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Trip to Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur – My Travel Diary


indeed Jaipur is Kown as pink City But its Palaces & Forts Make iT a Tourist Worthy Spot in INdia

Being a Marawadi has its own perks especially when your hometown is located on the border of the Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. You can consider any destination for small trips and getaways. So this time we arranged a small trip to Jaipur and visited two-three major forts. The most impressive one Nahargarh Fort which worth our Jaipur Journey.

In this blog, I will share my travel experience of visiting the beautiful fort of Jaipur i.e Nahargarh Fort. We have collected all the details you should know about the Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur, including its history, architecture, timings, entry fee, a wax museum, and other visitor info and lesser-known facts.

Voyage to Nahargarh Fort

So, we have started our journey from Parvatsar nearly 200km from Ajmer, which is approximately 4 hrs from Jaipur. If you are from another state then you can take direct flights to Jaipur via major cities or opt for railway mode.

We initiated our journey around 9:30 am, I know its late, but it was the time of mid-January, so winter has already delayed us😄. As soon as we reached Jaipur, traffic has annoyed us a lot, we lagged around 1 hr in the main city. Somehow we reached the main pink market (the most famous one) at 2:30 pm from where the journey began.

Tip: Try Momos and other snacks in the main pink market of Jaipur. They are super delicious and cost-effective too!!

After stuffing ourselves with delicious momos, we headed directly to the hilltop to witness majestic fort. You will cross a bisecting road where you have to head toward upward for Nahargarh Fort, while on the other hand there is another famous Jaigarh fort. A guard was sitting there to guide you.

Be Ready, as the fort is situated on the hilltop, the route is highly elevated and twisted, those who have vertigo or nausea issue should avoid looking down.

Tip: The route is oneway so driving carefully is must otherwise you can meet with an accident as deep valleys are located on both side of the route.

Before reaching, quickly read about the prestige of Nahargarh Fort. 

Quick Glimpses of Nahargarh Fort

The Pink City of Rajasthan is also famous for its outstanding forts & palaces and the most majestic one is the Nahargarh Fort. Situated on the mighty Aravalli Range, this fort provides travellers spectacular views of Jaipur city. A totally Bliss scene to admire. Due to its glorious history of nearly 300 years and its viewing location, this robust historic architecture a prime attraction for travellers.

Nahargarh Fort / Image Credit:

Also, if you have seen the movie Rang De Basanti then you can recognise a few spots of this fort making it more popular.

This fort was constructed by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1734 & fort was formerly named as Sudarshangarh Fort. There is a Wax Museum, Sheesh Mahal inside fort complex tourist can visit them.

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History of Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh means ‘tiger’s home’ and was named after the tigers that were thought to have roamed the hills. The fort is also thought to have been named after Prince Nahar Singh. A temple dedicated to the deity of the Jaipur monarchs, another temple dedicated to Prince Nahar Singh, a building known as Madhavendra Bhavan named after Sawai Madho Singh who built it and Diwan-I-Aam, an open section for public gatherings, are several structures inside the fort.

My Experience From the Start

Entrance Experience

Brace yourself for a long walk inside the fort. As we entered the vicinity we parked our vehicle outside the and few vendors are sitting outside the gate selling eatery items like Fruit Chat or Roasted Chickpea, Drinks, etc. If you are a student then for entry inside the fort you have to show your student id and you can move freely. But other people ahs to buy tickets from the counter at the entrance. Check out the time and prices below-

Visiting Time: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PMEntry Fee: ₹ 40/- for Indians and ₹90/- for Abroad Tourist

Inside View

As soon we started walking from entry there is beautiful glass closed carriage standing (Baghii) and cannon placed in the starting of the fort. You can sit inside the carriage to learn the history of the Fort. After that, we move towards the Jaivana Cannon, it’s holding some importance in the history of Rajputs.

Cannon at Nahargarh Fort

After that, there is a big Bavadi (Stepwell) in Nahargarh fort which mostly used by the royal princess. In winters and summer is mostly unclogged. You can spot various monkeys in that Bavadi. Moving ahead for the fort there is a big podium from where the fort gates are located. Many guides are available there to help you out in learning history and architecture.

A big hall is there in front of which a PI Foundation Chawk is located. Various decorated room and wall paintings and artillery weapons belonging to the King Nahar Singh are established for travel attraction.

PI foundation Chowk inside Nahargarh Fort

Windows and gate are authentically decorated with intricate flower painting, in various rooms you can observe. They are actually the main Instagram worthy spots. Check it out-

Beautiful Painting Carved on the Walls, Pillars, Room gates

Most Important thing about this fort is its intricate design and painting on the gates, wall and pillars. They depict the artwork, creativity and precision of workers from the Rajputi era belonging to 1600s.

Top Floor & Stair Case

Through narrow staircases starting from the big central hall you can reach the top floor from there you can view the full architecture view of the fort. You will notice a beautiful dome and the other rooms which can be easily viewed from there.

Nahargarh Fort View from the Top Floor

Witness Panoramic View of Jaipur

From the top of the fort, we got the best views of the whole Jaipur with and also from there you can notice other forts and long border of the Nahargarh Fort and Jaigarh Fort too.

City View From the Top of Nahargarh Fort

For capturing amazing vistas it is I must recommend that visit at the time of dusk nearly 4 to 4:30 pm. For photography freaks this spot is amazing.

Tourist enjoying the sunset view from Nahargarh Fort, Via:

We completely viewed the fort till 4:30 then guards announced that, they are closing as the return path from the fort is risky is leaving on time is essential.

After returning from back to the ground floor we capture some pictures and glimpse more sculptures and ancient items from past time.

Other Essential Trip Facts

In return, you can pay a visit to Sheesh Mahal and Wax Museum both entry fees is 500 INR, Enjoy the Kalbelia dance in front of the Sheesh Mahal in which Rajasthani ladies perform a folk dance using various objects and enjoy the soulful music too.

Kalbeliya Dance / Image Credit:

Several activities also performed in the vicinity of fort-like standing electric Bike for tour etc. You can also enjoy a puppet show at the beginning or the end of your trip.

Do’s & Don’ts

1. Bring your water bottles with you.
2. Sunglasses are must especially if you are visiting in chilling summer.
3. Washroom Facilities are there are in the starting of the fort.
4. Better to bring one camera for clicking beautiful pictures as memories.
5. October to April is the best time to visit this fort.

So after visiting this fort we left the fort around 5:10 pm. Best possible things I have included in my travel diary of Nahargarh Fort. Hopefully, you enjoyed my travel experience and now you can add this magnificent fort in your travel bucket list.

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