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Top 5 Places To Visit In Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu, a South Indian state, is famed for its Dravidian-style Hindu temples. The southern part of India is well cultured and beautiful, Tamil Nadu is one the best places to visit while visiting south India. The Tamil Nadu is well versed in terms of temples and gopuram tower, one such being in Madurai, Meenakshi Amman Temple has high ‘gopuram’ towers ornamented with colorful figure. Being a metropolitan city Tamil Nadu is well connected in terms of hotels, transportation, shopping malls, sandy beaches and co-operation within people.

Chennai – Tamil Nadu

Chennai - Tamil Nadu

Chennai the capital city is well connected to all the subparts of the city. Here the transport services links for all the parts of the state. The city has a lot of temples and churches. Some being the ancient one with a lot of religiously motivated beliefs and same goes for the churches. Some of the best sunsets have been filmed here and even Marina Beach is one of the most visited places here. Ideally for shopping purpose, this is one of the best cities in the state.

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Mahabalipuram - Tamil Nadu

The group of monuments at Mahabalipuram is a collection of 7th- and 8th-century CE religious monuments in the coastal resort town of Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu, India and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, about 60 kilometres (37 mi) south of Chennai. The site has 400 ancient monuments and Hindu temples, including one of the largest open-air rock reliefs in the world: the Descent of the Ganges or Arjuna’s Penance. This is one of the ancient sites in whole India which is always attracting new Tourist who is in search of historical evidence.


Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu

Kanchipuram is well known for its fabric and weaving industry. Apart from this, it has a big collection of temples which are mainly related to Vishnu God-like Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Ekambareswarar Temple, Kamakshi Amman Temple, and Kumarakottam Temple. In Hindu theology, it is one of the seven Tirtha places to find the spiritual release. It is also known as “Golden City Of Thousand temples”. The city has two mosques; one near the Ekambareswarar temple was built during the rule of Nawab of Arcot in the 17th century, and another near the Vaikunta Perumal temple shares a common tank with the Hindu temple which is a must-see for unity.


Rameswaram - Tamil Nadu

Rameshwaram is an island- of Lord Rama’s temple at Tamil Nadu is a beautiful destination to visit for peace and mental awareness. Along with being a major pilgrimage for the Hindus, Rameshwaram is a happening holiday spot too. It has a greater significance as it is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of India. It is also referred to as the Benaras of the south. It is a must-visit place for the person seeking for Moksha.

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Kanyakumari – Tamil Nadu

Kanyakumari - Tamil Nadu 

Often referred to as the tip-off India, Kanyakumari is well known for its beautiful sunsets, Vivekananda Memorial, memorable beaches and lovely weathers. One can find destinations here that can never cease to amaze, there are temples, churches, religious pillars and statues everywhere. The perfect mix of culture of the place is reflected in the art, architecture and even in the local cuisine of Kanyakumari. Even the Wax Museum provides all together different experiences in total.

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