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Dribbling Cuisines from North-East India


The states Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura are usually clubbed together as Northeastern Seven Sisters Of India. Seven Sisters or North-East India are great places for tourism and it is gifted by greenish scenic beauty. The number of diversities that is on offer here will surely make you fall for it. Food styles found here is totally different from the rest of India, with cooking styles similar to Chinese tradition, Mongolian and some unique styles too which is their own.

North-East India is a collection of various Tribes and Cultures. Most numbers of dishes found here are prepared from meat, fish and rice because of the abundance of these items here. However, aspects related to food are rarely shown in their promotions for tourism. These states have a different variety of food to be explored with savory culinary styles. So let’s dig in to find some of the mouth-watering food styles available here.

Below are the 11 most unique and drooling dishes found in Northeastern India:

1. Pitha – Assam’s

Pitha a sweet dish from Assam / Image Credit: Pinterest

This is the most famous snack from Assam, place in North-East India; normally had for breakfast or with a night tea. There are numerous kinds of Pitha. They might be can be either sweet or exquisite, browned, cooked or grilled inside an empty bamboo stem. The sweet Pitha is more liked over the salty one. This finger-licking Assamese bite tastes best with Doi (curd) and Gur (Molasses).

2. Kumurat Diya Hanhor Mangxo – Assam

Kumurat Hanhor Mangxo a famous duck curry of Assam / Image Credit: Pinterest

This rich delicacy from North-East India is a duck meat curry cooked with Ash Gourd (Lauki) and is served in special events. The utilization of flavours is something which is Assammee style, particularly squashed dark pepper, gives this dish its special flavour.

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3. Khar – Assam

Khar a famous sweet dish from Assam

It is an Assam special Cuisine served after the completion of meals. This delicious dish is prepared with pulses, papaya the main ingredient. All these ingredients are then filtered in water with banana ash. Doing so the dish gets a refreshing and unusual taste. Mainly it is served after lunch.

4. Fish Tenga – A North-East India Cuisine

Fish Tenga a fish curry dish from Assam / Image Credits: Paramita Kitchen

It’s a light and spicy fish curry that is made with Ou Tenga (Elephant Apple). The Ou Tenga is a sour fruit that draws out the sour taste in the fish curry, hence giving it a different taste. To improve the flavours you can include fresh spices too.

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5. Vawksa Rep – Mizoram

Vawksa Rep duck recipe from Mizoram

This meaty dish from North-East India will immediately make you dribble as you can’t resist its taste nor its aroma. Prepared with fresh and smoked pork with a proper amount of seasoning, chilies and crisp green leaves, it is a delicacy in Mizoram. Herbs utilized in the dish are garden-new and also house-grown.

6. Sanpiau – Mizoram

Sanpiau a rice delicacy from Mizoram / Image Credits:

This is an exceptionally famous snack in Mizoram of North-East India. Wenders sell it in streets and commonly available in every household. This dish is a perfect combination of rice porridge, it is presented with crisp coriander paste, spring onions, squashed dark pepper, fish sauce and finely powdered rice.

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7. Smoked Pork – A hot dish from North-East India

Smoked Pork a pork delicacy from Nagaland

Nagaland a state in North-East India is quite famous for its pork, and maximum time they are smoked the conventional way. It is crispy on the outside and juicy within. It can be made as a dry recipe or could be mixed with the curry for watery flavour. Smoked pork with Bamboo Shoot quickens the flavour of the dish and brings in the exceptional smokiness.

8. Gyathuk – Sikkim

Gyathuk a noodle recipe from Sikkim / Image Credits: Ammaji Kitchen

This flavourful Thukpa formula from Sikkim is an Indian variant of Tibetan noodle soup. This mouth-watering noodle-based hot soup is very filling. Gyathuk goes well with or without meat. The commonly available flavors are added to this dish with different spices and a collection of masalas.

9. Nga Atoiba Thongba – the taste of North-East India

Nga Atoiba Thongba a fish curry from North-East India

This is a hot pale fish curry readiness from North-East India where the delicious fish stew is cooked with mashed potatoes, bay leaves, onion, cumin, chilies and chives. The fish in the mix gradually softens by the time and gets all the flavors of the curry. The taste hence is mouth-watering.

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10. Jadoh – Meghalaya

Jadoh a rice with pork dish from Meghalaya

This energizing dish from North-East India is a delicious pork and rice-based Khasi delicacy. Made in minimum oil, it has an interesting and sweet-smelling taste. This dish is generally famous in family functions.

11. Chikhvi – Tripura, a place from North-East India

Chikhvi another pork recipe from Tripura / Image Credits: Twitter

This dish is local to the Tripura. Made with pan-fried bamboo shoots and cut pork, this dish has an ideal parity of smokiness and taste. The pork is cooked flawlessly with a lit piece of dampness in each piece.

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As you have read above the varieties and masterpieces of most of North-East India. So if you get a chance then do visit the places and try those recipes in real. These dishes are finger-licking and will surely remain in your taste buds for a long time.

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