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Plan a Trip to Cambridge And Learn More About The Place


Apart from seemingly known for its illustrious University, Cambridge has a lot to offer for the traveler. You could choose to go for a polar exploration or check out the Kettle’s Yard art gallery. You can laze by the countryside with grazing cows in the meadow. If you seem bored moving around, you can look forward to the town’s nightlife. There are a lot of fun places such as pubs, fine dining restaurants to go to. Visitors have a chance for entertainment in the theatres or galleries. To get to know the place, you have to get on a trip to Cambridge.

Wander in the luxuriant Botanic garden

A beautiful, exuberant riot of forest colors that greet you. In these botanic gardens is a sure memory to take to in the form of amazing pictures. The Cambridge university owns these gardens. You just get to see and enjoy them when you take a trip to Cambridge town. Spread over 40 acres, it may take you half a day to check out every corner of this botanic garden.

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Enjoying The Fountains of The Botanic Gardens/Image Credit:

It is a wonderful place to take in nature’s marvel. An excellent place for those interested in horticulture to muse and learn up some things. It does give the visitor a woodland vibe and though it may have a nondescript entrance. Once in, you are into a world of foliage and green paradise.

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A trip to Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum

A world-renowned museum, having a massive collection of half-million objects from around the world. Some of the rare collections include artifacts and art that have been preserved immaculately through centuries. The visitors can check out the Egyptian coffins, illuminated manuscripts, Renaissance sculptures, rare coins of various periods.

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A Trip to Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum/Image Credit:

However, you are lucky to chance upon even impressionist masterpieces. The museum holds several events throughout the year which highlight the exhibitions of certain collections or there are musical hostings too. The learners about the collection can enroll themselves in various workshops conducted to educate interested people.

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Visit the King College and Chapel

The college chapel building is nearly a century old and one of the iconic buildings you will spot when taking a trip to Cambridge. The chapel had several hurdles during the construction when Henry the VI took up the job. There seemed funding issues, war and definitely, the expensive designs did raise problems. However, eventually, the chapel was made and stands today as a testament to the perseverance of all those years.

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A Trip to Cambridge’s King College and Chapel/ Image Credit:

The chapel got actually constructed a good 70 years later after the main building got done. The will that he left behind ensured that the chapel construction work should get continued, given the most beautiful fan vault ceiling, which took the architect a good three years to complete. The grand structure stands today for visitors to marvel.

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Cannot missout the University of Cambridge

When you don’t visit one of the prestigious colleges in the world on a trip to Cambridge, then your entire trip isn’t complete. The elite University has a guided walking tour which may take one and half hours to complete. You can book your tickets online and there is a great facility for a live guided tour with groups or people private tour.

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University of Cambridge/Image Credit:

The University is made of six schools and 31 constituent colleges. What can blow your mind is when you get to know who the university alumni are;  Sir Issac Newton, Darwin, Stephen Hawking and Lord Byron. Noting this impressive list can make you fall off the chair.

Punting on the River Cam

Riding on a flatboat is known as ‘punting’ in these parts of the country, so if you have taken a trip to Cambridge, it’s time to take a punt down the River Cam. The best part of taking a boat ride is you could take a tour of Cambridge as river Cam flows through its heart. You might capture the captivating sights as you take the ride, which gets offered as chauffeured cruise.

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Punting on the River Cam/Image Credit:

It’s a slow-paced tour that will help take all the scenic offerings on both sides of the shore. You feel as though you are gliding on the water as you pass through the historic colleges during a trip to Cambridge on river Cam. The visitors could learn some punting skills themselves. And if all that cruising has made you tired you stop by the riverside pub and have a quick drink.

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A trip to Cambridge Museum of Technology

If you are into technology and how it all began, this a wonderful place to find out about it. You could book yourself a guided tour around the museum and learn several amazing things that went into making modern-day technology. The humble beginnings may fascinate every bit and they have gotten well preserved like the Victorian Sewage pumping station, which is impressive by those standards.

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A trip to Cambridge Museum of Technology/Image Credit:

The design and engineering worked towards energy efficiency. You will further surprised to know that it can still run when you put in local domestic waste. The visitors’ trip to Cambridge isn’t complete without checking on the oldest functioning steam engines in the world to a printing press of the victorian era.

St. Mary The Great Church

The church has been around for thousand years now and was known as ‘St. Mary by the Market’. Historically the church has a lot of significance and has had several royal visits. The church was completely burnt down and rebuilt, with many patrons contributing. When you take a trip to Cambridge, you would be sure not to miss out on visiting one of the oldest churches, which stands tall to this day and has been a significant part of education, culture and social reform over the years.

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St. Mary The Great Church/Image Credit:

It is one of the fundamental places of worship for the townspeople. Several prominent events such ad university lectures taking place, even meetings being held, degrees conferred to the graduating lot in the last 200 years. It is a flourishing parish church wherein people congregate for marriages, births and deaths.

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A trip to Cambridge is more than just the University or the educational institutions. Moreover, as a visitor, you can look forward to the highest concentration of well-preserved historic buildings of the medieval era in England. And if you stay back, you can enjoy some beautiful music pieces by the choir apart from the towering attractions of the town.

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