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Buckingham Palace Tour- A Grand Affair


It is every girl’s dream to be a queen and every guy’s dream to be a King, and to add an essence to this dream stands tall the Buckingham Palace! For once a while if you get to see the real king and queen and the satire they live with, will not that be wonderful? Well, that is what our next topic is about…

Everyone knows Buckingham Palace, of that am sure, thanks to the recent Netflix series the palace and the personas residing there have gained more popularity, every nook and corner of the globe. However, do you know you can visit the palace and the other royal places related to Buckingham palace and enjoy the royalty very closely?

Yes, today in India Imagine we will be going tour to the royal Buckingham Palace and get to know the things you can do in that visit…

The Buckingham Palace is located in London, United Kingdom. It is the official residence of the Royals and also the administrative headquarters of the Monarch. The palace has a total of 775 rooms that looks like a grand affair. It was first built in the year 1703 and continues to spread its popularity elegance and charm since then.

Things to do in and around the majestic Buckingham Palace

The Gardens of the Palace

Gardens-Buckingham Palace
Gardens-Buckingham Palace: Image Credit/

Let us start with the Garden and then go to look at the interior of the palace. The garden of the Palace is everything that needs to keep up royally. The Palace garden is full of trees and plants that are rare and authentic. There are more than 300 types of wildflowers grown in the garden with different colors and patterns. That makes the garden look extraordinarily beautiful. This garden is also used to conduct lawn parties for the queen herself! The other attraction of the garden is the rose garden, the summer house, giant waterloo vessel.

Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard 
Changing of the Guard: Image Credit/

Every day around 11:30 in the morning the Changing of the guard ceremony takes palace which is a major tourist attraction worldwide. The ceremony starts with the troop (Queen’s guards) walking from Hyde Park to Buckingham Palace and changing guards. This ceremony was first started in the year 1660 and continuous to enthrall the spectators till now. Tourist across the globe enjoys this ceremony and gather up to witness the spectacle with awe.

The State Room of Palace

 The State Room of Palace
The State Room of Palace: Image Credit/

Since the day the State Room was opened to the public, it becomes one of the main attractions in Buckingham Palace. And due to its growing popularity, the tour now has some fabulous sections for the tourist. The features include mainly the Royal collections, rare porcelain, and the Throne Room. The State Room is a reflection of the Royalty that persists for ages.

The Grand Staircase

 The Grand Staircase
The Grand Staircase: Image Credit/

When you enter the palace the first thing that you see is the majestic stair going upwards literally speaking. The grand stair in the middle of the hall is a sight worth a watch; the stairs are golden with red carpet on the stairs to make it more royal. The stair is just in the center going both the way right and left to the top. The stair without any doubt gives the visitors a dramatic and royal welcome!

The Royal Mews of the Palace

The Royal Mews
The Royal Mews: Image Credit/

The Royal Mews is another attraction that gives us towards the Royalty. It is a collection of carriages from the start of the Monarch rule. Few are still used for some of the other functions. Among them is the most beautiful and expensive Golden carriage. The Gold State coach was built in the year 1762 by Royal Highness George third and is particularly used for the big coronation day. Other carriages are the Australian State coach and the Glass coach.

Queen’s Gallery

 Queen's Gallery
Queen’s Gallery: Image Credit/

The Queen’s Gallery is one for the public interest. This is a public art gallery opened for the tourist in particular. It is located on the west part of the Palace and has some exquisite collections right from the royal collection. It is said that there are more than 450 collections that are an expensive collection of art. And the best part is that there is a wonderful shop on the premises if you need to get some souvenirs back home.

Clarence House

The Clarence House is the official residence of none other than the Prince of Wales. Though you won’t be able to check out the interior of the house, the surrounding other parts of the house are opened to visitors one hour daily. There are a library, garden and an office that you can tour during this one hour. Also, there are some precious and beautiful Queens collected that are stored here at the Clarence House.

The Victoria monument

The Victoria monuments 
The Victoria monuments: Image Credit/

Right in front of the palace is a large sculpture in the memorial of Queen Vitoria which is called the Victoria monument. The sculpture implicit the courage, victory, art and science for the tourist to take-home message. This majestic sculpture is a work of Sir Thomas Brock designed by Sir Aston Webb. So, this makes it one of the best spots for people who love architecture or art.

Buckingham palace is a dream come true, with lots of Royal personas, Queen, King, prince and beautiful princess. We always have the curiosity to know more about the lives right from how they live, what they eat and what they wear to look so Royal! And it is a wonderful experience to get a view of the Palace and explore it more closely the entire place.

So don’t ever miss a chance to visit the magnificent Palace when you are in London!

Bon Voyage!

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