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Mouth – Watering Cuisines of South India


South Indian includes the cuisines of the five states Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana of southern India. The culture and cuisine style in these states are totally different from other parts of India. It is due to the amount of rain and other climatic conditions present in these areas. The abundance of rice here means that most dishes are made from it and will have many varieties and variations to it.

Most of these areas are near the costal lines so fresh seafood is available here in good quantity. Then to the maximum population is vegetarian here except the persons living in the coastal areas. They tend to have many different cuisines related to seafood. Here we are going to read about the famous cuisines in these areas.

Below are the 10 best dishes from southern India:

1. Dosas

A well known and mouth-watering breakfast cuisine, Dosas are like crepes, yet dosas are thinner and crispier. Made with rice that undergoes fermentation and lentils, Dosas are huge in size and can take up an entire plate.

Dosa - South India - Cuisine

To eat a big dosa you should break it down to smaller bits and then dip it in chutney or sambar. There are different types of dosa available in south India like Rava Dosa, Paper Dosa and Masala Dosa. Masala dosa is a treat as it has some stuffed masala potato filling inside which makes it even more tastier.

2. Vada and Sambar

Vada is a lentil made snack that resembles a little dark-colored doughnut. Sambar is a soup that is made with tamarind and a mixture of spices and vegetables. The standard method for eating is putting the vada in the sambar, giving it a chance to absorb the soup.

Vada Sambar

Another style including dipping in the coconut chutney and eating it. While ordering Vada sambar in a restaurant you get around 3 Vadas with some sambar and coconut chutney.

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3. Idli

Idli -South India - Cuisine
Image of Idli

Idli is a little, white, supple cake made out of lentils and rice. It is typically presented with sambar, chutney, or ghee. Very popular across India and served as a breakfast item. It could also be used as a snack.

4. Biryani

A special rice dish that is prepared layer by layer and at last mixed together with vegetable, herbs and spices. Biryani can be vegetarian and even prepared with fish, meat, lamb, etc.

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

The taste available for biryani here is quite different from those found elsewhere, due to extensive use of spices. The biryani is recognized by the aroma it creates while preparing. The smell is mouth-watering though. Around 40 different varieties of biryani are available in south India.

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5. Uttapam

Uttapam Cuisine Of South India

It is a special south Indian pancake whose main ingredients are rice, lentils mixture and vegetables. The mixture above is used to prepare the batter and then it is cooked on a tawa with ghee. It is similar to a dosa but thicker and smaller and also has a different and unique taste. It is best served with chutney or sambar.

6. Upma

It is a healthy dish that is good to kick start your day. The Upma is made with rice, vegetable and chili. The porridge created is better served with onions and sauce.

Upma - South India - Cuisine
Upma Cuisine Of South India / Image Credit: Archana Kitchen

Upma is quite popular in south India as it is easy to make and requires less time than any other meal. Best served when hot.

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7. Rasam

It is a special soup made with spices and with juices of tamarind, tomato. It is a healthy soup that increases the metabolism of your body and helps to digest the food. The taste is little spicy and sour.

Rasam Cuisine Of South India

The spiciness varies from person to person. Always recommended to use in less quantity to avoid acidity. Rasam acts as a curry or as a soup for rice and as a veg side dish. It is better to drink rasam when you are facing tummy upset or extreme cold.

8. Chicken 65, one of the most mouth-watering cuisines in South India

The story behind how this recipe got its name has many different versions. But the most used is that it was the 65th recipe on the menu.

Chicken 65 Cuisine Of South India

So Chicken 65 is the most delicious delicacy for Non-Vegetarian enthusiasts. The preparation of this fried chicken dish is quite simple. The taste of chilliness with spices will really make you try this once while visiting southern India.

9. Karimeen Fry

Karimeen Fry - South India - Cuisine
Karimeen Fry

One of Kerala’s conventional dishes, Karimeen fry prepared from dotted fish ordinarily found in the backwaters of Alleppey. Once famous only among the Syrian Christian community of Kerala is now one of the state’s main delicacies. For preparing fish curry, you have to marinate them with the fillings of spices, salt and other stuffings. You can eat it with either rice or chappatis.

10. Squid Fry

Squids are sea animals. A squid meal is one of the healthy meals. For making it you have to cut them into a ring shape and marinate them for a long duration.

Squid Fry - South India - Cuisine
Squid Fry Cuisine Of South India

Anything in between will turn the squid into rubbery so its best not to overcook it. The masala coated rings have a tangy taste and are a delight for seafood lovers.

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