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Famous Street Food Across India – You Must Try


Every outing with your friends and family is incomplete without Pani Puri, Pakode or momos. India is famous all over the world for its travel attraction, culture and traditions but it is equally famous for tradition cuisines and street food. Be it Samosa, Kachori, Chole Bhature or Dabeli, street food across India is different & famous all over the world and the reason is its spices and exotic flavours which distinguish it from other countries. Nothing can beat the variety of street food available in India.

Mumbai, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Indore and Kolkata has been considered as the best destination for a tremendous variety of street food. There are hundreds of regional dishes, but we’ve came with the most commonly found and delicious Indian street food dishes that you simply have to try when in the country. Yes, we know your mouth has started watering already!!

So, here in our blog, we have listed delicious street foods from all over India that will surely make your mouth-watering. 

1. Chole Bhature, Street Food Across India

Originally this dish has emerged from Punjab, North India but today it is loved by everyone. In every street of India, you will find one at least one stall or shop of Chole Bhature. This lip-smacking Punjabi cuisine contains chickpeas curry cooked in traditional spices and served with fried bread made of refined flour.

Chole Bhature, Street Food Across India 
Chache di Hatti special Chole Bhature, Delhi, Via:

This luscious street food is a paradise of flavours. This food is usually found the best in the streets only. Onion and chilly salad along with pickle make this dish tastier.

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2. Puchka, Street Food Across India

Whether you call it Puchka, Gol Gappa, Pani Puri, Pani Ke Patashe or Fulki, the taste of all this will remain same. This tangy, minty street food is the best solution for all your problems & mood swings.

Puchka, Street Food Across India 
Golgappe from Central India

Mashed potato and boiled chickpea filled inside flour/ semolina balls and dipped into the Coriander & Mint water taste so heavenly that nobody can resist themselves from eating. You can witness the love and craziness for Pani Puri all over India especially women.

3. Idli-Wada Sambhar

You cannot resist yourself from having the famous Idli Sambhar or Sambhar Wada of South India! Which is now becoming a popular street food followed in every region of India. No matter how much you eat it, you’ll never get bored. Idli is a little, white, flexible cake or round flat ball made out of lentils and rice.

Idli Vada Sambhar, Via:

It is typically presented with sambhar and coconut chutney. And Wada is a lentil made snack you can relate it with a little dark-coloured doughnut. This South Indian dish is very popular across the streets of India and served as a breakfast item.

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4. Aaloo Chat

This simple roadside dish is called by various names in different states. Delhi people call it ‘Aaloo Chat’, in Uttar Pradesh and Central India it is famous as ‘Aloo Tikki’, while Mumbaikar call this street food as ‘Ragada Pattice’. Due to its popularity, every city has now made its own versions of it.

Aloo Chat from the streets of Pune, Via:

This dish is prepared from mashed potatoes and then these rolls are shallowly fried and served with the combination of chickpea curry, onion, tamarind and mint chutney.

5. Pav Bhaji

A mixture of veggies with a few drops of lime to go with the pav dipped in butter is the most delicious way to indulge in Indian street food, especially in winters. Mouthwatering, hot, spicy, and full of flavours bhaji is served with butter pavs.

Pav Bhaji from the street of Maharashtra, Via:

From small vendors to big restaurants, you can find it everywhere. This street delight is topped with sev, chopped coriander, green chilli etc. Try this Maharashtrian street food once and it is sure to leave you craving for more.

6. Samosa – Kachori

When it comes to central India nothing can beat their exotic and rich variety of food. The crisp “Samosa & Kachori”  are immensely renowned street food items that are loved by everyone. Crisp outer layer made using refined flour mixture (Maida) and delicious filling made using lentils and a plethora of spices for Kachori and Samosa filling contains mashed potatoes combined with several spices.

Samosa Kachori from streets of Bhopal, Via:

Both are deep-fried and tastes beyond amazing! There is another version of potato stuffing in Kachori (Aloo Kachori) as well, which tastes equally awesome. This crunchy street food is served with hot gravy and spicy chutneys.

7. Momos

Initially, Momos came from Tibet and Nepal but now it is the king street food of Delhi. Irrespective from where this dish belongs, every Indian loves Momos from its core. There are different types of momos sold in different parts of India such as steamed, fried, paneer, crunchy momos, tandoori momos and chicken momos.

Momos from New Delhi, Via:

Covering all regions of India, you will find a hundred varieties of this particular dish. These steaming hot dumplings filled with veggies and chicken are served with tangy spicy red sauce. One thing is clear about momos that you cannot resist yourself while walking past the stall on the road.

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8. Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha very famous street food and traditional cuisine of Bihar which can be eaten anytime such as breakfast, lunch and in dinner also. It is that dish of Bihar which popularised Bihari food in every corner of India. Litti is a spicy roasted dumpling (just like Rajasthani Bati) prepared with roasted gram flour with spices.

Bihar Special Litti Chokha, Via:

Whereas chokha is prepared from baked brinjal and potato mash with a lot of garlic and coriander. This exotic cuisine has gradually made its way from the streets of Patna to all over India.

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9. Poha Jalebi, Street Food Across India

The lip-smacking combination of Poha & Jalebi is best seen on the streets of central India. Poha Jalebi is the surely the best roadside treat of Madhya Pradesh especially. People from central India will get offended if Poha Jalebi name is not taken together.

Poha Jalebi, Street Food Across India
Poha Jalebi, Via:

It will be disrespectful to both of them😉. Breakfast is incomplete without them. You can enjoy a plate of Poha and Jalebi at almost anywhere in the streets of India.

10. Tundey Kebabs

These kebabs are originated from ‘Nawabo ka sheher’- Lucknow. This non-vegetarian street food is the always on the list of food lovers whenever they travel Uttar Pradesh. Tunde Kebabs will make you drip over its taste as these are exceptionally soft and juicy from inside and crunchy outside.

Lucknow special Tundey Kebabs, Via:

This dish is prepared from minced meat and served with sweet chutney. This authentic cuisine was named after his creator Haji Murad Ali who had one hand though it is known as “Tundey”. Some people also call it ‘Galouti Kebab‘.

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11. Vada Pao, Street Food Across India

Vada Pao is also known as Batata Vada which is a spicy delight from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Before burger, Batata Vada was popular as the Indian version of a burger. From kids to older people, every class of person will gather on Vada Pav stalls to enjoy this authentic Maharashtrian street food.

Vada Pao, Street Food Across India
Mumbai Special Vada Pav, Via:

In Vada Pao, spicy aloo vada with fried chillies is placed inside a bread bun known as Pao and served with mint or tamarind chutney.

12. Kathi Rolls

This street food dish is originated from Kolkata, West Bengal. Some local people of Kolkata also call it “Calcatta Roll’ and but in other states, it is known as Frankie. Kathi Rolls are made with a delicious filling of Paneer and raw vegetables which are stuffed inside wheat or refined flour paratha, which is flaky and crispy.

Kolkata Kathi Roll, Via:

Kathi or Kati Rolls are one of the delicious street food that you can enjoy anytime.

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13. Mirchi Pakoda or Bhajji

Mirchi Pakodas which is also known as “Mirchi Bhajji or Mirchi Vada”. This popular street food is introduced from the land of Hyderabad and relished in every street of India due to its savoury flavours.

Best Hyderabad Street Food- Mirchi Bhajji, Via:

Mirchi Pakoda is nothing but stuffed green chilli coated in gram flour batter which is fried and served hot. For delicious taste, vendors also pair them with coriander and tamarind chutney.

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