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Poovar – An offbeat vacation spot of Kerala


Kerala Tourism is the most sought one. Be it the backwaters of Alleppy or the tiny hill station of Munnar or the precolonial imprints at Fort Cochin or the offbeat Poovar. Kerala is a place loved by both its own country and all around the globe. Every year there is a tremendous increase in tourists visiting Kerala. Poovar is one offbeat place in Kerala that require a special mention. This off-beast resort place from Neyyattinkara, Thiruvananthapuram is not known to many but is worth a visit.

So let’s look into Poovar and get to know more about this not so much a popular place in Kerala!

Places To Visit In Poovar While You Are In Kerala!

Poovar is an offbeat tourist spot in the capital city of Kerala. It is well known for many sightseeing spots known for their natural beauty. This place is also one of the best beach and backwater sights in India. So, let’s check out a few places that you shouldn’t miss!

  1. Golden Sand Beach
  2. Poovar Backwater Cruise
  3. Poovar Island Beach Road
  4. Poovar Beach North
  5. Poovar Lake Port Back Waters
  6. Aazhimala Shiva Temple Neyyar
  7. Chowara Beach
  8. Ayurveda Centre in Kerala
  9. Kuzhipallam Botanical Garden
  10. Somatheeram Beach
  11. Charithra Malika History Museum

1. Golden Sand Beach

Golden Sand Beach

As the name suggests, the Golden Sand Beach of Poovar is home to a lavish view and golden sand for a rustic walk. Tourists love the wonderful backwater formation that is an epic view here at Poovar. At a very nominal rate, tourists can enjoy the boat ride that connects the Neyyar River to the great Arabian Sea. Also, for those who are looking forward to exploring Kerala village life, this place is best known for authentic village Life.
So, if you are looking for solace, serenity and a slice of silence, better go to olden beach and enjoy the golden sunset!

2. Poovar Backwater Cruise

Poovar Backwater Cruise

A small coastal village is probably the ending part of Kerala and is also a hub for Tourism. With beaches touching the backwaters, it is known for its exquisite boat and cruise rides. Tourist often enjoys hiring backwater cruise to enjoy a perfect day or for any kind of celebration that comes in. This small cruise will take you across the lush green backwaters that look not less than any amazon valley from a Hollywood flick! Also, this part of the place has some exotic flowers and species. And a lot of birds and animals.
When you are in Poovar you defiantly have to go for a boat ride and explore all the green in one stroke!

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3. Poovar Island Beach Road

Before reaching the island beach there is a straight road that you would probably enjoy like never before. The road is surrounded by lush green plants and trees on both sides. It gives the ride a very beautiful experience. People love to take bike rides to enjoy most of the scenery and the serenity that rides will offer.
The ride inevitable will end at the island beach where the view of the water is more than we can put in words.

4. Poovar Beach North

Poovar Beach North is a backwater beach, as it is formed by the backwaters. People come here for a picnic and sit back to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. Apart from that, there are a few roadside eateries that allow the best of Kerala Snacks that are famous among tourists. If you are a beach person then Poovar north beach will give you an ultimate surreal feeling.

5. Poovar Lake Port Back Waters

When there are backwaters, there is a beach and with a beach certainly, there will be forts that allow you for another landmark. Here, the Poovar Lake Port is certainly a must-visit. This tiny fort is also a hub for many outdoor activities like kayaking, boating, forests, and the lush green surrounding backwaters. And the lakeport is also a hub for many other activities. People often end up here to take a cruise and explore the vicinity. Also, the lake is an absolute landmark for tourists or first-timers visiting Poovar.

Hence visit the Poovar Lake Port when you are in Kerala during this time of vacation. The tour will be worth remembering for sure.

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6. Aazhimala Shiva Temple Neyyar

Kerala has some best of architecture, particularly when it comes to temples and historical places. The Aazhimala Shiva Temple Neyyar is one such place very well known for relics religious aspects. This fabulous temple in Neyyar is dedicated to Lord Shiva. A special ritual is held every Tuesday and there is a grand number of tourists coming infrequently. If you are willing to see the famous annual festivals held between January and February. And you will be witnessing one of the most fabulous festive vibes that you could probably fathom.

7. Chowara Beach

Chowara Beach is one of the most pristine beaches in Thiruvanandram. This place is a perfect family spot to enjoy the sandy beach and ocean that touches the shores. The Chowara beach is also famous as a perfect fishing spot. Tourists always feel surrounded by the locals who are either buying or selling fish on the shore. It is unlike the rest of any fish market, as you can buy the product straight from the ocean!

And nearby to the beach, you can visit the Chowara Ayyapa Temple which will give you both blessings as well a view of the beach like never before. You can reach the place from the railway station that is about 20 kilometers from the destination. You can then opt for a bus or hire a cab to reach the beach.

8. Ayurvedic Centre in Kerala


Ayurveda and Kerala have a relationship that goes back to the ages. And people love the Ayurveda approach the state has to offer for various issues, right from physical healing to spiritual one. The Neyyar Ayurveda center is also known for the quality of healing and alignment they have to offer to the tourist and people coming here. People indulge in different types of oil massages as a part of healing and ailing. However, there was an increase in tourists from abroad who flew in for oil massages and to visit Ayurveda centers special in Thiruvananthapuram.

And hence it will be a great opportunity for you to stay back for back at Poovar and get the best of Ayurvedic treatment or retreat.

9. Kuzhipallam Botanical Garden

Kuzhipallam Botanical Garden
Kuzhipallam Botanical Garden: Image Credit/

When we have talked much about the Ayurvedic and the enthusiasm surrounding it, we must take a peek into the botanical gardens of Poovar. The Kuzhipallam Botanical Garden is spread across 40 acres of land in the heart of the town. It is the largest one in entire Kerala. It is one of the favorite hubs for travelers and tourists coming here.
It is said that the variety of flowers blooming there has special demand nationwide. There is surplus variety right from medicinal value to that if decoration and beauty.

10. Somatheeram Beach

Somatheeram Beach is an amalgamation of beaches and the best Ayurveda center in Kerala. This place has won many awards and felicitations for being the best Ayurveda center of all. Tourists all over the world find it one of the most favorable places to relax and adequate the necessities of healing. Tourism and healing when going hand in hand there are some fabulous outcomes. It not only provides the best opportunity but also economic growth of the place.
Apart from all this, this place is also a surreal place to sit and relax while watching the beach.

11. Charithra Malika History Museum

Are you a person looking forward to learning the economic and traditional aspects of Kerala on your trip? Well then think about visiting Charitra Malika History Museum in Poovar. This museum is said to be the brainchild of one single person who curated the entire exterior and interior of the museum. And also supposedly a collection of beautiful and grand 4000 plus antiques that are structured within the building.
Hence visit this place and get to know more about the cultural and traditional aspects of Poovar then definitely visit.

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How to reach Poovar from Thiruvananthapuram

Poovar is almost 35 kilometers from the Capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. It is quite easy to reach Poovar from the capital city by road. You will have to hire a cab or opt for private transportation buses that are in abundance. It is barely a one and hour journey if the traffic is in your favor. You can reach the capital city by flight or train from other parts of the country. At The Thiruvananthapuram airport, you have to catch up with an auto or cab to go to the main bus stand if you are opting to travel by bus.

When to visit Poovar?

Poovar beach

Poovar is a beach and that makes it a humid place. Hence preferably avoid going to the beach during summer noon. The best time to visit the place will be during winter and probably summer evenings. Avoid visiting the place during monsoon season, as Kerala is well known for its heavy rain. You may be stuck up indoors and miss your plans completely for many days at a stretch!

Kerala is a land of magic when it comes to pure nature. No wonder it is called God’s Own Country! People from all over the world come here for the beauty the place has to ensure. The place has some wonderful temples marveled in architecture as well as mythical stories. Poovar also has earned the reputation of great traditional value with Ayurveda centers that are famous among tourists. Also, Poovar is all about beaches and backwaters.
Next time when you visit Kerala don’t miss to visit this beautiful beach town and enjoy the serenity!
Till then it’s a bye from me…
Bon Voyage!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Poovar the best place to visit?
Poovar is an offbeat tourist place situated in the capital city of Kerala. It is famous for Ayurvedic spots, nature, and wonderful backwaters.

What is the Best Time to visit Poovar?
Preferably avoid going to the beach during summer noon. The best time to visit the place will be during winter and probably summer evenings. Avoid visiting the place during monsoon season, as Kerala is well known for its heavy rain. You may be stuck up indoors and miss your plans completely for many days at a stretch!

How to reach Poovar?
To reach Poovar one must connect via Thiruvananthapuram. You will have to hire a cab or opt for private or transportation buses from there. It will take approximately one and half hours to reach your destination.

Is Poovar best for outdoor activities?
Yes, Poovar has the best outdoor activities with boat riding, cruises, kayaking, and beach walk.

What things to keep in mind while visiting Poovar
You need to keep the weather in your mind and avoid monsoon season while visiting Poovar.

What languages are spoken in Poovar?
Malayalam is the official language of Kerala but locals speak and understand English and Hindi as well.

How safe to visit Poovar?
Poovar is the safest place to visit per tourism.

Are there any historical places in Poovar?
Yes, many historically significant places in Poovar have influence. Mostly related to the religious aspect.

What is the authentic food of Poovar?
Poovar is heaven for food lovers. The authentic mountain taste particularly the mutton curry will leave your taste buds tingle.

Can I get cheaper accommodation in Poovar?
Accommodations are not that cheaper in Poovar, particularly during peak tourism times.

Is Poovar a good honeymoon destination?
Yes! Poovar is without any doubt popular among honeymooners and couples. The snowcapped mountains, ambiance, surroundings, nature, and luxurious stay pave the way to it.

Important Phone Numbers to have while visiting Poovar.

  • Police Station : 0471 221 1100
  • Crime Stopper Kerala : 1090
  • Disha Helpline: 1056

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