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Visit The Ancient European Country – Bulgaria


A trip to Europe is a dream come to many of us. Not quite surprising though, because the place speaks for itself. Rich in history, fabulous places to visit, a past that caves back to centuries and not to mention lip-smacking cuisine. While planning a trip to Europe tourists often have some places already listed in their minds. Often the list confides to some top names like Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey.

Today, at India Imagine let’s discuss Bulgaria, a country in southeastern Europe and also one of the most visited places in the world!

Bulgaria – A sneak peek into the history

Many times to be acquainted with the history of the place gives the travelers a precise outlook of the place he/she is visiting. And speaking about Bulgaria, nothing could be more fascinating than to know the Neolithic Karanovo culture that takes the place way back to 6500 BC. It is said that Neanderthal remains have been discovered on the earth’s crust of modern Bulgaria. So, we can only assume what fascinating view the country has to offer to a travel enthusiast.

Aleksander Nevski Cathedral
Aleksander Nevski Cathedral / Image credit: lonelyplanet.com

Bulgaria has a deep cultural descending from two superior civilizations namely Thracians and the Hellenistic civilization. Much archaeological evidence pav way towards their Roman Empire birth.
Over the years Bulgaria and people have evolved, and adapted modernization without breaching their century-old culture and tradition. The now capital of the country is Sofia.

Some best places and cities to visit in Bulgaria


Sofia grabs the first on our list not only for being the capital city but also for being an outstanding one. The city is a rare specimen of the old and new club together. The center of the city looks young and fresh with vibrant energy.

Sofia / Image credit: lhiny.eu

On the same, the city also depicts the best ruins and historical landmarks of the country. There are several museums and galleries, clean and well-maintained parks, hiking areas for the adventurer in you and not to mention, best places for eateries. Any other reasons, you must visit to find out.


Plovdiv is bright and colorful. The street filled with shops and the medieval and Roman buildings on the adjacent sides makes a walk worth your lifetime. The experience is extraordinary and to make it to the fullest, take a look at the mountain ranges.

Plovdiv / Image credit: chasingthedonkey.com

Plovdiv city is known to build on seven hills entirely covered by Balkan Mountains. And just for a tip, don’t miss the Roman amphitheatre and traditional wine.


Travelers who have visited Nesebar bring back home a wonderful memory and perfect pictures clicked during the visit. The place is perfect in all ways, it is a small island connected to the mainland.

Nesebar / Image credit: visitworldheritage.com

One can’t miss the beach, which is often referred to as the Pearl of the Black Sea and century-old Church with stunning medieval architecture. Travelers can avail of resort stays on short notice if they are planning for a long stay.


Varna is one of Bulgaria’s largest cities and the best place for a shopping spree. The place is quite known for its sophisticated crowd. Landmarks like the Varna Archaeological Museum are most visited by the tourists to get a glimpse of the fabulous gold exhibits.

Varna /Image credit: tourist-destinations.com

Other than this, Baroque Opera House and Cathedral of Assumption of the Virgin also stand the line. There are three beaches in the city that are crowded with tourists looking for seaside restaurants, loungers and water sports.


We all know Bansko and the reason is but obvious – the snow-filled white ranges for Skiing! The town is situated on the lap of the Pirin Mountains and is estimated 160 km from the capital city Sofia.

Bansko / Image credit: worldtravelguide.com

Bansko Ski Resort often is compared to the resorts in Switzerland and France for its high-quality skiing. Apart from skiing the nightlife at Bansko is equally appalling. Bansko Jazz Festival is conducted annually which draws an overwhelming crowd to the place.


Burgas / Image credit: booking.com

An extremely beautiful seaside town that gives a hundred reasons to slow down and just enjoy the moment is the town Burgas. The place is quite a favorite among travelers looking for accommodation and restaurants for traditional cuisine. The tranquil atmosphere of the place near to beaches makes it the most sought town in Bulgaria.

Taste the supper and sip the wine

Image credits: Yoga Wine and Travels

European cuisine is intriguingly rich in spices that render unique flavors. Bulgarian yogurt is famous among the natives as well as travelers alike. Bulgaria has a century-old taste for wines. They deliver the world’s best wines in Europe. Gamza, Dimyat, Mavrud, Pamis are some local varieties of wine that every wine lover would want to explore.

Bulgaria is rich in culture and heritage and gained a place in UNESCO. The fragrance of the past is spread in bits and pieces all over the country. Hence, plan and visit Bulgaria, a gem of European land!

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