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Lavasa – An Artificially Built City Of Pune


Lavasa is a privately built city near Pune, Maharashtra. It is a hill station with many attractive tourist attraction that lures people from different part of the State. This place is well known for outdoor activities and luxurious stays. Also, the main attraction is the Temghar Dam. This city is the brainchild of Gulabchand, who envisioned making the first private hill city. The construction of the city is yet to be completed. However, the place has already gained much popularity among tourists.

Though it is a small place, it is the best one for spending a weekend here with family and friends. In this small write-up, we will get to know all the things that you can do when you are in Lavasa.

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Things to do while you are Lavasa



One of the most loved outdoor activities in Lavasa is, without any doubt, the number of watersports. Lavasa has some fabulous international watersports availed here. Some activities like pontoons and bumper boats are some favourite water activities helped in Lavasa that bring people to this place now and then. Jet skiing is also famous among the youngsters and moves like water volleyball and pedal boats.
People also can be seen sitting and enjoying themselves while others have fun with the watersport!

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Bamboosa, Lavasa

Bamboosa is a must-visit spot when you are in Lavasa. It is a place that has focused entirely on bamboo products. From chairs, tables, and artifacts, everything is built from the bamboo from the surrounding forest area. The primary purpose of making the products is to make the locals employed and financially independent. ‘When you visit Lavasa, you should and must see the place for sure and explore the beauty of their products.

Temghar Dam

Temghar Dam
Temghar Dam: Image Credit/

Temghar Dam is considered the most important tourist destination in Lavasa. It is pretty unique for it is an earth fill and gravity dam. Temghar Dam is situated at river Muthu, precisely 40 kilometres from Pune. It is a massive construction that attracts people to visit it and explore nature. People love to watch the gushing water from the river that connects to the Dam.

Visit the spot anytime between dusk to dawn and enjoy the best of nature with family and friends. And don’t forget to click some beautiful pictures of the Temghar Dam and the surroundings.

Lavasa Nature Trail

nature trail

Lavasa Mature trail is all about connecting with nature and exploring its beauty. The Lavasa nature trail is a favourite place among the people who love to trek through the jungle. And for them, this place will be a fantastic experience. Take your perfect pair of shoes and trekking gear to make it memorable. Tourists can manage the trek all alone if needed, or else they can hire a local to get them through without any hustle. Either way, don’t forget to visit the beautiful place at any cost.

Lakeside Promenade

Lakeside Promenade

This spot in Lavasa that you need to visit during winters and monsoons. The view of the lake and mountain together while rain is a view worth watching forever. This spot also has boat riding and water activities for travellers. Lakeside Promenade is also the most popular tourist destination for exploring nature at its best.

People love to be a part of the unique water sports available at the Lake Promenade.

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Dasvino Town and country club

country club

Dasvino Town and country club is a private stay and luxurious country club in Lavasa with world-class facilities for tourists. Right from the clubhouse, spa and sports area with the unique facility. This privately built town and country club are all about royalty and luxury. Tourists find this stay a bit expensive, yet many people come in now and then. It will be worth expensive with all the extraordinary things that can be done while you are in the country club.

So if you are looking for a perfect place to chill out and relax with some indoor and outdoor sports and a swimming pool, this is the best place to stay!

Dasve View Point

Dasve View Point

One of the most beautiful viewpoints points from Lavasa. Which is also a heaven for photographers and nature lovers. People love to explore their surroundings, and the nature at its best. This is also one of the best experience activities in the city of Pune. Dasve viewpoint is all about nature and extraordinary views for travellers.
But try to visit the place when the weather is cold and breezy.

Lavasa is the best place for a weekend, particularly for those who are staying in Pune Maharashtra. It is artificially built town that looks quite a similar to town from any abroad countries. With extraordinary watersports and some fabulous stay Lavasa can make a perfect weekend destination or a short honeymoon spot

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Frequency Asked Questions

Is Lavasa the best place to visit?
Lavasa is an artificially made city in Pune. Right from mountains to lakes and some luxurious stay it is one of the best place to visit.

What is the Best Time to visit Lavasa?
Preferably during the winters and Monsoon.

Is Lavasa best for outdoor activities?
Yes, Lavasa has the best outdoor activities with trekking, hiking, watersports and beach walks.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Lavasa.
Just keep in mind to book your stay

What languages are spoken in Lavasa?
Marathi is the official language but locals speak and understand Hindi and English as well.

How safe to visit Lavasa?
Lavasa is the safest place to visit per tourism.

Are there any historical places in Lavasa?
There are no historical structures in Lavasa.

Can I get cheaper accommodation in Lavasa?
Accommodations are not that cheaper in Lavasa, particularly during peak tourism times.

Is Lavasa a good honeymoon destination?
Yes! Lavasa is without any doubt popular among honeymooners and couples. With watersports and lake rides.

Important Phone Numbers to have while visiting Lavasa.

  • Apollo Hospital, lavasa – +91 20 6677 1000
  • Police Station – +91 95610 82683
  • Lavasa Tourism – +91 80878 48038

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