaluru without tasting the authentic Karnataka vegetarian cuisine to relish your tastebuds.

Till we meet again on my travel diary – Bon Voyage !!

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