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Visit Karjat: Hidden Retreat For Nature Lovers at Maharashtra


Karjat is extremely popular in Maharashtra and renowned among travellers as an adventurous getaway. The perfect surroundings and serenity of this place pull the attention of many vacationers from India as well as of foreigners. Karjat is a spot for anyone who wishes to spend quality time with their families, including historians, explorers, nature lovers, photographers.

So without wasting much time let’s unfolds the hidden beauty of Karjat.

Ullas Valley

The Ulhas Valley lies between Rajmachi and the Karjat-Khandala way and it is the best place to visit. For those people who are looking forward to easing in the divinity of nature, then the Ulhas Valley is one of the best places to visit in Karjat. It is equipped with an appealing panorama full of dazzling rivers and waterfalls that enhance the beauty and lush greenery of the valley.

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It’s the exquisite lush green with streams of the Ulhas River that attracts large numbers of travellers from all over the country. During the mountain season, this valley has spectacular sights. This provides some gutsy activities such as climbing, trekking and camping for all adventurers. River rafting on the river Ulhas is also an interesting experience drawing a number of visitors.

Kondana Caves

When you visit Kondana Caves in Karjat, you will get give glimpses of ancient lifestyle that the Buddhists used to follow. You will also observe that these historical rock-cut caves contain numerous Stupas, Sculptures, Viharas and Chaityas. Such caves date back to the 2nd century and make them nearly 2000 years old. The sculptures and Stupas reflect the Buddhist architecture adopted during those periods.

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Within the caves, the carvings show various men and women dancing poses. Accidentally, the entrance, floors and several Stupas of these caves were destroyed by a major natural disaster in the form of an earthquake. Each year, many Buddhist devotees crowd these medieval caves. You can also join various trekking tours to reach these caves.

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Peth Fort

The Peth Fort is also popular as Kotligad Fort, is a major tourist attraction situated in the small village of Peth, Karjat. The Peth hill provides an overview of the whole city, as it is conveniently situated in the context of Matheran. Through here you can view the entire stretch of Konkan countryside.

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According to historical tales, this fort was built to protect the Maratha kingdom from its enemies. You can also view a Lord Bhairoba idol which is located near to the fort dwelled on a small platform. At present, the Peth Fort is in ruins, but the water tanks are still not explored by travellers. Two other attractions which you can visit at Peth Village are the Nethersole Dam and the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kondeshwar Temple

The Kondeshwar Temple is an ancient temple found in Karjat that was built in dedication to Lord Shiva. There are several small shrines that encircle the primary sanctum of this religious site. The temple was built in the famous Hemandpathi style of architecture.

Kondeshwar Temple / Image Credit:

This temple especially sees a lot of worshippers and visitors during auspicious occasions like Maha Shivratri or in the month of Savan. Remember the rocky terrain that surrounds the temple tends to become slippery and dangerous in monsoon season but you can enjoy in the under the Kondeshwar Waterfall located close to the temple.

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Bhivgad is a hill fort located in the district of Raigad Maharashtra, this fort offers a nice trek in close association to the fort of Dhakbahiri. There are two caves and a few water cisterns at the top.

Trek to Bhivgad / Image Credit:

During monsoon, this fort offers the scenic view of a seasonal waterfall. When you reach the top of the Bhivgad hill fort you will witness picturesque scenes of the Dhakbahiri and Karjat.

Bhivpuri Waterfalls

Waterscapes of Bhivpuri is a spectacular waterfall of cliff mud. Located in beautiful surroundings, the waterfall is a popular tourist destination in the area with its luxuriant greenery.

Water Rappelling at Bhivpuri Waterfalls / Image Credit:

For families to play in and enjoy themselves, the water is serene and healthy, so if you are thrill-seekers then you can also enjoy some water sports such as rappelling.

Bahiri Cave

Bahiri caves at Karjat city s a unique tourist destination pulls the attention of equal numbers of devotees and adventure enthusiasts. Located along the Bhor Ghat, surrounding the Ulhas Valley, the cave is beautiful but are difficult to reach. The caves serve as the residence of Lord of Bahiri and, on the other hand, have emerged as one of the most sought after destinations for trekking.

Trekking Bahiri Caves / Image Credit:

Tourists will have to climb a big wall to get through the cave and maybe that’s the best part of the trekking route. From the caves, the view of Sahyadri ‘s magnificent crests and Rajmachi, Shrivardhan and Manaranjan ‘s lovely twin posts is drop-dead gorgeous and a sight to behold. You’ll discover a small temple and water cistern when you visit inside the cave.

Adventure at Karjat:

With its rugged terrain and undulated landscape, Karjat is a popular hiking place for both experts and newbies trekker and adventure seekers. Karjat offers all kinds of routes, from the pleasant to the difficult and dangerous. Not only are the treks awestruck, but they also offer a stunning view of the surrounding landscape, as one escalates higher. The most popular walking routes are those leading from Karjat to Peth, Chanderi Fort, Matheran.

Note: The most renowned trekking trails are the ones that lead to Peth, Chanderi Fort and Matheran from Karjat.

For more adventure activities you can visit Bekare Waterfalls is located in Karjat which lure travellers with its scenic appeal and surreal views. These falls are most popular for water rappelling activity.

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