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Top 9 Beaches In Kerala You Must Visit


If you are finding an alternative option of Goa beaches in India, then Kerala beaches are the ultimate option for you. Kerala is quite famous in India and around the globe for its backwaters, panoramic view of hill stations and coconut trees, but many people are not aware of its white-sand beaches. Kerala beaches are perfect destinations for new love birds and those who want sunbathe. Walk hand in hand with your bae, drink fresh coconut water with one straw and enjoy the romantic ambience at Kerala beaches. The beaches in Kerala are kids friendly too. You can also enjoy it with your family members.

We have chosen Top 9 beaches in Kerala for you that showcase great sandy spots from coast to coast.

1. Kovalam Beach – Beaches in Kerala

Due to the shallow water and low tidal waves, Kovalam is the best beach in Kerala. The coastline of Kovalam beach is stretched around 17 km. Light House Beach, Hawah Beach and Crescent Beach are the three baby beaches of Kovalam.

Kovalam Beach - Beaches in Kerala
Tourist enjoying sunbath at Kovalam Beach, Via: Pinterest

Among the three, the lighthouse is the biggest and the busiest beach. Kovalam is also considered among the best surfing spots in India. You can also enjoy wooden boating at the seashore. The atmosphere of this beach is very relaxed.

2. Varkala Beach

Varkala beach comes among the best beaches of Kerala in terms of ambience and accommodation provided. This beach is flanked by rocks, cliffs, shacks and shops near Trivandrum. Go to the cliff and stay there, feel the waves and overlook the ocean. Isn’t it romantic for you and your bae?

Full View of Varkala Beach, Via:

The long stretch of sand is flanked by big cliffs that are lined by a sequence of local cafes serving plates of beer and fish cuisine at naturally cooling huts. You can enjoy surfing in the calm water at this beach.

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3. Mararikulam Beach

Marari beach lies on the way to Alleppey district from Kochi. The never lasting white sand seashore with beautiful coconut trees will make your day worthy by visiting this beach.

Enjoy Sunset at Marari Beach, Via:

Experience authentic and traditional fishing in the nearby villages and witness the ancient and harmonious way of living. You can also enjoy one day cruise Alleppey backwaters of a Cochin.

4. Cherai Beach – Beaches in Kerala

Cherai beach is located at the Vypeen islands and its coastline is stretched around 10 km. This beach is very appealing and ideal for swimming. You can also witness Dolphins at this beach.

Cherai Beach - Beaches in Kerala
Couples enjoying beach view, Via:

The paddy fields and coconut groves present at the nearby villages of Kerala enhance the attraction of this beach. Pallipuram Church and Portuguese Fort are some main attractions at Cherai beach.

5. Chavakkad Beach

Chavakkad Beach is present in the Thrissur District of Kerala and lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea. This beach is the perfect destination for honeymoon couples, beach parties and a family picnic.

Tourist Witnessing The Estuary At Chavakkad Beach, Via:

On this beach, the river meets the sea, which is the main attraction for love birds. Visit early morning or in the evening as the beach is most alluring and charming at these points.

6. Kuzhupillay Beach

Kuzhupillay beach is less explored by many as people are not aware of the calmness and beauty of this beach. This beach is the best place to hang out with your friends and family members.

Kuzhupilly Beach
Kuzhupilly Beach, Via:

It is less crowded and you can enjoy the titanic pose at the bank of the beach. The point of attraction of this beach is the scenic route through the Kochi backwaters. The narrow strip of the road goes through the mesmerizing views of backwater on both sides.

7. Nattika Beach – Beaches in Kerala

Nattika beach is a very tranquil beach located 30 km away from Thrissur located in central Kerala. Chenamaan – a cult classic movie of Malayalam has been shoot here on this beach, which makes Nattika more popular for tourists.

Nattika Beach - Beaches in Kerala
Nattika Beach, Via:

The main attractions of this beach are backwater cruises, elephant rides, boat rides and cultural programs and many other activities which held on the shoreside of the beach.

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8. Bekal Beach

This beach is located on the northern side of Kerala. Bekal Beach is famous for the largest and best-maintained forts at Kerala. This beach is very long with high tidal ways; thus, it is not safe for swimming.

Tourist standing at Bekal Fort enjoying the beach view, Via:

There is also an adjacent park and play area along with zoo for kids near Bekal. Rocks around the Bekal Fort at the beach is a fantastic place to sit and meditate in the evenings.

9. Muzhappilangad Beach

Muzhappilangad Beach is the longest drive-in beach of Asia and the only in Kerala. The coastal area of this beach is stretched around 5km from there; you can witness the best view of Kannur from this beach. Driving a car or bike between the waves is quite a different feeling. You can also learn driving here.

The only drive-in beach of Kerala-Muzhappilangad, Via:

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There are many other beaches in Kerala, which you can visit apart from all these mentioned above like Andhakaranazhi beach, Kannur beach (quite popular), Shankumugham beach, Beypore beach (bridge to the sea), Chowra beach, etc.

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