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Travel Athens With Family – The Heart of Ancient Greece


Athens is the largest and most influential city situated in the core of Greece. It is the historical city soaked in ancient culture and appeal and offers unforgettable European city break. Renowned worldwide for amazing ancient architectural ruins such as the Acropolis, historical sites and vibrant neighbourhoods. Travellers you won’t be short of travelling as many spots are situated on the distance of walking tours. So, come with us and explore Athens’ – The City of Greek Goddess Athena.

Athens’ -The Land of Greek Civilization & Ruins

The birthland of Greek civilization, Athen’s has filled with rich historical monuments dating back from the Neolithic age. These ancient structures, like The Acropolis, Parthenon, Greek Temples combined made Athens a symbol of Greece Tourism. Currently, Athens is considered as the best tourist city of Greece for travellers touring with kids and family. During ancient time, the city was the home of Pericles, Socrates and Sophocles.

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Today, Athens is more than a remnant of its glorious past, it is now a vibrant and modern capital city which host some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Visit the appealing neighbourhoods like Plaka and Monastiraki. You will experience a plethora of landmarks, museums, and eateries when wandering around this vast metropolis.

Climb the Mount Lycabettus, explore the Acropolis Hill and marvel at the glory of the ancient Odeon of Herodes Atticus, visit the old Olympic ground and learn the glorious history of Athens at Byzantine Museums. For every traveller, there is something hidden in this city.

Indiaimagine Readers, for your help we’ve pulled together top things you should do in the Greek capital so that you make the most of your first visit.

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Explore the Acropolis – Prominent Landmark of Greece

One of the most breathtaking ancient ruins in the world is the Acropolis. This remarkable 5th-century BC temple complex is situated on the Acropolis hill and the Parthenon, an ancient temple structure located in its vicinity. This historic complex is quite vast and contains the ruins of numerous ancient greek temples, holding importance in the architectural world.

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For the goddess Athena, this ancient temple was built and adorned with magnificent sculptures that symbolise the greatest achievement of Greek architects. You’ll see the most famous the Parthenon, The Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, and other historical building and temple depicting relics from the Greek Golden Age. These surreal classics of ancient architecture combine Greece’s traditional art and culture with different orders and styles.

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Learn the Past of Athens’ at Acropolis Museum

Another significant attraction in Athens history is the Museum of Acropolis. This museum houses the most important collection of ancient Greek art in the world and displays interesting objects found at local locations. It was set up in 2007 and replaced the old museum on the hill underneath the Acropolis hilltop. This is a New Acropolis museum is created fully in a high tech manner with glass building with ancient sculptures and statues of Greek gods.

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This huge museum features 14,000m² of exhibition space. Move inside and you’ll find a treasure trove of over 4,250 items and artefacts that were found on the rock of the ancient site of the Acropolis and have stood the test of time. A special highlight of the museum is the fascinating Parthenon sculpture gallery on the first floor.

Enjoy Panoramic Views from Mount Lycabettus

Mount Lycabettus is the highest hill of Athens, it is also known as Lycabettus hill, Lykabettos or Lykavittos. It is a limestone hill standing tall in the heart of the city, at 300m above the sea level. Lycabettus worth your journey of Athens as till will take you to the top and provides some of the best panoramic views of this Greek city.

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You can climb to the top of the hill or can take the option of a funicular. After reaching the top, you’ll find the 19th-century Chapel of St. George, an open-air theatre and seafood restaurant. Catch the best glimpses of the sunset from the top.

Visit the Syntagma Square

The Square of Syntagma is Athens’ main square. The name of the square is named after Otto, the first King of Greece, according to the Constitution. This building, housed by the Greek Parliament since 1934, stands in front of Old Royal Palace in the 19th century. From both a historical and social point of view, Syntagma Square is the most important centre in modern Athens, renowned as the hub of commercial activity and Greek politics.

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It is an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for many visitors to see the Changing of the Guard and their march past at Syntagma Square.

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Find Ancient Greek at National Archaeology Museum

The National Archeological Museum of Athens was established in the 19th century and is Greece’s largest archaeological museum. With an exhibition area of 8,000 m², the museum is located in a spectacular Neoclassical mansion. Here are five permanent collections providing a detailed history of Greek culture, including more than 11,000 artefacts. Explore the best collection of Ancient Greek gems in the world, including golden Mycenaean jewellery and Minoan paintings.

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The Neolithic, Cycladic, and Mycenaean era artefacts are covered by the Prehistoric Set. Old Greek sculptures from the 6th century BC to the 5th century BC are displayed in the Sculpture Series. The vase and adorning and Items Series depicts the pottery dating back to the 11th century BC.

Check out the Olympieion

The Temple of Olympian Zeus was once the largest in ancient Greece. It is also known as Olympieion and this temple was devoted to God Zeus. The Olympian Zeus Temple was an even more monumental building at the time, while the Parthenon is best maintained. The temple was dating back to the 6th century BC but was not finalised until the 2nd century AD by Emperor Hadrian.

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At the end of Dionysiou Areopagitou, in front of the Olympieion, you can watch the Hadrian Arch. Now only 15 columns remain standing and on the ground, other remaining columns can be seen. But to some extent, the monumental presence of the ruins gives a sense of the original temple built at that time.

Shop at Monastiraki – The Flea Market

Monastiraki is a vibrant flea market neighbourhood in the Old Town Athens, with lots of stores, bakeries and traditional eateries options. A vibrant part of Athens, this is an ideal spot to stroll and explore the city’s atmosphere.

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There are several rooftop gardens and bars in Monastiraki providing excellent views of the Acropolis. For Shopping and to take rest from hectic travelling, you can make a small halt at Monastiraki especially if you have kids with you.

Spend Vibrant Evening at Plaka

Recharge and relax in Plaka after enjoying the Athens tour. Located below the eastern slopes of the Acropolis Hill, Plaka is holding the essence of old Athens. This is a very touristic place full of shops with souvenirs and plenty of restaurants and cafes.

Spend Vibrant Nightlife at Plaka / Image Credit:

Relax over lunch at a rustic taverna in the Plaka district or grab Souvlaki a traditional Greek dish at a local shop. Also, enjoy the nightlife as it is packed with trendy restaurants and late-night bars.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this Greek capital is the most beautiful city in the world and full of magic that makes it a vibrant destination. It doesn’t matter whether you love art, history, music, food or vibrant parties, here in Athens, you can find everything. Either you want to dive deep into the city’s past or want to indulge in the local cuisine or soak up the classic sunny ambience with your family member, Athens has it all. A complete family package!!

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