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Top 7 Reasons To Explore Cherrapunji – A Land Where Rain Never Stops!


Cherrapunji is a small town in Meghalaya which is popularly known for its root bridges and waterfalls. With cliffs and dense forest makes an ambiance that looks straight, from a romantic flick. The place is surrounded by large and small waterfalls and looks fabulous across any season. Tourists love to visit these places all around the year. But travelers love to visit the place during the monsoon. As Cherrapunji is well known for its rainfall. How? That is exactly what we will be looking at here and exploring things that can be done at this beautiful place.

Table Of Contents:

  1. About Cherrapunji – The Land of Oranges
  2. History of Cherrapunji
  3. Things to do in Cherrapunji
    1. NohKalikai Falls
    2. Mawsmai Caves
    3. Seven Sisters falls
    4. Seven Sisters falls
    5. David Scott Memorial
    6. Bangladesh Plains View point
    7. Eco Park
    8. Arwah Cave Point
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get to know more about the place where rain never stops!

About Cherrapunji – The Land of Oranges

Cherrapunji is a place in Meghalaya known for its beauty and serenity. The place is also known as the land of the Oranges. It became one of the major tourist attractions for various reasons like magnificent waterfalls, cliffs and gorges and heavy annual rainfall. Apart from the fact that it is going to rain all around the year, it is quite a pleasant surprise to see tourism at its peak. And all thanks to the rice culture band the beauty that the place brings in with it. Cherrapunji is majorly considered a weekend gateway. And there are many travelers and wanderers coming in for a fun-filled peaceful vacation.

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History of Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji Picture

Cherrapunji is situated in northern Shillong, but before that, the place was a part of the Khasi people and still occupied a major part of them. The people or the locals here follow Christianity, and they follow closely the matriarchal way of society. Cherrapunji once named Sohra was absolutely false pronounced by the Britishers as Cherra. Which later become Cherrapunji.

The place has rainfall and moisture all around the year. And the reason behind is the no mountain high altitude place that makes the place unable to stop the clouds to stop the moist, and hence that makes it rain and moist all over the year.

Things to do in Cherrapunji

  1. NohKalikai Falls
  2. Mawsmai Caves
  3. Seven Sisters falls
  4. David Scott Memorial
  5. Bangladesh Plains View point
  6. Eco Park
  7. Arwah Cave Point

1. Nohkalikai Falls

A heart-wrenching background story and the mesmerizing natural beauty make this place a famous tourist spot. There are several things that can be done while you are visiting this particular spot. First of which is trekking. Adventure enthusiasts love to trek through the dense forest and the cliffs. The trek lasts for 4 to 5 hours. Then there is the bird-watching activity, which allows travelers to explore various species of birds. Along with birdwatching travelers love to click some beautiful pictures and that makes our third activity.

2. Mawsmai Caves

Cherrapunji has more than 200 caves across the place, but Mawsmai Caves is one of the best among the rest. And always crowded with tourists and locals. The ambiance and the look of the caves and their surroundings are quite fascinating. It is very easy to reach the cave route and explore the inside premises of the cave. It is quite an easy thing to reach the place by hiring a cab or auto from the main part of the city. There are few eateries that will relish the best local snacks of that part of the city.

3. Seven Sisters falls

Without any doubt, seven sisters fall is a wonderful place that looks amazingly beautiful. Why are these falls known as seven sisters? Well, that is all because of the seven tiers structural waterfall that makes it look like sister falls. From the bottom, you can see only three stages if whereas in the top view all the seven tiers are seen. This place goes well with the tourist who is looking for beautiful sightseeing and a serene spot to click some Instagram-worthy pictures.

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4. David Scott Memorial

Memorial of David Scott
Bodhisattwa, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

A pillar was erected in the memory of David Scott in this city, after his death on 20 August 1831. Scott was the Governor General during the British regime. During his period he had a part of notable work in building India in various capacities. And to recognize and respect his work an obelisk was erected here. It was made out of ashlar stone. It has been a tourist attraction for a long time. Tourists considered this place worth visiting during their visit to Cherrapunji. And I would urge you to visit the spot as well.

8. Bangladesh Plains Viewpoint

Bangladesh Plains Viewpoint or the Sky Walk is a unique spot that has a Skywalk in height that gives a glimpse of the neighboring state of Bangladesh. It is located a little far from Mawlynnong. This Sky Walk is an eco-friendly ladder that is entirely made up of bamboo poles stretched from one tree to another connecting with robes and poles. The unique thing about the stretch or the ladder is that made without any nails or metals and has been focused only on natural things. As a visitor, if you are visiting this beautiful place then you need to visit the Bangladesh Plains Viewpoint.

6. Eco Park, Cherrapunji

Eco Park Cherrapunji

Eco Park is a government-designed beautiful park situated in Cherrapunji. This park is a beautiful green park spread over a hill and the valleys across. There is a waterfall connected to the park which makes it worth visiting. Apart from the surreal view, the eco-park is filled with a variety of Orchids that have been a wonder to many florists as well as people looking for a perfect click! This place is particularly the horticulture is looked after the Shilong Agri-Horticulture. And hence utter perfection and beautification have been a part of maintaining the place on a daily basis.

7. Arwah Cave Point

Designed with beautiful lights, Arwah Caves is one of Meghalaya’s Famous caves. The entrance, inspired by the Arabian Nights, Arwah caves is a beautiful and memorable spot for regular visitors and tourists. In this beautiful Cave, known for its built-in fossils, you could even observe old Crustacean shells and fish bones hidden inside the limestone walls of the cave. The cave is also known for being a maze with its super creepy turns and suspicious corners. The end of the cave is lit up with beautiful lights. Walking inside the whole cave is very scary, so make sure you have a flashlight handy for the extra spooky feeling!

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Cherrapunji is heaven for those who are looking for some romantic gateway. And hence this place is a perfect paradise for honeymooners. But wait! Is that all about Cherrapunji? Definitely not! It is a place for trekkers, photographers and traveler enthusiasts. So just give to the title and add this beautiful place to your travel list!
Till then Bon voyage…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cherrapunji the best place to visit?
Cherrapunji is one of the best places to visit in Meghalaya. It is a city with waterfalls, rain and beautiful nature, this place is best to visit all-round the year.

What is the Best Time to visit Cherrapunji?
All around the year, particularly during the summer and vacation time. Avoid during rainy days as the place is known for heavy rainfalls.

Is Cherrapunji best for outdoor activities?
Yes, Cherrapunji has the best outdoor activities with sightseeing, historical places, ports and not to mention the best of waterfalls and caves.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Visakhapatnam.
Cherrapunji has rainfall throughout the year. And the atmosphere seems to be cold than you can apprehend. So, take things accordingly and just keep in mind to book your stay at a good hotel prior to the visit.

What languages are spoken in Cherrapunji?
Khasi is the official language, but locals speak and understand Hindi as well.

How safe to visit Cherrapunji?
Cherrapunji is the safest place to visit for tourism, yet don’t stroll into unknown places after dusk as for the dense forest.

Are there any historical places in Cherrapunji?
There are several historically significant places in Cherrapunji.

Can I get cheaper accommodation in Cherrapunji?
You can get some cheaper accommodations and homestays in Cherrapunji, but watch out on some days, particularly during peak times.

Is Cherrapunji a good honeymoon destination?
Yes! Cherrapunji is without any doubt popular among honeymooners and couples who are looking for explorations and some time for serendipity.

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