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Jabalpur – 10 Reasons Why This Place Should be in Your Travel List


Situated near the ghats of Narmada, lies the city of Jabalpur. One of the major cities in Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur has been a centre of scenic beauties; the magnificent marble rocks being the most renowned among them. However, Jabalpur is not limited to Marbles but is also known for its Archaeological and Ecological Heritage. In an authentic sense, Jabalpur is a Shangri-la for both archaeologists and geologists.

Today, In this blog, I will give you a detailed account of Jabalpur. So let’s begin!

Table of Contents

  1. The History
  2. Places to Visit in Jabalpur
    1. Dhuandhar Falls
    2. Bandar Kodani
    3. Madan Mahal Fort
    4. Lord Shiva Statue at Kachnar City:
    5. Balancing Rocks
    6. Dumna Natural reserve park
    7. Rani Durgawati Museum
    8. Chausath Yogini Mandir
  3. Activities to do in Jabalpur
    1. Enjoy the freshness while indulging in Water activities
    2. Witness the liveliness of the Narmada Arti at Gaurighat
    3. Shop and eat around the streets of Jabalpur.
  4. Accommodations in Jabalpur
  5. How to Reach There?
      1. How to Reach Jabalpur by Air?
      2. How one can Reach Jabalpur by Road?
      3. How to reach Jabalpur via Train?

The History

The name Jabalpur is derived from the name of an old saint Jabali Rishi who belonged to this land. Jabalpur finds its earliest references in Mahabharata. Later, it was claimed over by the Guptas and Mauryas during their reign. In the year, 857 AD, the region was taken over by Kalchuri Dynasty. The City was then ruled by the Gond empire which took over the region in the 13th century and had ruled it till the 16th century. Under the rule of the Gondwana kingdom, the city had become a powerful centre for the Gond Dynasty.

The Region also became a testimony of invasions by Mughals. The legendary Gond queen Durgawati had died while battling against the Mughal army of Akbar. The province was again captured by the Marathas in 1789.

In the latter, The Britishers got the control of this territory and they turned it into their headquarters for overseeing the provinces of Narmada and was also incorporated as a cantonment town.

Places to Visit in Jabalpur

Jabalpur is a mystic blend of Natural and Historic Heritage. There is versatility in tourist attractions that range from Chausath Yogini Mandir to Madan Mahal Fort. Jabalpur also houses Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench National parks. Here are some of the most visited and distinguished tourist places that you must visit when you travel through the city.

1. Dhuandhar Falls

The name Dhuandhar derives from the word Dhuan means smoke and dhar which means flow. The mist of water flowing down creates a visual of smoke emanating from the River bed which is why these waterfalls are known by the name Smoke-cascade or Dhuandhar.

Dhuandhar Falls

Located at bhagat 30 km away from Jabalpur, the Dhuandhar falls are a picturesque destination surrounded by Evergreen forest and shrubs. At 98 ft high, the Dhuandhar falls originated from the Narmada River, one of the five holiest rivers in India and flows down to form the 8km beautiful gorge known as marble rocks.

Furthermore, the Marble rocks add a scenic charm to the overall view making it one of the most popular destinations among tourists visiting Jabalpur.

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2. Bandar Kodani

Bandar Kodani

Another major charm in bhedaghat is Bandar Kodani. The Narmada River passes through the narrow stretch of rocks which was earlier narrow enough for monkeys to Jump across hence named Bandar Kodani. After each monsoon, the distance between the rocks widens due to the constant movement of Rocks.

3. Madan Mahal Fort

Madan Mahal Fort

Located at 500m on the Hilltop, the Madan mahal fort takes you back to the time when the Jabalpur region was ruled by the Gond rulers from the 11th century. This ancient fort was built by Raja Madan Singh. The fort is attributed to the king’s mother, Rani Durgavati, who happened to be a valiant Gond ruler of the territory. The fort is currently protected by the Archeological Survey of India.  The Main pleasure chamber, the war room, and a small reservoir inside the fort are a sight to behold. There is an interesting notion that the fort has bricks made of gold and it has treasures of the Gond dynasty. There is also an underground tunnel to flee the Fort. These beliefs make it an intriguing spot to visit for tourists.

One should visit the Madan Mahal fort between October to March. The times to visit the place are 8 AM to 6:30 PM.

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4. Lord Shiva Statue at Kachnar City:

Lord Shiva Statue at Kachnar City - Jabalpur

Situated in the age-old city of Kachnar, This Gigantic statue of Bhagwan Shiva is a sight to behold. The 78 ft high statue is among the most prominent religious sites of Madhya Pradesh. one interesting feature of this site is the presence of 12 shiva lingams brought from the 12 Jyotirlingas in the country. The place is a perfect blend of serenity and spirituality. People can visit this site from 7 AM to 8:30 PM.

5. Balancing Rocks

A Natural wonder; Balancing Rocks was a result of volcanic rock formations. These delicately appearing rocks have withstood earthquakes of 6.5 on the Richter scale. It appears that one rock lies on the other but in Reality, they slightly touch each other with the point of contact between the two rocks being 6 sq inches.

Balancing Rocks - Jabalpur

It is believed that no one can disturb the balance of the Rock; a reason why this is considered a remarkable art by the nature. The area is surrounded by scenic hills and views which make it an absolute treat for the eyes of the visitor.

6. Dumna Natural reserve park

For all the nature lovers, visiting this spot in Jabalpur is a must. The Dumna Natural reserve park is a 1000 hectare of Eco-tourism park which gives you an experience of a Jungle. People come here to relax and take delight in the lap of nature. The park includes Dam, forests, and wildlife. Wild animals including wild boars, jackals, spot deers, porcupines and many species of birds can be seen here. Sights of leopards and crocodiles have also been reported. Due to the presence of crocodiles, swimming or bathing is prohibited in this park. Children’s Park and Restaurant are also functional. Along with that a hanging bridge, tent platform, rest house, fishing platform, toy train, and activities like boating and cycling are also provided in the park. You can visit the Park from morning 10 AM to 6 PM.

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7. Rani Durgawati Museum

Named after the legendary queen Durgawati Devi from the gond dynasty, the Rani durgawati museum has collections of 10th and 11th-century sculptures from local regions. The museum is a double-storied structure with the first floor containing four different galleries. These galleries are Shaiva gallery, Vaishnava gallery, Jaina Gallery, Index Gallery, Excavation gallery, Inscription gallery, Coin gallery, and Tribal art gallery. A person who is a history enthusiast will love the collections of artefacts harboured in the museum. In total, there are 6163 antiquities in the museum that include prehistoric relics, inscriptions and sculptures.

Rani Durgawati Museum - Jabalpur

The sculptors and pictures from the chausath yogini mandir of bhagat are also preserved in this museum. The Rani Durgavati museum depicts the everyday life of the tribal community. The museum has a separate gallery to illustrate the glorious art and culture associated with the tribal communities of Madhya Pradesh.

In addition to this, you can also find the portraits of renowned freedom fighters such as Subhash Chandra Bose, Sarojini Naidu, Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. All of them had attended the Tripuri Congress session of 1939. The best time to visit the museum is between October and March as the weather makes the whole visit more comfortable.

Rani Durgavati Museum can be visited during timings 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM and is closed on Mondays and holidays. The cost of entry is kept to a minimum of INR 10 for the Indian tourist, foreigners are expected to pay INR 100. There are distinct charges for photography and videography i.e. INR 50 and INR 200 respectively.

8. Chausath Yogini Mandir

Located in the bhedaghat, the Chausath Yogini Mandir of Jabalpur is a temple dedicated to the 64 yoginis. The word Yogini means a female practitioner of yoga or women who is indulged in spiritual practises and is highly enlightened. However, some tales also say that yoginis are reincarnations of Devi Parvati and are therefore considered the sacred forces who are feminine yet powerful, capable of causing destruction.

Chausath Yogini Mandir - Jabalpur

There are a total of four chausath yogini temples in India, two in Odissa at Hirapur and Ranipur and the other two are in Madhya Pradesh at Morena and Jabalpur. The Chausath Yogini mandir of Jabalpur is the largest among the four.

It has a total of 81 yogini statues instead of 64 Yogini statues. The statues lie in the cells in the periphery around the temple.

Adjacent to the Chausath Yogini Mandir, there is a temple in the middle, dedicated to Gauri Shankar, built by Queen Alhanadevi in the 1155 century. The temple depicts Gauri and Shankar (Parvati and Shiv) sitting on Nandi.

Activities to do in Jabalpur

Any trip without fun-filled activities is incomplete. They not only add leisure to the tour but also creates memories for time to remember. It is thus important to know about the pastimes one can do when they reach a tourist spot. Interestingly enough, the City of Jabalpur offers several activities to do while travelling the city. Here are some activities to do while you travel to Jabalpur.

1. Enjoy the freshness while indulging in Water activities

From River rafting in Dhuandhar falls to cycling and boating in the dumna forest park, Jabalpur has every type of amusement to enjoy.

Taupo Watersports with family
Taupo Watersports with family / Image credit:

However, it is important to note that during monsoon, activities on water like boat riding are prohibited.

Bhedghat also offers cable cars to experience the breathtaking views of the dhuandhar falls and marble rocks.

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2. Witness the liveliness of the Narmada Arti at Gaurighat

Gaurighat in Jabalpur offers a surreal experience of watching the Narmada River flowing with all its grace and liveliness. Gaurighat is known for the divine Narmada Arti every evening. The floating diyas in contrast with the moonlight gives a delightful and spiritual peace of mind.

Narmada Aarti - Jabalpur

People come here to conduct Holy rituals and take a dip in the sacred Narmada river.

The Gauri ghat also offers a boat ride, one can avail of the boat ride to cross the river and also offer its prayers to the Gauri ghat gurudwara sahib.

3. Shop and eat around the streets of Jabalpur.

Jabalpur offers numerous shopping places where you can buy several products starting from clothes to crockeries. Ganjipura, Sadar Bazar, Gorakhpur Market, Adharthal and Kamaniya gate are a list of open markets where you can buy several varieties of products. From jewellery to bags to cosmetics, Ganjipura is a paradise for women and girls who are looking to buy exquisite Jewellery, cosmetics and Bags at affordable prices. Another great locale to shop if you are a big fan of branded clothes then it is the Gorakhpur market where you buy tops, menswear, trousers, fashionable clothes etc.

If you are looking for a place to buy house products then, Adharthal is the perfect destination for your needs.

Lastly, if you are looking for a place where you can get branded and local products along with some lip-smacking food, the Sadar Bazar is your top destination. This location includes a variety of shops such as pantaloons and Indian coffee houses. The food corners will give you the ultimate taste of Jabalpur while you create some wonderful memories with your loved ones to cherish.

Accommodations in Jabalpur

While planning a trip or visit, finding affordable and comfortable accommodation is a must. Fortunately, Jabalpur has several Hotels and resthouses which are both extravagant and has comfortable atmospheres. These hotels range from Luxurious to standard and that too under every Budget, from High to low.

Narmada jackson Hotel - Jabalpur

The luxurious hotels entail Hotel Narmada Jacksons & Satya Ashoka. Both of them are 5-star hotels with Air-conditioned along with 24 hours room services. The standard hotels include hotel Kalchuri Residency, Hotel Samdareeya, Grand Samdareeya, and Gulzar tower. They provide lavish as well as under budget accommodation.

Among budget hotels, one can go to Hotel Sidharth, Samdareeya Inn, Hotel India, Hotel Galaxy, Ankit Residency etc.

Most of these hotels are found near the city centre or Rusell square in the city.

Hotels including Narmada Jacksons, Kalchuri residency and Ankit residency are in proximity to the Jabalpur Airport and Railway stations.

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How to Reach There?

Jabalpur is a well-infrastructured city in Madhya Pradesh and enjoys good connectivity of rail, road and air modes of transportation with the rest of India.

How to Reach Jabalpur by Air?

Jabalpur is well connected to Other Indian cities such as Bhopal, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Indore. One can reach Jabalpur by boarding an Air India Regional or Spicejet flight. The only Functional Airport which serves the city is Dumna or Jabalpur Airport which is 30 km away from Jabalpur. Foreign tourists can avail of international flights via Delhi or Mumbai and can reach Jabalpur with regional flights later on.

Jabalpur by Road?

If you like enjoying scenic views while travelling, then you must travel to Jabalpur via road. Jabalpur city has a well endowed Road network system that includes the National and State Highways. The National Highways like the Varanasi-Kanyakumari road NH7 and Jabalpur-Jaipur Road NH12, pass-through Jabalpur.

One can avail of Volvo buses to travel or get their vehicle to travel. The city also offers direct bus services to attractions like Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench National Park, Panchmarhi, Satpura National Park, Amarkantak and Khajuraho.

How to reach Jabalpur via Train?

One of the most affordable and easy ways of travelling is via Train. Jabalpur junction is an important Railway Junction that serves the city. It is also known as Jabalpur Main station and acts as a headquarters for the west-central railway zone. Jabalpur is connected with other Indian Cities like Jammu, Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Balasore, Chandigarh, and Ahemdabad as well as with state regions like Bhopal, Bina, Dewas, Indore and Gwalior.

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