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12 Most Famous Cuisines Of Uttar Pradesh- You Must Try!!


When we talk about Uttar Pradesh, many things come in our mind, for example, Nawabi Khana, Galouti Kebabs, Agra ka Petha, Mathura ke Pedhe, Makhan Malai and Banarasi Paan. These mouth-watering cuisines will definitely force everyone to visit Uttar Pradesh once in a lifetime. We all know that there is no sincere love than the love & craziness for food. Apart from its tourism, also cuisines are the main ingredient of uttar pradesh which connects this place from other states of India. So here in this blog, we will tell you about the most famous Cuisines of Uttar Pradesh.

Overview Of Uttar Paresh Food Culture

Uttar Pradesh is famous for delicious Nawabi food. Cooking techniques used here were mostly influenced by Mughals. In some areas of Uttar Pradesh, you will also have a taste of Lakhnavi touch. The primary variety of Uttar Pradesh cuisine is Awadhi, and the cooking pattern of the state are identical to those of the rest of Northern India.

Presenting you the list of most loved cuisines of Uttar Pradesh.

1. Bhindi Ka Salan

Bhindi ka Salan is a famous Awadhi Cuisine. Recipe of this dish involves crispy fried Lady Fingers (Bhindi) with yogurt-based curry and twists with the authentic ‘Mirch ka Salan’ and with a melange of spices.

Bhindi ka Salan, Via:

Many people who are living in Uttar pradesh, enjoy this dish a lot. Also This dish is very healthy and tasty.

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2. Kakori Kebabs

Kakori Kebab is a famous authentic Nawabi recipe of Lucknow. This dish is passing from from one generation to next generations. Name of these kebabs was derived from the Kakori district of Lucknow.

UP famous Kakori Kebabs, Via:

Cooks make this dish with the most excellent meat of the lamb and a few spices. Kakori kebabs are also the most exquisite version of Seek kebabs.

3. Galouti Kebabs

The specialty of these legendary Kebabs is that it will meltdown as soon as you keep it in your mouth. Galouti Kebabs are one of the most famous dish in the City of Nawabs. The story behind these Kebabs is that the Nawab had lost most of their teeth due to old age.

Galouti Kebabs, Via:

So for their toothless Nawab, the khansamah came up with a popular variant which needed no chewing but had the same flavors and taste of a kebab. The tender, juicy kebab  have a mixture of 150 spices and baked on Tawa.

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4. Baingan ki Longe

Baingan ki longe is a specialty of city Banaras. Brinjals stuffing are onion and mixed masala and then shallow fried. The stuffed onion masala is made of all types of different spices.

Baingan Ki Longe, Via:

The stuffing is quite spicy and tasty. You can also find this dish in different cities of Uttar Pradesh.

5. Allahabad ki Tehri

Tehri is also a kind of vegetable pulao/biryani. For making this tehari you must have the best basmati rice.

Allahabad Ki Tehri, Via:

Tehari contains many vegitables in it and mix with different spices, provide it the taste and odor. For increasing its taste you can also add green chutney with this dish.

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6. Bedhai

Bedhai is a famous cuisine in many cities, for example, Agra, Firozabad, and Mathura. The crispy, deep-fried wheat chapattis with the combination of spicy curry based potato sabzi.

Bedhai, Via:

It’s the favorite lip-smacking breakfast choice for many people living in these towns. If you are going to Agra please don’t forget to eat Bedhai.

7. Mutton Kofta

This dish is also a winner on the dinner table. You can serve this dish as dry kebabs or with a thick gravy which goes well with Basmati rice.

Famous Mutton Kofta Of UP, Via:

Mutton Kofta is a traditional Mughlai recipe. Cooks make this dish using many things, for example, minced mutton, yogurt, gram flour and a melange of spices. This is a lip-smacking main dish very prevailing in Uttar Pradesh.

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8. Makhan Malai, an special dish of Uttar Pradesh

Makhan Malai is an authentic heavenly dessert of Lucknow, Kanpur, and Varanasi. It is a winter sweet dish. This sweet can be make from the milk cream.

Mouth-Watering Makhan Malai, Vi:

It’s cute, fluffy, and yellow cloud-like consistency due to Kesar makes it disappear in your mouth in no time.

9. Agra ka Petha

Agra ke Petha is another famous delicacy of Uttar Pradesh. It is made of white pumpkin.

Agra Ka Petha

The pumpkin is soaked in water for two to three days and then cooked in flavored sugar syrup. A wide range of flavor is available for this delicacy like chocolate, Kesar, paan, etc.

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10. Shahi Tukda

Nabawi Shahi Tukda is the most popular dessert of Lucknow. We can say that it will satisfy your Sweet Tooth. It is an innovation that dates back to some 150 years ago in the court of Mughals.

Shahi Tukda famous in Lucknow, Via:

Shahi Tukda is made of bread slices which are fried (deep or shallow) till they get golden brown and then they are dipped in sugar syrup. Finally coated with Rabadi. Saffron is added for the natural yellow colour and aroma making it tastier.

11. Mathura ke Pedhe

The cities of Mathura and Vrindavan are not only known for their Radha & Krishna temples but also this sweet delicacy.

Mathura Ke Pedhe, Via:

These are made of mawa with cardamom or saffron. These are decorated with Silver foil and dry fruits.

12. Banarasi Paan

Banarasi Paan in Varanasi is itself a refreshing savory. “Khaike Paan Banaras Wala Khul Jaye Band Akal Ka Tala” lyrics used Amitabh Bachchan movie, Don, that much famous is Banarasi Paan. There are many kinds of Banarasi Paan available In Varanasi like Banarasi Meetha Paan, Banarasi Zarda Paan, Banarasi Navratan Paan, Banarasi Gujiya Paan, and many more.

Banarasi Paan In Varanasi, Via:

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So these are the famous cuisines of Uttar Pradesh from our side. Visit Uttar Pradesh and taste these cuisines to improve your taste buds. Nothing is more blissful in the world than eating good food. Give feedback in the comment section and tell us which is your favorite cuisine from Uttar Pradesh.

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