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Top 10 Breathtakingly Beautiful Places In Kalimpong


Kalimpong is a beautiful mirage situated in the Himalayan foothills. It is located in the shire of the Teesta River. Kalimpong can be considered one of the most untouched tourist destinations in India. With hills and valleys, this place is definitely one of the places that most people would love for some solitude.

Kalimpong has many things to its credit, right from the ambiance to the beautiful sightseeing, from historical monuments to landscapes. You name it and Kalimpong has it which makes it the most promising. And the reason to visit is not less than a 100. But we will be spotting some of the best for you to explore!
We will be looking into some of the rare facts and information that make the place one of the most mesmerizing Himalayan towns.

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Table of Contents

  1. Morgan House
  2. Durpin Dara Hill
  3. Cactus Nursery
  4. Deolo Hills
  5. Mangal Dham
  6. Teesta Bazar
  7. Kalimpong Science Centre
  8. Nature Interpretation
  9. 7th Mile View Point
  10. Crockety

1. Morgan House

Anuj Kumar Pradhan, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Morgan house is a colonial mansion in Kalimpong that was built in the year 1930. It was built in order to commemorate the alliance or marriage of two business persons at that time. And since then the place has been a part of people’s attraction. At first, the place was a well know summer retreat but eventually ended up being the most visited tourist attraction of all time.

Morgan’s house has been spinning with many chilling stories that make it more adventurous to explore the place. And hence several youngsters are coming up to visit the place. Hence when you visit the place make sure you book your room here to enjoy a very cozy stay. Book the place or the room before availability. You can be assured about the facilities like WIFI and food which are a 10!

2. Durpin Dara Hill and the Monastery

Durpin Dara Hill Monastery
Durpin Dara Hill Monastery: Image Credit/

Kalimpong is known for its Monasteries. And one of the ultimate ones is situated in Durpin Dara Hill. Why is it so famous? Durpin Dara Hill is a beautiful tiny snow-capped mountain that looks extraordinarily beautiful. On the top of the hill is situated the most beautiful architectural eminence “Zang Dhok Palri Monastery”. This monastery was visited and blessed by none other than Dalai Lama. The hill and the monastery together make the place the best travel spot for the people visiting Kalimpong. Visiting Durpin Dara Hill and the Monastery is all about attaining peace and serenity.

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3. Cactus Nursery

Have you ever thought of a nursery that could gather as many awards and thousands of tourists from all over the country? It is an unusual cactus nursery that was started 40 years back. With a vast variety of cacti spread across an area of one acre this place is a heaven for visitors. It is noted that more than 1500 species of cactus are exhibited in the Cactus Nursery of Kalimpong. And the plants here are not less than exotic kind and that makes the place one of the most precious and one of its kind in entire Asia. Visit and explore Cactus nursery without a miss while you are in Kalimpong.

4. Deolo Hills

Deolo Hills Kalimpong

Deolo Hills is the highest point in the entire Kalimpong. It is located on the north side of the city. From the top of the hill, a panoramic view takes hold of the tourist’s breath. You can see the beautiful Teesta River and the Relli Valley together from a view that looks more beautiful than ever. Tourists can reach the place either by bus or cab to the point. This place is heaven among nature lovers.

With lush green surroundings and equally famous for outdoor activities, the place is definitely for adventure junkies. And if you are here just for the view then explore the beautiful flower garden by the government.

5. Mangal Dham

Mangal Dham is a temple that connects Hindu believers from all parts of the city. This temple is one of the most precious places for the local people here. There is also a story that goes with this place. It is said that in the late 1940s Guru Mangaldasji visited the place and attained peace. And hence the temple was structured in memory of his presence here. It was said that it was here that Guruji pronounced his life in serving the needy and the poor.
This temple is been serving Lord Krishna and Radha.

6. Teesta Bazar

If you are in Kalimpong you won’t miss the famous Teesta Bazar for sure. It is a small yet beautiful picturesque town that looks right from heaven. It is situated in the shire of the surreal yet beautiful river Teesta! And hence the name. This place, in particular, is quite famous for the bustling market. The market is very much “localish”, which makes it a place to explore the locals.
Apart from that this place is also a hub to enjoy the tectonics and valleys that will hook you like never before.

7. Kalimpong Science Centre

Kalimpong Science Centre is an educational and technology community by the people to promote awareness. The Science center was designed and curated by the National Council of Science Museum. And it has been registered by the West Bengal Certificate of Registration. There is a very nominal entry fee to explore the inside of the Science Centre. Mondays are closed but the rest of all days are open to tourists, travelers, and students!
Kalimpong Science Centre is worth a visit when you are with family, particularly with kids.

8. Nature Interpretation

Nature Interpretation is a very close connection with nature and the ecology of the entire city e. Kalimpong is a nature hub and the government has been doing an effort in preserving and safeguarding the place. Tourists have the opportunity to explore Nature by visiting Nature Interpretation Centre. And this makes it possible for the locals, as well as the travelers too, to learn more about the place’s ecological pattern.

It is also a great place to be with kids, teens, and young adults to impart awareness on the same. Keep this place at the top of the list of places to visit while you are in Kalimpong.

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9. 7th Mile View Point

7th Mile View Point
7th Mile View Point: Image Credit/

As per the survey, it is said that 7th Mile View Point is one of the most loved tourist landmarks in Kalimpong. 7Th Mile View Point is 3km outside Kalimpong, West Bengal. It is also often known as a good photography spot as you can encounter the beautiful sunset at the viewpoint and much more to see!

The best part is that it is located on the road to Teesta Bazaar. And that means you won’t miss the place for it is one the way to one of the famous places in Kalimpong.
Surrounded by green woods and lovely tea plantations, this place has an abundance of scenery, landscapes, and memories to offer! Tourists particularly the young crowd gather here to click wonderful pictures and take back home memories.

10. Crockety

The Crockety is said to be built by the British wool traders, sometime around the 18th century. Crockety House is a famous place known for its beautiful surroundings, as well as its architectural design. It replicates the wonderful old wooden houses that are seen in precolonial times. Crockety House is a must-see if you are visiting Kalimpong, and if you can book before the visit you may have the chance to stay. It is said that many high-profile writers and artists have stayed back here for their work.

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Kalimpong may not sound like a usual tourist attraction for most of us. But it is indeed one of the most loved among its cult followers. It is a tiny place in West Bengal to go and explore when you want to destress. Kalimpong is definitely worth your time and experience. Till you ponder over this it’s a bye from me!

Bon Voyage!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kalimpong the best place to visit?
Kalimpong is the tiny hill station of West Bengal, India. It is well known for Himalayan view and snowcapped mountains.

What is the Best Time to visit Kalimpong?
All around the year, particularly during the summer and vacation time.

Is Kalimpong best for outdoor activities?
Yes, Kalimpong has the best outdoor activities with boating, sightseeing, Temples, Monasteries and historical places.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Kalimpong.
Just keep in mind to book your stay during the festive season, Dussera which is considered the biggest festival in the city.

What languages are spoken in Kalimpong?
Bengali is the official language but locals speak and understand Hindi and English as well.

How safe to visit Kalimpong?
Kalimpong is the safest place to visit for tourism.

Are there any historical places in Kalimpong?
There are several historical structures in Kalimpong like the Morgan House.

Can I get cheaper accommodation in Kalimpong?
Accommodations are not that cheaper in Kalimpong, particularly during peak times.

Is Kalimpong a good honeymoon destination?
Yes! Kalimpong is without any doubt popular among honeymooners and couples who are looking for explorations and some time for serendipity.

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