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9 Most Lavish & Expensive Restaurants in the World


Many dining places around the world are known for a variety of reasons, including brand, menu, setting, prices, drinks, food and sometimes even a handsome or beautiful server. Some restaurants are known for their food, while others for their complete high-end, ultra-luxe experience. From Alain Ducasse, where 10,000 crystal pendants hang overhead in the dining room, to Paco Roncero’s high-tech Haute at Ibiza, Spain there are many exquisite and expensive restaurants located around the world.

Indiaimagine Readers, Here is the list of some of the world’s most lavish and expensive fine-dine eateries. Check it out-

1. SubliMotion, Expensive Restaurants

Location: Ibiza, Spain
Perhead Expense: $2380

The pricey 12- seat Spanish SubliMotion restaurant is located within Hard Rock Hotel of Ibiza. It costs a whopping amount of $2380 per person involving around 20 courses. But this restaurant opens only during the summer season of the island i.e from 1st June to 30th September 30. SubliMotion offers an immersive dinner and provides customers with a culinary entertainment experience, which includes virtual reality elements, laser light shows, and projection mapping in a room.

SubliMotion, Expensive Restaurants
SubliMotion, Via:

Think edible entrance tickets, a variety of seafood cooked in a shell and salad that guests pick from vegetables that appear to be growing out of the table. The leisurely dining activity can go on for a full three hours in a swish Noveau rich setting. This is a perfect place to relish an expensive dining experience without worrying looking at the prices on the menu!

2. Guy Savoy, Expensive Restaurants

Location: Paris, France
Perhead Expense: $626

Guy Savoy is located on the Augustus Tower near Qua Spa and the banquet halls. The culinary atmosphere of Guy Savoy restaurant has attracted many food lovers and it also features the famous Michelin star chef, who is renowned for tasty French classics dishes.

Guy Savoy Restaurant, Expensive Restaurants
Guy Savoy Restaurant, Via:

The Restaurant Guy Savoy Caesars Palace menu is designed to match the Paris menu and  offers traditional savoy dishes and desserts like ‘Fondant au Chocolate’ and ‘Terrine de Pamplemousse.’ It is said that Chef Guy Savoy does not allow any flowers in his restaurant, nor does he require any of his workers are allowed to wear perfumes so as not to disrupt the fragrance of his rich cuisine.

3. Ithaa Undersea

Location: Maldives
Perhead Expense: $550

Ithaa Undersea is located on Rangali Island and it is one of the most lavish & expensive restaurants in the Maldives. It is the first underwater restaurant in the world and provides a view on the spectacular coral garden from five meters below the surface of the ocean. Set six-course lunch and dinner menus of modern European cuisine and wine is blended in local aromas of Western influences and are available to guests.

Ithaa Undersea
Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Via:

The restaurant can only be reached by guests of the Conrad Rangali, which is a five-star resort and is a perfect place to stay on the island, operated by the Italian-born chef Marco Amarone. Customers will enjoy an authentic, infused meal, which costs $320, without tips or maybe a total of around $550 per person for drinks and other fees.

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4. Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville

Location: Crissier, Switzerland
Perhead Expense: $532

he delicious menu selection is available for 11 courses at $532 and that price only increases when you select a bottle from the 40-page wine list of the restaurant. Late chef Benoît was the first to win three Michelin stars for Hotel de Ville, but chef Franck Giovannini, along with the late chef Brigitte Violier.

Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville, Via:

Restaurant Crissier is the ultimate sensory experience in this 3-star Michelin restaurant operated by many renowned chefs worldwide for over 40 years, resulting in the fine dine venue receiving great feedback from clients. Many of their preparations are served with mushrooms, lemongrass and a white catfish and popular cuisine in the menu include Alpine goat.

5. Maison Pic, Expensive Restaurants

Location: Drome, France 
Perhead Expense: $445

Maison Pic is a legendary French restaurant, run by chef Anne-Sophie Pic, one of the few female chefs in the world to run a Michelin three-star kitchen.

Expensive Restaurants
Maison Pic Restaurant, Via:

The nine-course menu that the restaurant offers features dishes including Mediterranean Rouget in saffron soup, candied turnips, Banon goat cheese Berlingots, and chocolate desserts that will simply melt in your mouth. The menu would cost you around US$ 445.

6. Per Se, Expensive Restaurants

Location: New York, USA
Perhead Expense: $442

Per Se restaurant is owned by Thomas Keller and it is situated on the 4th floor of Time Warner Center in New York City. On a typical night, the restaurant offers two price-fixed menus — the Chef’s Tasting Menu or the Vegetable Tasting Menu, which includes non-alcoholic beverages. Apart from his relishing cuisines, the furnishing of this restaurant is also impressive, the decorative blue door at the main entrance is styled after the one at The French Laundry.

Per Se, Expensive Restaurants
Per Se Restaurant, Via:

Luxurious ingredients like truffles and foie grass are used for plating. It’ll cost roughly $442 per person for a standard meal. If you choose a wine from their award-winning wine list, which boasts more than 2,000 choices, that the prices will definitely grow up.

7. Masa, Per Se, Expensive Restaurants

Location: New York City
Perhead Expense: $400

Near the Time Warner Center of New York City Masa Restaurant is situated. Masa is one of the two sushi restaurants in North America with a sushi bar made of a solid piece of Hinoka wood from Japan, costing US$ 260,000. The highlight here is a leisurely eating option that also includes a 3-hour multi-course cooking session.

Per Se, Expensive Restaurants
Masa Restaurant, Via:

There’s no pre-fixed menu for Masa. Diners come in and are served a range of fresh meals, cooked according to the preference of the chef. A meal here will cost you around $350 excluding tips. Drinks start at $400 onwards and can go as high as $2000. Masa ‘s service reflects the Japanese custom, as guests are offered with extraordinarily hospitable amenities.

8. Aragawa, Expensive Restaurants

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Perhead Expense: $370

Aragawa has always been among the top 5 most expensive restaurants in the world for over ten years according to Forbes. This Japanese Restaurant has an ultra-fine dining venue which can seat only 22 people at once.

Aragawa, Expensive Restaurants
Aragawa-Tokyo, Via:

Here you’ll savour the best Kobe beef on the planet. Some other specialities that are enjoyed here include grilled beefsteak and smoked salmon. Apart from this, the restaurant is also famed for using pure-bread Tajima cattle from Sanda. A full course meal can easily cost you to pay $370.

9. Alain Ducasse

Location: London, UK
Perhead Expense: $343

Alain Ducasse is located in London, U.K and offers best French cuisine in the world. It is a 3 star Michelin restaurant that offers Black Truffle menu, exquisite food, a seven-course meal that will cost you about US$ 343.

Alain Ducasse
Alain Ducasse, Via:

You can also select an a la carte menu in the restaurant. Alain Ducasse, the chef himself, is known for his unmatched French cuisine. He is well-known for developing innovative food concepts reflecting international influences.

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