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Exploring Lucerne – A Must Visit Alp Destination of Switzerland


The Alpine nation Switzerland has hidden many gems in its heart be it Matterhorn, Mount Pilatus, Geneva, Lake Lucerne, Rhine Fall or Interlaken. The diversity of incredible sights it endeavours to its travellers is honestly amazing. Either you want to plan a honeymoon trip or adventure excursion, you will find a lot. One of its cities which pulls the attention of every sort of explorer, adventure seekers & especially history buffs is the Lucerne – The Most picturesque Swiss city. Lucerne is a complete travel package in itself.

So here we are going to explore every aspect of this Alpine city which will assist you in outlining your itinerary. 

Lucerne – Classic Swiss Town

Lucerne is situated at the north end of Lake Lucerne at Central Switzerland from where its name is taken. For photography freaks and social media influencers, Lucerne is a wonderful destination with a blend of stunning attractions, well-preserved medieval core, charming historic buildings, cobbled streets of Oldtown, and a fascinating natural backdrop of Lake Lucerne.

Lucerne Switzerland / Image Credit:

Unwinding across the snow-dusted mountains, framed by the glimmering waters of a blue lake, Lucerne is the most appealing spot to snap. Besides this, the pleasant ambience also makes Lucerne a most popular tourist destination of Switzerland.

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Popular Attraction to See & Thing to do at Lucerne

The ancient attractions at Lucerne include the Chapel Bridge, Musegg Wall and the Lion Monument are popular among history travellers. Although, the Alpine peaks & Lake Lucerne giving panoramic vistas worth the journey of nature lovers. So, from scenic destinations to selfies galore, we have set together some of the most impressive things to do at Lucerne. Let’s Begin –

Admire Whole Lucerne From Chapel Bridge

Either you call it the most iconic landmark of Lucerne or the most visited travel fascination, Chapel Bridge is a must-visit for you. Also known as Kapellbrucke, Chapel’s Bridge provides visitors with a beautiful viewpoint of whole Lucerne city. It is a covered wooden bridge spanning peacefully across the River Reuss.

Chapel Bridge Lucerne / Image Credit:

Constructed in 1333, the interesting highlight of the bridge is that more than 100 pictures from the 17th-century are hanging from the roof beams inside the bridge, portraying patron saints and showcasing the history of Lucerne. Beside it, there is an octagonal Wasserturm – a water tower from a 13th-century standing tall among its wooden piers you can also take a stroll there. Just hang on the bridge to capture vistas of Lucerne.

Explore the Old Town of Lucerne

If you’re in Lucerne, then the paved streets of the classic Old Town must be explored. The tranquillity of the area assures an easy stroll, with the crystal clear waterways from its medieval core. Encourage yourself to be drawn into the magnificent buildings of the 15th century by the hand-painted murals and walk through the welcoming doors of architectural wonders, such as the Old Town Hall and the Chapel of St Peter.

Old Town Lucerne / Image Credit:

You’ll also discover delicious restaurants and fun shops around every corner of Old Town. Buy jewellery and enjoy delicious Swiss chocolate, which is a perfect treat for you. The Old Town has a romantic aura within its small passages from beautiful fountains to uncovered bridges so visiting with your bay is must here.

Trip Mount Pilatus

Your journey of Lucerne is not worthy if you miss Mount Pilatus via a cableway from Kriens and down by the cog-railroad. Initiate your trekking gateway to the top of Mount Pilatus and take a ride on the cogwheel train. I am sure your picturesque Mount Pilatus will steal your heart and you’ll be able to see a 360° picture of Lucerne city from the top.

Mount Pilatus in winters / Image Credit:

Another fast cable car trip to the 2,070m Pilatus-Kulm leads to a half-hour ride from Kriens. To get a spectacular view of the Alps, you have to ascend from here to reach the summit of Esel – the central peak of Pilatus.

Applaud Majestic Backdrops of Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is a blissful spot and gives a sight to behold for a lifetime. Lose yourself in the city’s majestic backdrops and capture a snap with one of the most jaw-dropping locations in all of Switzerland at Lake Lucerne. Look at the sumptuous blue lake and greens grass drawing a landscape there with Mount Pilatus in the background.

Panoramic Views of Lake Lucerne / Image Credit:

There’s no better way to capture Lucerne’s unbeatable beauty in a single picture. Travellers Quite alluring right!! You can also enjoy a boat ride or cruising around the lake to feel the nature from depths. This location is perfect for nature lovers and couples looking for some romantic spot.

Must-Visit the Lion Monument

The Lion Monument is a memorable building which narrates the tale of important Swiss history. It is a beautifully carved monument straight into the walls of a large sandstone quarry. Danish artist Bertel Thorvaldsen outlined this monument in 1820.

Lion Monument Lucerne
Lion Monument Lucerne / Image Credit:

This monument is a memorial to the Swiss soldiers who lost their lives during the French Revolution. It is also recognised as the saddest stone in the world. So take a stroll from the centre of town to watch and notice the deep glimpse into the sorrowful eyes of the lion. But this kind of classical piece of art you won’t find anywhere across the globe.

Reach Mt. Rigi Via Cog Railway

Riding the cog railway from the shores of Lake Lucerne to an elevation of 1,798 meters on Mt Rigi is one of the signature experiences in Switzerland. This is Europe’s first cog railway, and as far as the railway starts, you can travel in restored cars. Several of the steam engines date back to the 1920s.

Mt. Rigi Via Cog Railway / Image Credit:

From the end, views reach all the way to Germany’s the Black Forest. By taking the boat from Lucerne to Vitznau, where you board the cogwheel train to Rigi Kulm, one of the common things to do is create a scenic circle route. Then take another cogwheel train down to Arth-Goldau and get back to Lucerne by train.

Visit the Jesuit Church

Jesuit Church is the first grand Baroque-style church of Switzerland which was built directly on the left bank of the Reuss between 1666 – 1677. When you visit you will notice that from outside it does not seem so appealing but so as soon as you enter inside you will be shocked to see the ornated ceiling and whole grand church interior.

Jesuit Church in Lucerne
Jesuit Church in Lucerne / Image Credit:

Its interior has an impressive painted ceiling and ornate side altars in imitation marble. You can also join in the church’s spectacular organ concerts. Surely this captivating church is a magnificent sight to behold for all travellers.

Take Kids to Remarkable Glacier Garden

The stunning Glacier Gardens lie just a short walk from the city centre, right in the heart of Lucerne. A spectacular natural monument, complete with potholes of impressive dimensions, alpine plants and a fish pond fed directly by the Gorner Glacier, is located in this different museum. For a little relaxation, it’s a perfect place. Many exhibits also demonstrate how the world is influenced by the changing atmosphere.

Glacier Garden Lucerne / Image Credit:

And after seriously entering into the glacier garden, get lost inside the mirror maze which is the highlight and quite special. It is a space packed with 90 mirrors, inspired by the Alhambra Palace. There are detailed maps of Switzerland, groups of alpine animals, examples of rocks, and historical rooms in the museum. It’s great fun to visit Glacier Garden, particularly if you’re visiting children.

Other Activities

At the annual summer music festival, many tourists come to see leading conductors, soloists, and orchestras perform. You may also participate in international music concerts that take place here. There is a medieval feel to this classic Swiss city, but its concert halls, museums and carnivals give it a modern twist.

Concluding here but this Swiss city is genuinely a bundle of joy, and you can flock throughout the year.

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