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Bhojpuri Cuisine: A Unique Blend of Flavours From East India


Everyone is aware of Indian food culture and cuisines like Gujarati, Rajasthani, South Indian, Konkani, Mughlai, etc. But one cuisine that still needs to be brought more into the spotlight is Bhojpuri cuisine. The northern part of Indian agricultural land uses this Bhojpuri style of cooking that is Bihar, Jharkhand and some portion of UP. But Bihar and Jharkhand are the two states, which breathe and preserve the same culture. Both states partially depend upon seasonal food. Their specialties change from season to season. Bhojpuri style of cooking involves the use of mustard oil that has a distinct taste and aroma.

Most of the dishes of Bihar and Jharkhand are adopted from the mixed culture of adjoining state Uttar Pradesh. Seasonal vegetables, Wheat, Rice and Sattu are the main pillars of Bhojpuri cuisine which are rich in nutrients and calories and definitely boost your energy.

Join us and explore further about the unique blend of flavours hidden in Bhojpuri cuisine one by one.

1. Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is that dish which popularised Bihari food in India as well as in the world. Litti is a spicy roasted dumpling prepared with roasted gram flour with spices. Whereas Chokha is baked brinjal and potato mash with a lot of garlic and coriander.

Bihar Special Litti Chokha, Via:

At the same time, it is also famous in Jharkhand. It’s a must-try for all those looking to explore Bihari flavours.

2. Sattu Paratha

Sattu or roasted gram flour frames a particular component of Bihari food. The Sattu is blended with flavours and filled in wheat balls then rolled and cooked with ghee. Sattu Paratha which is likewise called makuni.

Sattu Paratha, Via:

Generally presented with curd and frequently baingan bharta for a sizzling summer feast. Sattu Drink is also famous in both states. It is highly rich in protein and very healthy.

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3. Ghughuni

During winters, Bihar and Jharkhand people depend on peas and red carrots. Ghughuni is an eternal dish made of fresh green peas that are served with puri or chapatis during breakfast and lunch.

Special Ghughani, Via:

Prepared with soaked black chickpeas, this is a mouth-watering preparation which is relished with puffed rice, paratha or puri.

4. Pittha

Pittha is covered with rice flour with stuffed lentil paste along with spices served with a pickle. It is steamed, which makes this dish a very healthy breakfast.

Dal Pittha, Via:

These rolls are made with a filling of grated dal. Pittha in Jharkhand has a flavour of their own. When it is served with Chilli and tomato sauce, its taste gets enhanced.

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5. Aloo Chokha

Aloo Chokha is influenced by north Indian dish but specially prepared in Jharkhand. It is considered as the most popular and cherished traditional food of Jharkhand.

Aloo Chokha, Via: Archana’

It is cooked with mashed potatoes, fried onion and spices.

6. Dhuska

Dhuska is a fried snack most popular in Jharkhand and is a part of every family. Jharkhand trip is incomplete without eating Dhuska.

Jharkhand special Dhuska, Via:

Usually, Dhuksha is consumed as a breakfast item and prepared from rice and lentil batter and then fried. It is usually served with traditional Ghugni, which is a simple curry cooked with black chickpeas.

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7. Khaja – A sweet from Bhojpuri Cuisine

Khaja is another tasty and great dessert of Bihar. This dessert is prepared from wheat flour, sugar, mawa and then fried in oil.

Jharkhand Special Khaja, Via:

This unique dessert from Bihar is watery in texture and yet melts in the mouth. It is less sugary and is famous from Udwantnagar, which falls between Arrah and Buxar

8. Khajuria/Thekua

Although Thekua or Khajuria is a heavenly Bihar and Jharkhand food but loved by everyone in India. This sweet dish is the main element of prasad during the famous Chhath puja.

Thekua, Via:

Made of wheat flour, using fennel seed and sugar or jaggery syrup is a tasty snack in the evening. This lip-smacking dish is enough to fulfill your hunger attacks.

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9. Makhana Kheer

Makhana kheer is exclusively prepared for traditional Chhath Puja and is an excellent dessert of Bihar and Jharkhand a part of Bhojpuri Cuisine.

Makhane Ki Kheer, ViaL:

Makhana Kheer is also known as Rasia is famous for its delicious taste.

10. Anarasa

Anarasa is mostly prevalent in Maharashtra, Bihar and Jharkhand. Its ingredients include jaggery, rice, poppy seed and ghee.

Bihari Anarasa, Via: Youtube

This is an easily prepared sweet snack and is best enjoyed with tea.

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11. Tilkut

Tilkut a healthy dessert made from crushed sesame seeds. It is prepared with a sugar or jaggery base rolled into balls. Cooked at optimum temperature with the right proportions of jaggery and molded into any shape. The best Tilkuts are found at Gaya time. However, Tilkut is a seasonal dish and it is available in winters only.

Special Bihar Tilkut, Via:

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Beyond Litti Chokha, you must try other traditional Bhojpuri food from Bihar and Jharkhand. Their food culture will definitely change your thoughts for these states of India.

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