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Cruising Experience You Just Can’t Miss in Your Lifetime


Cruising is one of the most unique traveling experiences one should enjoy in their lifetime. There was a time when cruising was said to be a hobby for old and retirees. But now the time is changing, and many young people are experiencing it as well. However, the cruise experience is the best time to enjoy the calmness of the sea with your family or beloved ones. The modern amenities on a cruise ship are advancing day by day. Earlier, only playing trivia was an option, but now you can have a swimming pool experience, sky diving, water slides adventures on it with many other options for a perfect vacation.

So here we are going to discuss some of the exotic cruise rides which you must prefer if you are planning to take a cruise ride:

Carnival Vista Cruising Adventure

Carnival Vista is a majestic cruise that comes from Carnival Cruise Lines. The Carnival Vista cruise was launched in 2016 with a wide range of amenities. If we talk about the services, then it is the only place where you can find the famous RedFrog Pub. The drinks served here are exclusively made for Carnival Vista’s cruising passengers.

Carnival Vista Cruise
The lobby of Carnival Cruise / Image credit:

The beer served on the ship is made from the desalinated water from the sea. Moving upwards, you will discover the Skyride where guests can go merry-go-round with absolutely stunning views of the sea. The ship also has a Waterworks park that has some speedy slides for waterpark lovers. Apart from all these amenities, you can also find an IMAX for movie experience and a barbecue joint.

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Silver Muse Cruising Experience

Silver Muse is a European Luxury cruise ride that comes from the Silversea Cruise Company. Silver Muse is the largest ship that the company has to offer, and also provides all the modern amenities. The beds available on the cruise are exclusively made by the bedmaker who has designed beds for famous persons like Winston Churchill and many more. The suites on this cruise are quite spacious and go up to 1000 sq feet.

Silver Muse Cruise
Pool deck area and Jacuzzi / Image credit:

Other attraction on the ship includes a library that comes from London and a cafe dedicated to arts. The cafe is an exhibition of paintings and valuable artifacts, but the main thing about this cafe is that it rotates. If you are a food seeker then you can find about eight different restaurants from famous brands that can fulfill any craving need of yours.

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Viking Sun Cruising Experience

Viking Sun is another famous cruise ship from the Viking company. The Viking Sun is a small cruise but has some superb amenities in store for its passengers. This ship has the smallest room when compared with other cruises and they size about 265 square feet. But still, you are going to find a balcony for each room. The unique attraction of this cruising experience is its lounge.

Viking Sun Cruise
Image credit:

Its Explorer Lounge can provide a picturesque view of 180 degrees and also contains glass panels with different shades for a vibrant view. Apart from these, it also has a Gym space and has a small pub where you can enjoy your beer, glasses of wine, and even Wi-Fi connectivity is available. The ship can hold up to 930 passengers and the total ride time is about 141 days. The number of stops covered in this ride is about 66 and makes its way through 36 different countries.

Symphony of the Seas Cruising Experience

Royal Caribbean is a name that maximum people trusts when it comes to cruise rides. The company’s biggest cruise ship is also known as ‘Symphony of the seas.’ This ship is around 1200 feet long, and it can carry about 6,800 passengers on the full.  The ship incorporates a Bionic bar and a waterpark that has a ten stories slide.

Symphony of the Seas Spectacular view / Image credit:

Apart from this, the cruise ship also has a sports bar, a wide variety of restaurants, and a luxurious family suite. The water-acrobatic shows of the ship are quite popular as it showcases some of the best athletes around the globe. Another very famous game that can be played on the cruise is the laser tag arena.

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Norwegian Bliss Cruising Experience

Norwegian Bliss is the latest ship from Norwegian Cruise Lines Company, which is specially designed for new routes such as Alaska, Mexican river, and Caribbean islands. This unique cruise includes a 180-degree Lounge for viewing majestic views of glaciers and surroundings.

Norwegian Bliss Cruising Experience
Ariel Deck View of Norwegian Bliss / Image credit:

The top deck is placed with the Go-Kart racing track and is the only ship with such a feature on display. Apart from all these features, you can also find a waterslide on the ship’s side and a laser tag arena. The cruise also serves some of the exclusive drinks and beverages for its customers through its Michael Mondavi’s wine bar.

Carnival Horizon Cruising Experience

Carnival Horizon is the result of the collaboration of the Carnival Cruise Lines with Horizon. This comes after Carnival’s Brillant partnership with Vista. The new themed water park on this ship features some breathtaking waterslides, with ‘Cat in the Hat’ as the most famous one. Drink lover will surely enjoy the fusion from the cocktail bars like the Alchemy and JiJi.

Carnival Horizon Cruising Experience
Image credit:

Topdeck is fitted with a SkyRide, which gives you a panoramic view of the surroundings and the ship. Poolside has a giant screen that shows movies, and it continues during the night time too. You can enjoy the barbeque corners along the poolside with drinks and movies.

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Majestic Princess Cruising Experience

Majestic is the latest line of the ship from the Princess Cruises Company. The routes of this cruise cover Asia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Australia. The unique feature of the vessel is the glass walkway that stretches 28 feet from the ship either side and allows the passengers to view the ocean underneath them. If you are exhausted after these daring walk, then relax at the SeaView bar.

Majestic Princess Cruise
Image credit:

The bar has glass panel views through which you can enjoy the oceanic views with a glass of wine. Apart from these features, you can also find an indoor glass pool and Karaoke bar. If you are starving, then head over to the Cantonese Spot for some exclusive foods at your disposal.

Seabourn Ovation Cruising Experience

Seabourn Ovation is the best choice when it comes to cruise the whole of Europe. It gives you a luxurious cruise experience, and it is not at all cheap.  The main features of this cruise are the 12th deck and the enormous capacity for 600 passengers. The restaurant inside the ship includes The Grill and Sushi Joint.

Seabourn Ovation Cruising Experience
Image credit:

The top tier is known as Retreat and contains privates cabanas. You will find big size rooms inside the ship with private verandas, and the biggest one has sunbeds too. The activities that can be carried out on the ship include paddleboards and windsurfing.

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MSC Seaview Cruising Experience

The MSC Seaview is another magnificent cruise from the makers MSC Cruises. It is more or less an apartment rather than a cruise ship. The main motive for making it is to make you feel at home while taking a breathtaking journey through the waters.

MSC Seaview Cruising Experience
Image credit:

Although other company uses a single deck for its users to enjoy the panoramic view, MSC has a structured apartment layer which allows every user to have their personal views. The elevators on the cruise also provide 360-degree views for users. You can also find a multi-level waterpark that has up to 5 different slides. The ship is a nature-friendly ship and also has a certification for it.

Nieuw Statendam

Nieuw Statendam is also known as the godmother of all ships. It comes from the Holland America Line company and one of the exclusive cruises you will ever see. It has all kinds of experiences, such as a floating art gallery. Yes, this ship has a gallery that has the permission of the artist to show their masterpiece to their passengers.

Nieuw Statendam Cruise
Image credit:

Apart from the gallery, you can also find cooking shows that go live from America test kitchen artists. You can also be part of the blues club from B.B King. Hence this cruise is specially designed and dedicated for a woman cruise ride experience. So what are you waiting for? Book a ride and experience the fun of a lifetime.

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