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Bengali Food – Explore The Traditional Cuisine From West Bengal


Bengali food originated and flourished in the region of Bengal located in the eastern subcontinent of India is rich and shifted in its platter, beginning from snacks to main courses to desserts. Even though the food eating habits, tastes, preferences and selection of items change with various regions and religions, the required course, for the most part, remains similar with rice and fish playing the essential role.

True Bengali food cannot be had with a spoon and fork. Bengali food has a great resemblance to Anglo-Indian food and Chinese cooking. With more of an emphasis on fish, vegetables and lentils are presented with rice as a staple eating habit. Bengali cooking is known for its refined flavours and its degree of sweetmeats and treats. So read here some of the famous foods from Bengali culture.

10 Most Famous Foods from West Bengal

1. Aloo Posto

Aloo Posto functions as a relaxing food. Posto seeds or Poppy seeds are the most noteworthy piece of the dish. Posto is the most important element of cooking in Bengal.

Aloo Posto / Image Credit: Archana Kitchen

The ideal combination of Aloo Posto is Biulir Daal, a white semi-thick Daal including Black gram, seeds of fennel, and Ginger glue. This mix is normally presented with steamed rice.

2. Luchi, one of the best Bengali foods

Luchi is a must in a Bengali breakfast. It is a fluffy and deep-fried flatbread. Not like puris as in north India, it is comprised of Maida.

Luchi Bengali Food / Image Credits: Archana Kitchen

Luchis on a plate wins one’s sight with their light brilliant surface. Any sauce or dry sabzi can be a combination for eating luchi. Stuffed luchi is known as kochuri.

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3. Malpua

It is a delicate Indian pancake made after dipping in sweet Kesar syrup. Malpua is garnished with finely prepared cardamons for the exquisite taste. This luscious sweet dish tastes best when served hot with cold rabri.

Malpua Bengali Food / Image Credits: Archana Kitchen

The inward surface is soft and the external edges are crispy. It is generally filled in as a pastry or a dessert. It’s a noteworthy sweet on numerous happy occasions.

4. Kolar Bora

Kolar bora is a banana recipe and is a kind of sweets in Bengali culture. The taste is mouth-watering and even those who don’t love to eat sweet fill fall for its taste.

Kolar Bora Bengali Food / Image Credits: Archana Kitchen

It is one of the best tea time snacks in West Bengal. Prepared with pieces of ripe banana pieces covered in maida batter. The batter is a combination of maida, coconut, and sugar.

5. Sandesh

Arranged with milk, paneer, and sugar, this dish is exceptionally delightful. It contains filling of almonds, pistachios, and saffron strands. This Bengali sweet dish will liven your taste buds.

Sandesh A Bengali Sweet

The Kesari or the saffron strands give the sweet a novel taste. Likewise, the nuts give the delicate mithai crunchiness. Sandesh is one of the best-known sweets of West Bengal. It’s a noteworthy sweet during Durga pooja.

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6. Shukto

Shukto is Bengal’s very own dish. You are likely to get Shukto as a starter dish. Shukto is a combination of crunchy drumsticks, brinjals, sweet potatoes, harsh gourd, and bori.

Shukto Bengali Food / Image Credits: Archana Kitchen

This dish contains crisply grounded spices and milk which give a thick surface to the gravy. Shukto is a very special dish and we can see it during all special occasions.

7. Ilish Macher Jhol

Festivals most important part is this fish curry.  Mustard oil is a must for its preparation. It gives a tingly taste in the mouth.

Ilish Macher Jhol A Bengali Dish

Other extra flavours like Nigella seeds, chillies, and fine ginger glue give the flavour a fascinating turn. The wonderfully cooked fish is crunchy outwardly and juicy inside.

8. Tangra Macher Jhol

Tangra Macher Jhol is a fiery curry of catfish and is most adored by every one of the Bengalis. The dish contains lots of flavor and spices.

Tangra Macher Jhol A Bengali Dish

The sauce is thick and loaded up with flavours. The red chillies draw out a blazing preference for the curry. The best companion for this recipe is having it with rice.

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9. Cholar Dal

Cholar Dal main ingredient is channa dal. It is one of the common Bengali dishes. This dish is also available at parties.

Cholar Dal A Bengali Dish

The dal is somewhat sweet with the great aroma of cinnamon, and different flavours. Coconut bits add a crunchy surface and a delectable taste. One can appreciate this dal with luchis and rice.

10. Mangsher Singara

This Bengali Keema samosa is a flavorful meal starter one should try during the starting of festive seasons. The outer layer of samosa is made by the combination of Maida, salt, cumin seed & ghee.

Mangsher Singara A Bengali Snack

The filling has cooked finely chopped meat, talk masala, lemon juice, dark pepper, and peas. It is best to eat this with a cup of tea or zesty mint chutney.

Bengali dish has its unique flavour and aroma. So whenever you get a chance do try these dishes and others. The variety in Bengali food is immense and it is quite difficult to cover all of them here. So visit and try them yourself. The best time to visit for these dishes would be during the festive season.

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