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Pahalgam – Hill Station Of Jammu And Kashmir


With immaculate and beautiful typical excellence, Pahalgam hill station is a majestic experience to the eyes. Submerged in lavish greenery and appealing Himalayan ranges it requires a few snapshots of acquiescence at nature’s very own home.

You will be wonderstruck by the luxuriousness of Pahalgam the minute you touch base at this perfect land. Little houses, green fields and ranches of saffron, the valleys are green and exceptionally lovely. You can continue angling excursions or trek on one of the bounty mountains that spread this spot. The golf course that has 18 holes is set among the snowcapped surroundings of Pahalgam and can make an extremely excellent encounter to recall for a long time.


Pahalgam hill station is celebrated for its beautiful excellence and is the gem of the pleasant Liddar valley situated in the high Himalayas. It gives a perfect setting to exercises like climbing, trekking, and angling. It is likewise the beginning stage of the yearly journey to the sacred cavern of Amarnath.

Location of Pahalgam Hill Station

Pahalgam is located towards the west of Jammu and Kashmir, in the northern locale of India. It is situated at an elevation of 2130 m above ocean level amid the incomparable Himalayan range. It is located adjacent to the Liddar River, in the Liddar valley is 95 km east of Srinagar. The climate is snow-capped. Summers (April-June) are gentle, while winters (November-February) are cold. It encounters rains among July and September. It faces overwhelming snowfall from December to February.

Attractions in Hill station

Aru Valley

Aru Valley

Aru Valley is an exciting town in Kashmir. One of the most famous valleys in Kashmir, it is the base camp for visits to the immense number of lakes, valleys and crests around it like the Kolhoi ice sheet and the Tarsar lake. The town of Aru lies next to the Aru stream, a tributary of the Lidder waterway.

Betaab Valley in Pahalgam

Betaab Valley

Recently known by the name of Hagan Valley or Hagoon. The Betaab Valley in the hill station is a stunning blend of beautiful surroundings that is circled by mountains loaded with tall deodar trees and pine woodlands, with the Lidder River streaming directly through it.

Lidder River

Lidder River

Coursing through the valleys of Pahalgam, this compelling waterway is an incredible sight and is a famous vacationer hotspot also. The clear water houses a wide range of assortments of fish and uses water system purposes. The fresh air of this goal joined with its picturesque magnificence makes it an odd outing spot to invest some quality energy in the lap of nature.

Kolahoi Glacier

Kolahoi Glacier

Arranged over the Lidder River, Kolahoi icy mass is a hanging cold mass known for its unusual perspectives. While the primary method for achieving this polar mass is, however, trekking, one can likewise procure horses or ponies for individual pieces of the adventure. The landscapes to produce the ice sheet are amazingly testing and are not encouraged to be attempted by unpracticed trekkers.



Chandanwari, found 15 km from Pahalgam, is the beginning stage of the celebrated Amarnath Yatra. It is likewise celebrated for the snow sledding on snow connect. The spot is flawless to appreciate an outing with your family and appreciate the normal magnificence.

Mamaleshwara Temple in Pahalgam

Mamaleshwara Temple

At a separation of about a kilometer structure, Pahalgam is a sanctuary devoted to Lord Shiva, developed solely of stone, by the then King Jayasima. The temple is set apart as a critical spot of love in the area and draws explorers from everywhere throughout the state.

Best time to visit Hill station

Visitors should visit this place during summers that will be from April till November. During the shrine pilgrimage to holy cave Amarnath, the visiting months will be July till august.


The characteristic excellence of Pahalgam and the verdant Liddar valley pulls in the voyager towards it. The shimmering water of River Liddar, which streams close Pahalgam, has various outing spots around it. Pahalgam is a piece of Asia’s just saffron developing region. One can see the saffron plants in full sprout in the period of November. There are various climbing and trekking trails around Pahalgam. One can even investigate these spots on horseback. Pahalgam gives an all-encompassing perspective on the substantial Himalayan range with its lavish green pine woodlands and snow-topped pinnacles.


River rafting

The Liddar River is known among explorers keen on calculating. Stretches of this waterway are appropriate for trout angling. Voyagers keen on angling need to get an angling permit from the Directorate of Fisheries in Srinagar. Pahalgam is the beginning stage of various trekking and climbing trails to the encompassing mountains. Trekking around Pahalgam is thrilling, as it takes the voyager through virgin pine woodlands, clear mountain streams, and meadows of wildflowers.

Ways to reach Pahalgam Hill Station

Pahalgam does not have an airplane terminal or railroad station. The closest air terminal is at Srinagar, which is 95 km from Pahalgam. It is very much associated by street with Srinagar. The movement time between the two is 2½ hours. Explorers can either utilize transport or taxi from Pahalgam to reach Srinagar. Voyagers can contract guided horses and ponies to investigate Pahalgam and the regions around it.

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