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Dhoopgarh – Witness Heaven From the Top of Pachmarhi


Pachmarhi is all about watching beautiful hills loaded with greenery all around, big mountains fall and serene atmosphere, wildlife, old jeep safari and much more. This hill station is best in Central India- Madhya Pradesh. The allure, the ambience and the captivating vistas observed here cannot be expressed in words.

This all I have experienced when I visited Pachmarhi, my all the uneasiness, thoughtfulness and social life stress come to end when finally reached Dhoopgarh – The highest point of Madhya Pradesh and adored the beauty of mother earth.

So, I am sharing my travel experience with all my India Imagine readers, hope you guys like it.

Let’s begin with some overview of the spot –

Dhoopgarh – Highest Point of Madhya Pradesh

Mount Dhupgarh or Dhoopgarh nestled in the Mahadeo Hills, at a height of 1,352 metres. Madhya Pradesh, India. It is also the highest peak of the Satpura hill range and the view from the top can leave you awestruck especially if you visit in the evening or early in the morning. This point can also be reached by hiking but it might be difficult for you to reach as it passes through several waterfalls and valleys.

Dhoopgarh Pachmarhi / Image Credit: @imperfect_bhopalan/

With an amalgam of valleys, hills, uneven roads and lush greenery covered with mist, Dhoopgarh offers a heavenly glimpse to Satpura & Vindhya plateau. Thus making it popular among the many tourist places visiting Pachmarhi. Whether you are a couple or family people if you are on a quest for adventure and thrill, then Pachmarhi can arrange a perfect destination for you in the most amazing manner.

Our Journey

After visiting the major destinations of Pachmarhi, like Bee fall, Bada Mahadev Temple and Chota Mahadev cave, Pandav Caves, Handi Khoh, Silver fall approximately we started moving towards Dhoopgarh.

Way to Dhoopgarh / Image Credit: @imperfect_bhopalan/

Be cautious as the routes are twisty you may feel nausea or motion sickness if you are travelling via or bus. But the army jeeps are so comfortable that we enjoyed our ride very much till we reached Dhoopgarh.

Notice Mount Dhoopgarh During your Trip / Image Credit: @imperfect_bhopalan

During your travel, you will notice Mount Dhoopgarh relatively running with you on one hand and the whole Pachmarhi on the other hand. If you are lucky many wild animals can be witnessed during your trip!!

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Point of Attractions at Dhoopgarh

The major attraction at this high point is the sunset and sunrise scenes, a big tortoise-like mountain and a high hill museum located on the top. A small canteen/ eatery shop is there at the sunset point.

Sunrise Point

As soon as you enter the location, you have to walk there on the east is the sunrise point and on the west is the sunset point which has a couple of huge steps created like an open auditorium for accommodating a lot of people.

Dady Clicking Vistas from Sunrise Point Dhoopgarh Pachmarhi / Image Credit: @imperfect_bhopalan

It is advisable to take your place in advance to get a good viewpoint to see the sun go down in a myriad of colours. The old Forest rest house has been converted into a museum which is worth a visit.

Sunset Point

But on the right side, Sunset point is the main attraction of the spot covered with utmost fog and trees are looking like the cherry on the icing. From both locations, the entire Pachmarhi looks alluring.

Sunset Point Dhoopgarh / Image Credit: @imperfect_bhopalan

We had our guide with us, who guided us throughout the journey. We have clicked a lot of pictures, sat peacefully in the open auditorium and admired the perfect vistas and captured some of the best moments of our lives. So calming !!!

Other Essentials

You can visit the old colonial bungalow which was later converted into a museum that carries some artefacts and history related stuff, we were getting late so skipped that one.

For refreshment, you can buy eatery items from the shop located near the bungalow. A small garden with many mango trees arrangement is also done for visitors to relax in the chilling summer.

Best Time To Visit

It is an amazing experience to see the sunset at Pachmarhi. Moreover, this place is a popular picnic spot too. The best season to visit Dhupgarh is during the monsoon season when the place is enveloped by thin monsoon clouds. Dhupgarh is one of the attractions that promote tourism in Pachmarhi.

As a travel freak, I enjoyed the location very much, if you left with some time during your Pachmarhi Trip, then you must visit Dhoopgarh for experiencing some realistic moments.

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