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Coorg – A Nature Lover’s Paradise With Infinite Outdoor Activities


Vacation to Coorg with your family can be fun as well as a bit hectic. Why hectic? Well, vacation needs lots of planning and preparations. You need to choose a destination, need to look for feasible travel options, list out places to visit in Coorg and chalk out activities that suit your and families interest. And alas! That doesn’t end there! You should be looking for restaurants and eateries and accommodation that will provide you with fantastic service both in quality and experience. So that’s how the vacation planning normally goes on.

However, you don’t have to stress yourself with this entire question. For your answers and concerns is just a click away. Continuing reading this blog to get an avid idea of the place that Coorg is all about. And also render the specifications about the place and localities through our article in India Imagine especially about Coorg. So, dear travel enthusiasts, let’s get started!

About the Beautiful Coorg

Coorg tourism
Coorg tourism: Image Credit/

Coorg is a hill station in Karnataka, a state in the southern part of India. This tiny hill station is the most beautiful one among many others. It is very well known for its nature and plantations surrounding the place. The coffee plantations across the steep hills are worth a watch. And that is exactly what the tourist comes herein for. There are some breathtakingly beautiful tiny streams and waterfalls across the hills.

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Coorg is also called or known as the “Scotland of India”, due to its extraordinary landscapes that matches the beauty of Scotland. Kodagu or Coorg is all about the Old charm way of vacation. It is as beautiful as a postcard and completely apt to be listed in the most beautiful places on earth. Tourists are attracted towards the beauty as well as the extra activities the place has to serve. Trekking, rafting, hiking are most popular among adventure seekers. While others love to be a part of culture and tradition through the festivals.

History Of Coorg Hill Station

Originally Coorg state was the part of the Union of India which has existence between 1950 to 1956 and it was administratively separate from Karnataka. But later Coorg State was abolished on 1 November 1956. and its territory was merged with Mysore State later renamed as Karnataka in 1973.

British Rule in mid 18th century at Kodagu, Coorg

Before the 19th century, The Kodavas were the inhabitants and agriculturists in Kodagu. The Haleri Dynasty was an offshoot of the Keladi Nayakas which ruled Kodagu between 1600 and 1834. Later the British ruled Kodagu from 1834 after the Coorg war and the East India Company annexed Kodagu. Thus the people of Kodagu accepted British rule peacefully. British rule led to the establishment of educational institutions, the introduction of scientific coffee cultivation, better administration and improvement of the economy.

Top Places to visit in Coorg

There are several places in Coorg that are worth a visit. We will be looking at a few places that are top according to our list.

  1. Raja’s Seat for a Spectacular Sunset
  2. Abbey Falls for breathtaking beauty
  3. Madikeri Fort- A 17th-century epitome
  4. Chiklihole Reservoir- Nature and Manmade
  5. Harangi Dam – A manmade beauty of Coorg
  6. Omkareswara Temple, Coorg
  7. Gaddige Raja’s Tomb
  8. Nehru Mantap
  9. Padi Iggutappa Temple

Raja’s Seat for a Spectacular Sunset

Raja’s Seat Kodugu
Raja’s Seat Kodagu: Image Credit/

A well known spot, Raja’s Seat is a seasonal garden that has some exquisite plants and flowers to its credit. It is believed that the place was once a hotspot among the King, who loved to visit the hilltop to watch the spectacular sunset. To make it more attractive there is a fountain on the top of the hill. Apart from the mesmerizing sunset and fountain art, the toy train lures kids and fun lovers to a great extent.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while visiting this beautiful garden. Foods from outside are not allowed inside the garden. Make sure you don’t carry plastic things inside the garden and last but never the least don’t throw waste here and there in the surroundings.

Abbey Falls for breathtaking beauty

Abbey Fall
Abbey Fall: Image Credit/

The Abbey Falls is exactly 6 kilometers from Coorg. It is located amidst the beautiful tea plantation and coffee plantation. Also, there is an exotic spice plantation near the waterfall. A tourist spends nearly 2 to 3 hours exploring the place completely. And that’s all it takes. It is recommended to keep comfortable footwear while visiting the waterfalls as the area gets moist and slippery sometimes.

Madikeri Fort- A 17th-century epitome

Madikeri Fort
Madikeri Fort: Image Credit/

For the people who love to explore the historic part of the place, Madikeri Fort is the place! It is a 17th-century fort that is a part of the architectural exploration of Coorg. The Madikeri Fort also attracts tourists with its Gothic Style Church which is believed to be built by the British in the fort. Inside the church, there is a library and a museum with historical artifacts.
Tourists can explore the Fort, Church and surroundings from 5 to 10 AM. There is no tourist entry fee as of now to visit the place. And the place is open all day except for Mondays.

Chiklihole Reservoir- Nature and Manmade

Chiklihole reservoir
Chiklihole reservoir: Image Credit/

Without a second thought Chiklihole Reservoir is one place in Coorg that connects people more towards nature. The place is quite surreal with less population and far away from the crowd. This tourist spot has some beautiful waterfalls and streams flowing. The surrounding area is green and tourists go gaga over the picturesque beauty of the landscape.

The flora and fauna of the place are remarkably the best. This makes the forest dense and populated to the best of species. People love to visit the place for its natural landscapes and the view of the sunset and sunrise. Do not forget to bring in a camera to click some wonderful pictures.

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Harangi Dam – A manmade beauty of Coorg

Harangi Dam
Harangi Dam: Image Credit/

We all know Harangi Dam is without any doubt one of the best tourist spots in Coorg. It is one of the hotspot tourist destinations of Coorg with more people coming in every month. This spot is also considered the best weekend gateway among the locals. Harangi Dam is also popular among families who spot this place for picnics.

The view is beautiful with the dam and the gushing water flowing through it. Nature is at its best in here and compliments the man-made structure. Tourists can stay in the guest house if they wish to stay longer in the place.

Omkareswara Temple, Coorg

Omkareswara Temple
Omkareswara Temple: Image/

Along with fabulous nature and architecture, Coorg is also known for a few holy places that attract people. Omkareswara Temple is all about architectural and holistic religious pilgrimage. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva designed partially the Gothic and way and other the Islamic way. Tourists love to explore the temple and the surroundings as any other place in the Coorg. And Omkareswara Temple is thus one of the most visited places in Coorg.

Gaddige Raja’s Tomb

Gaddige Raja’s Tomb
Gaddige Raja’s Tomb: Image Credit/

Yet another architectural eminence that is well maintained till date and from the hills of the beloved Coorg. It is said that the architectural eminence was built in the year 1820. The exterior of the building is three structured tombs. All of them are tombs of the King and Queen. Also a few kilometers away from the place stands the famous temple Muttappa Temple which tourists love the most.

Nehru Mantap


The Nehru Mantap is one of the best spots in the Coorg which is less explored and far away from the crowd. it is a place that is full of lush green surroundings. If a tourist is looking for an alone place or a spot for a picnic this will be the best place. People love to watch the extraordinary sunset and the sunrise.
The place is situated on the top of a hill in Madikeri or Coorg. It is quite easy even for the first-timer to visit the place. Entries are absolutely free and one can spend as much the time they want in here.

Padi Iggutappa Temple

When we talk about the best spots or tourist destinations of Coorg, Padi Iggutappa Temple cannot be ignored. This temple is situated in the half-most part of the region called Kakkabe and is well known for its architecture. It was built in the year 1810 and thus it is considered as one of the ancient temples of the place.

It is situated almost 45 kilometers away from the city yet that does not make it hard for the people who visit the place for the first time.

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Best Outdoor Activities in Coorg

Coorg is a place that gives you immense hand-on outdoor experience. This tiny hill station of Karnataka is an isolated place for a peaceful experience and is listed for best outdoor activity in Coorg.

  1. Visit the Elephant camp in Dubare
  2. Trek through the Kotebetta Peak
  3. Enjoy the beauty of Mallalli Falls, Coorg
  4. Drive through the Somwarpet
  5. Explore the divine coffee plantation of Coorg
  6. River rafting for an adrenaline pump!
  7. Hire a Jeep Safari through Coorg
  8. Don’t Forget to try Quad Biking

Visit the Elephant camp in Dubare

Elephant camp in Dubare
Elephant camp in Dubare: Image Credit/

One of the major fun activities that tourists love to do is visiting the elephant camp in Dubare. This camp is situated almost on the shore of the river Kaveri. Tourists particularly wildlife enthusiasts love the camp and consider it fun to visit the beautiful giant elephants and watch them roaming free. Also, it gives the best opportunity for the kids to get closer to nature and wildlife and get a lifetime experience.

The Dubare elephant camp is a project and initiative taken by the government. And it is said that the initiative was later converted to tourism to create awareness among the people.

Trek through the Kotebetta Peak

Kotebetta Peak
Kotebetta Peak: Image Credit/

Kotebetta Peak is the most popular tourist destination among adventure lovers. This peak is the highest peak of the Coorg region. And people love to trek through the steep hills and enjoy the sunset on the top of the peak. It stands approximately 1600 m from land or sea level. Kotebetta means the fort hill and the name falls due to the appearance that looks like a fort! The place was once dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Tourists love to visit the place in the month of October to March, as the climate is more surreal during these times. There are locals as guides to provide you with a better touring experience. And do not forget to take the necessary gear along with you.

Enjoy the beauty of Mallalli Falls, Coorg

Mallalli Falls
Mallalli Falls: Image Credit/

This beautiful waterfall is located at the foot of the more beautiful Pushpagiri Hills Ranges. These falls is again loved for trekking activities. The trekkers adore the scenic beauty of the place and enjoy the experience for a lifetime. To reach tourists need to hire a private taxi or drive own to reach the destination. People consider December and January the best time to visit the place.

Few tourists who love to keep up with fun and adventure like to visit the place during the rainy season as it brings out the beauty of the place more prominently.

Drive through the Somwarpet

Somwarpet: Image Credit/

Somwarpet is a long way drive through the beautiful green coffee estate. This drive connects the most extraordinary destination like Madikeri and Kakkabe. The long drive ensures relaxation and fun. The place also has wildlife and sanctuaries with fabulous flora and fauna. And hence the place is considered as one of the famous trekker’s spots as well.

Explore the divine coffee plantation of Coorg

coffee plantation coorg
coffee plantation coorg: Image Credit/

The coffee plantation of Coorg is nothing like any other coffee plantation in India. The whole process of coffee collecting is unique and extraordinary. Travelers can also join in for collecting coffee and can also take sips of the best coffee ever. You can avail a one-day tour of the entire plantation for a nominal entry fee. And according to your convenience, you can hire a vehicle to run an errand through the coffee plantation. However, I would recommend you to take a walk and explore the vicinity.

River rafting for an adrenaline pump!

River Rafting Coorg
River Rafting Coorg: Image Credit/

Rafting is one of the most popular yet underrated activities n Coorg. It is indeed the best activity for those who have experienced it. Coorg will give you a high experience of white water rafting, very few places in India will provide you with that kind of experience. There are professionals who will be helping you with the entire process and safety guides. All you have to do is go on with the flow!

Hire a Jeep Safari through Coorg

Well, this activity should be a must on your list. The places to visit in Coorg are beautifully hidden in every nook and corner of the place. And you really don’t what to miss any of it right? That is where the Jeep safari comes to the rescue. You can hire one and explore the places that will leave you astounding.

The Safari drive particularly in the areas like Kabbe Hills is worth experiencing. The beautiful landscapes and hillside attractions drive people crazy. The cost of the ride will differ according to the location and time took.

Don’t Forget to try Quad Biking

This may sound a bit extravagant, but that is what vacation is all about. The trail of the Coorg is natural which all is about muddy affairs. Hence people feel close to nature and establish more. The natural terrain of the place is such a beautiful affair that allows travelers to enjoy the ride. Hence, Quad Biking is considered as one of unique things to do in Coorg. The average cost of the ride varies from 600 to 800 rupees. The best terrain for the ride is located in the Dubare Elephant Camp.

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Taste the authentic mountain food

coorg food
coorg food: Image Credit/

If you want to relish the best South India Cuisine, Coorg is the place. The taste of Coorg is different from the rest of the part of the state. When a major part of Karnataka is mostly vegetarian food, Coorg has some tasty nonvegetarian food to its credit. People mostly rely on rice-based food than wheat-based. The foods here are much cheaper than any other hill station in India.

If you are staying upon in the hills for dinner go for some local authentic mountain taste. The average cost for two people will differ according to what you order; still, it won’t go more than 1000 bucks.

Accommodations that will win your heart

Home Stays
Home Stays: Image Credit/

To stay in Coorg is all about staying close to nature and wildlife. To enjoy more, you need to opt for Homestays in Coorg. The homestay will allow you to explore the culture of the place. There are a few beautiful colonial villas and bungalows that give travelers a wonderful homestay experience. And to the tourist’s surprise homestay will provide the best of home food that you need after long sightseeing. Also, the homestay provides best of the sightseeing opportunity for the people.

How to reach the place

Coorg is a hill station in Karnataka which is known for its tourism. Hence reaching the place is not at all a herculean task. The closest airport to reach Coorg is 140 kilometers away. It is the Mangalore International Airport. And for the domestic flights, you have Mysore airport.

Apart from that, you can go for railway services to go to Coorg. You have train from all parts of India to reach the nearest station of Coorg. Once you reach Coorg all you need is to hire a personal cab or wait for a means of public transport.

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Coorg is known as nature’s gift. Tourist loves the natural touch that the place has to exhibit in terms of sightseeing, activities, food and homestay. Everything is unique about Coorg and the experience a tourist gets from the place. The best tourist destination for people far from land and an exotic gateway for the locals, that is Coorg all about!

Frequently Asked Question About Coorg

Is Coorg a hill station?
Yes, Coorg is a hill station in Karnataka.

What is the Area Geography of Coorg?
The geographical area of Coorg is approximately 4102 km² and it is situated at 5740 ft above sea level.

Why is Coorg so famous in South India?
Coorg is a hillstation with beautiful coffee Plantations, rich fauna and flora, lush green nature and waterfalls. It is also famous for water sports and outdoor activities.

What is the Best Time to visit Coorg?
Best time to visit Coorg is September to June, however if your are planning for trekking October to March will be the best time.

How to reach Coorg from Bangalore?
There will be two stops to reach Coorg from Bangalore if you are opting for train journey.  You can take train to Mysore Junction and then go for cab or bus to reach Coorg from mysore.

How is weather in Coorg?
Weather is normally pleasant. April to June is good for sightseeing, October to March for outdoor activities. Monsoon starts from first week of June and hence need to be bit careful during monsoon times.

Is Coorg best for outdoor activities?
Yes! Coorg is best for outdoor activities. Apart from usual trekking and hiking there are elephant camps, jeep safari, river raft. The unquie thing is the Quad Biking.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Coorg.
Take clothing according to the weather. Also take proper gears for outdoor activities. Ensure taking first aid and required emergency phone numbers with you.

What languages are spoken in Coorg?
Kannada is the main spoken language. But local people speak Hindi and English as well.

How is the Cellular and WiFi network in Coorg?
Airtel and Vodafone gives the best cellular service in Coorg for calling and data. Free public WiFi are not available at many places.

Important Phone Numbers to have while visiting Coorg?

  • KSTRC Bus Stand: 08272-229134
  • Tourism Office: 08272-228580
  • Youth Hostel: 08272-228985
  • Govt. Hospital: 08272-223444
  • Classic Colour Lab: 08272-221242, 08272-221243
  • Police Control Room: 08272-229333
  • Post Office: 08272-228592, 08272-228954

How safe to Visit Coorg?
Coorg is one of the safest hill station to visit.

Are there any historical places in Coorg?
Yes, there are many historical significant places in Coorg. The Madikeri fort is one such fine example.

What are the authentic food of Coorg?
Tourist enjoy all kind of food in Coorg, however you can go for authentic mountain food and tasty vegetarian dishes.

Can I get cheaper accommodation in Coorg?
Homestays are quite cheaper than hotels and resorts.

Is Coorg kids friendly place?
Yes, it is a perfect place for kids above the age of 10

Is Coorg good pilgrimage destination?
Yes, there are few hindu temples that tourist visit ocassionally.

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