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Spectacular Honeymoon Destination in Switzerland


If there is “Heaven on Earth” then it is in Switzerland for sure, one of the most renowned places for a Honeymoon destination. Many couples like to visit Switerzland as it is one of their favorite honeymoon destinations. The place is filled with lush green land and snowy mountains, somehow the country has managed to maintain the beauty that’s why people are still selecting Switzerland even in this 21st century.

The place is filled with lots of beautiful and mesmerizing areas where you can enjoy your vacation and a great way to enjoy your honeymoon period. Switzerland has a great diversity in terms of landscape and geography, the country has a population of 8 million and the southern part is less populated in comparison to the northern side. Whereas talking about the environment, it is very suitable for everyone. The regions in the mountains are very splendid and attractive.

There are many things that draw the attention of a tourist to a particular place, basically, a place is perfect when many things are lined-up in a proper way like transportation, good infrastructure, proper maintenance of the location, accommodation and many more aspects. However, Switzerland has managed all these elements properly that’s why the country is very diverse and full of activities.

Some of the spectacular Honeymoon Destination in Switzerland are as follows:

1. Zurich,  Honeymoon Destination in Switzerland

First and the foremost thing that a couple should keep in mind while planning for the honeymoon is the correct city and Zurich is one of them, it is the largest city and located in the north-central zone of Switzerland. Zurich is said to be a culturally vibrant city where you can see beautiful lanes, amazing waterfalls, the mountain covered with snow, etc.

Zurich,  Honeymoon Destination in Switzerland
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Whether it’s your first honeymoon or second the city will make you fall in love with your partner again. One of the romantic things you can do with your partner is to take a long walk around the lake Geneva holding hands. The view of the lake is really awesome. Even you can go shopping and could take dinner at some great restaurants.

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2. Zermatt, Honeymoon Destination in Switzerland

Zermatt is a district in the Valais in Switzerland, this place is away from the city area and the best place for honeymooners. If you have planned hiking and skiing then this would be the perfect place for you. The place is famed as a mountaineering and ski resort for the tourists. Zermatt is the starting point from where you can start to hike the mountains. Even you can explore churches in Zermatt.

Zermatt, Honeymoon Destination in Switzerland
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This place is sort of a heaven for those couples who like to do adventure and other activities on their trip. However, this is a place that is completely car-free this means that you need to travel on your own in this village. The perfect time to visit Zermatt is in winters, and you can also view the sunrise and sunset that is known as the best view from the top of the mountain.

3. Interlaken, Honeymoon Destination in Switzerland

If you or your partner like to visit where nature’s beauty is at its best or love to do adventure sports then you need to visit Interlaken. It is said as the best place to spend the honeymoon in Switerzland. The place is especially famous for adventure sports such as snowboarding, skiing, and paragliding. Thus if you opt for paragliding then you might see the Swiss Alps from the skies, it is one of the best views from the top.

Interlaken, Honeymoon Destination in Switzerland
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Among the main attractions, you will find the mountains of the Jungfrau, the Monch and the Eiger. These mountains are so beautiful that you can watch and appreciate the beauty of nature, and you can hop on to the train which travels across the mountain and helps you to see the majesty of Switerzland. There are many places to visit in Interlaken and all the places can be reached with the help of a bus, taxi or train.

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4. Lucerne, Honeymoon Destination in Switzerland

Every couple is different and their liking is also different, however, if your partner is a history buff then you should take them to Lucerne. It is the best city for travel, especially for history lovers because you will be going to feel a vintage look in the entire city. Most of the building and architecture reflects the era of the medieval period.

Lucerne, Honeymoon Destination in Switzerland
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After roaming in the entire city and visiting all the architectural monuments you can go for a romantic boat ride in the evening with your partner on lake Lucerne. Talking about the food, you can enjoy amazing food quality and cuisines in several hotels and restaurants. Even you can go for a cruise ride in Lake Lucerne.

5. Grindelwald, Honeymoon Destination in Switzerland

Switzerland is all about nature and nature lovers, you will see all the beautiful and extraordinary in Grindelwald. Grindelwald is famous for its scenic beauty and magnificent landscapes. The place is blessed with amazing scenic landscape, the village here is so properly established that it enhances the beauty of the Grindelwald.

Grindelwald, Honeymoon Destination in Switzerland
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It is a natural and pure place that’s why tourists come here to attain calm and peace of mind. After all day work, exertion or tour you may need a place that is quiet and make your mind calm and peaceful. One of the best things about Grindelwald is that you can take a cable car ride directly to the Grindelwald and you can also put your hands on hiking, downhill biking, zip-lining and to see a perfect view of Swiss Alps.

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6. St. Mortiz

Luxurious things always attract everyone whether in terms of shopping, food or a hotel stay. St. Mortiz is a place that is full of surprises, you will experience mountains, snow and landscapes that you will never forget in your entire lifetime. Here you will find stores that are very expensive but it provides you with luxury products. In St. Mortiz you can enjoy many activities like skiing, snowboarding, and hiking.

St.-Mortiz Couple
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There are several other sights that you can also recommend to visit in St. Mortiz that is The Segantini Museum. It is a museum that is dedicated to the Italian painter and the museum is a Swiss heritage site of national significance. However, you can go to watch a Morteratsch Glacier, it is one of the largest glaciers in terms of area in the Bernina Range of the Bundner Alps in Switzerland.

7. Montreux

This town Montreux is located in Lake Geneva, the location of the town is fabulous it is placed on the seep of the hill and on Lake Geneva. If somehow you get a chance to view the aerial view of Montreux then don’t miss it, it looks really amazing. If you are on a honeymoon then you should definitely visit here and should take a stay over here.

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The look of the hotels and the view from the window of your room will make your entire day into a full of energy. It is one of the favorite places for all honeymoon couples, most of the couples you will find here are for their honeymoon. Even you can enjoy the golden pass train, by on-boarding on this train you can view some excellent landscape. So you should definitely visit Montreux.

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8. Lausanne

Do you want to start your married life with a great thought then you need to start it from Lausanne, it is one of the beautiful cities in Switzerland. This entire city is filled with nightclubs and cafes so you can hang-out with your partner in any club and enjoy the quality time.

Lausanne Couple
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However, there is a big Cathedral Notre Dame and it is said that it is one of the largest churches in Switzerland. Even you can visit the Lausanne castle and from the top of the castle, you can see some great and unique landscapes. There is a lake Ouchy nearby through which the scenery of sunset looks amazing. If next time you plan for a honeymoon then do visit Lausanne.

In the end

Thus Switzerland is a place where you may find enormous honeymoon destinations and all of them are spectacular. There is not a single location in Switzerland that is not filled with natural beauty, in every city or location, you will find an awesome place to visit. So remember that next time whenever you plan for Switzerland don’t forget to prepare a tour and visit these places. For more travel-related articles do visit IndiaImagine.

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