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Travel Spain And Enjoy Beaches, Wine And Football Like Ever Before


Spain makes the best summer tourist destination. The climate is surreal with nature’s magic spinning all around. Spain is also inevitably a hub to many architectures, painters and well-known artists. So, all in all, Spain is for those who love natural beauty, historical monuments, whimsical landscapes and beautiful landmarks.

Spain is one of the European countries, with versatile regions. Madrid, the capital of Spain is also one of the prominent cities and a hue of perfect modernity. There are several other exotic and wonderful destinations that Spain has to endeavor.

Let’s chalk out top ten travel destination in Spain, here at India Imagine

Barcelona-The land of Football

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Barcelona is a dream place, right out of the historical era. The places are filled with large buildings with European architecture and sculptural buildings. Barcelona is well known for Gaudi designs that reflect in very buildings, sculptures and any other landmark buildings. The Casa Mila is worth a visit to endeavor the art of Gudi, La Sagrada Familia is yet another landmark associated with Gaudi and Barcelona. And if you are a football fan you know what Barcelona holds in for you!

Madrid – The Capital City

Madrid Attractions
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Madrid is the Capital of Spain and a treasure house for sone famous landmarks like Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor and Temple of Debod. The main square in Madrid is located at the heart of the city and was built centuries ago. Tourists often come here to eat, relax and enjoy the extravagant outdoor views. There is another famous square in Madrid with the famous clock that marks the traditional significance of Spain’s New Year.

Sevilla – City of Flamenco

Sevilla City
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Tourists who visit Seville are mesmerized by the Gothic Cathedral and year-old Jewish quarter. The Royal Alcàzar of Seville is one of the iconic palaces that comes from the Moorish renaissance. Then there is Catedral de Seville with the famous bell tower. It is also one of the famous landmarks in the city. A 13th-century military watchtower, Torr del Oro is located in the city’s major area. For people who love art and culture, several Museum is at Seville to get a glimpse of the city’s eminence.

Granada – City with Moorish Complex

Granada Travel
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Granada is a unique place with hilltops, university and 16th century Churches and Cathedrals. The major attraction of Alhambra is the hilltop with the Moorish Complex that is fortified over the hilltop. There is a palace of king Charles V situated at the Alhambra complex. One of the popular spots is the riverside walkway with generously beautiful views. The Market plaza at the center of the city can provide you good shopping and eatery to relax and chill out from a day-long errand.

Majorca – The Balearic Island

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Majorca is simply a wonderful place to visit. The place is fun, beautiful and filled with beautiful scenarios. There are exotic beach resorts, valleys filled with vineyards and tiny fishermen villages. People come here often to relax and stay away from city life. The city is filled with people coming to take a dip in the turquoise water of small beaches. If you are looking for other outdoor activities there are incredible caves that are connected through underground tunnels. Then there is a Tren Soller, an electric railway that is marked from the year 1912. If you are with kids don’t miss the Palma Aquarium with a huge Shark to view.

Valencia – The Spanish Coastal City

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Valencia is known for 16th century Silk Exchange. The place is famous for the landmarks and huge structures that are the architectural epitome. Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias and L’Oceanografic are examples of extraordinary architectural designs. Visit the Valencia Bioparc, where tourists can enjoy wildlife in its naturalistic habitat. However, the exceptionally unique Science museum is the center of attraction, with a whimsical exterior and sleek interior.

Palma – The City of Palaces and Castles

Tourists know exactly where to go when they are in Palma. The place is well known for giant castles and hence without any doubt, they visit the Castell de Bellver. It is a 13th-century castle on the hilltop, people visit the top of the hill to enjoy the panoramic views. Shop from the streets of Born de Palma and also get a glimpse of the most historic street.

Gran Canaria – A Spanish Isle

Gran Canaria
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Gran Canaria is a perfect outdoor spot with beaches and snorkeling areas for the tourists to go head over heels. Tourists gather around the beaches of Gran Canaria to relax and enjoy a day off. Some also indulge in snorkeling and diving and other water sports to experience the best. Travelers can visit the cruise port or hire a cruise for any extravagant events. Apart from resorts, beaches and water, the place is also flared with mountains and valleys paving ways to wildlife and nature. And if still not satisfied with all of the above, there is a small desert in the middle of the city to enjoy an out of the world experience!

Marbella – For Cafes and Beaches

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If you are ready for exotic beaches and some fun coming with it, then you should probably visit Marbella. You can avail beautiful resorts to stay and relax, yachts ride from Puerto Banus. And if you are thriving for nightlife then Marbella is the name. The city had some famous cafes and nightlife too. So, enjoy your stay at Marbella and explore, the cafes, beaches, yachts and tranquillity in all.

Balearic Islands – Islands group of Spain

Balearic Islands
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It is a connecting island group from Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca to form a chain of beautiful beaches and resorts filled along the beach sides. There are several places for kids to explore marine life like Palma Aquarium that has a big aquarium to watch Sharks. Take your kids to the Aqualand El Arenal, a beautiful water park especially designed for kids.

Spain is one in all, a land of historical significance, nature’s blessing, beaches and modernity. A perfect place for wanderlusts to quench their thirst to explore and experience. Next time when you plan to visit Spain, go through our beautiful list and choose your destination!

Bon Voyage.

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