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Time to Visit the Best Tourist Places in Albania


Albania has a rich and colorful history which is a big draw for tourists. The wonderful landscape and fascinating culture make it a worthwhile trip. Each place is different from the other. However, one thing that is common in every part of Albania is the ‘food’. It’s the freshest and homemade flavors that make you not getting away without trying every dish on the menu. The wonderful bazaars have been in the same area for four centuries. It is like doing a time walk to the middle ages. The place seems filled with charming shops with all kinds of wares. You will find friendly vendors call out to customers in a bid to get their attention. Moreover, there is much more to see and enjoy when you check out the best tourist places in Albania


It is a beautiful mountain village nestled at the foothills of the Albanian Alps. The countryside exudes unmistakable charms that you can only feel when you visit Kruje. The most famous among the nobles and military commanders of the middle ages would be Skanderbeg. The greatness of his military prowess showed how he was able to conquer. With less than 3000 men, he could keep the ottomans at bay for 25years. Until his death from conquering Kruje. He has a museum dedicated to him and is considered a national hero.

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You can find a museum in Kruje castle with an impressive elliptically shaped medieval citadel that served as a base for operations in the 15th century. There are several notable buildings when you visit the best tourist places in Albania worth taking a look at for the sheer uniqueness of the city, such as the Turkish bath, the ethnographic museum, Fatih sultan Mehmed Mosques its beautiful minaret.


Dubbed as the stone city from the Ottoman era, Gjirokaster is known for its limestone paved streets and slated roof houses. There is also a castle assembled from the rock-hewn from the surrounding mountains. When it rains and you happen to be there, you will see the city shimmer in silver. As a traveler, you can imagine the rich heritage of several rulers coming across borders. You walk the city’s cobbled streets as you will learn that Gjirokaster houses some of the most notorious prisons of the region because of its one-time despotic leader.

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You could also fancy the Ottoman bazaar, which gets made up of fortified houses that are several storeys. As a tourist, you can look forward to the National Folklore Festival, which happens once every five years. It’s an extravaganza of music and dance that you can join in while traveling to the best tourist places in Albania.


Considered one of the oldest cities in Europe, it is a hub of cultural potpourri. You will find the blend of ancient architecture in Rozafa Fortress to the pastel-painted buildings depicting the Italian ambiance. Shkodra has many interesting sights. It happens to be one of the best tourist places in Albania. You need to check out and museums are part of many sightseeing places you wouldn’t want to miss.

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The good weather is a big draw to travel and enjoy the country’s landscape. With bright sunny days most of the time, you could enjoy your day’s putting or nightlife unhindered. You could actually travel light as you wouldn’t have too heavy woolly clothes and jackets. Good food and the warmth of the people are your calling cards to Shkodra.


Albania’s most pleasant city is excellent for travelers who enjoy the ambiance of the place unhindered by massive crowds. There is so much to see when you choose the best tourist places in Albania when you tour these inspiring places. With amazing savory delicacies of the place to pastries and gelato to choose from while checking out the music scene in the local cafes, with Albanian and euro-pop most preferred in this region.

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You could tuck into delicious traditional food and know the cuisine of local people. The center place has a square with a large bronze statue of Skanderberg on horseback. While there, you could check out The National Historical Museum, which is nearby housing a huge socialist mural of victorious Partisans. A concrete pyramid houses another museum dedicated to her father by the daughter of Albania’s dictator Enver Hoxha.


With the Lonian sea on the southwestern side, you will find Sarande, a shore-hugging city that is one of the popular destinations for tourists who love the sun and sand. It is one of the most important points of departure to Italy through the Adriatic sea. It is one of the best tourist places in Albania. You could check out the picturesque farmlands on your way there from the bustling capital after your arrival to Albania.

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There is a beautiful castle to explore or even get a look at an offshore mussel farm. You could have a dip at Albania’s best-known natural wonders, the Blue Eye. It is a deep natural spring with turquoise waters that you can see bubbling up from a karst hole running 50m deep.


It is an exciting coastal city that a foodie will never want to miss out on. The mouthwatering seafood preparations can just tantalize your taste buds and lead you to some of the amazing restaurants in the area. You could not stop relishing the seafood linguine, steamed mussels, Crudo shrimp, grilled fish and bruschetta.

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You definitely want to be on a culinary trail by choosing the best tourist places in Albania. Vlore sits on a bay where you can witness the meeting of two seas meet. The weather has almost 300 days of sunny weather, so no matter, you get to be a beach body most of the year. The beaches have lovely sparkling water and pebbles that entice you to jump for a swim.


It’s an ancient seaport that still gets used and happens to connect the city with Constantinople. The long history of the place plays an important role, that’s why you choose the best tourist places in Albania as it will help understand how the culture and tradition have shaped the city. Durres is a beautiful seaside city wherein you can check out the wonderful culinary experiences as you can begin your sojourn in Albania.

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You can begin by checking out the relics of the past and admire the modern-day buildings. You can slow down, take in the sip of the best wine at a winery and indulge yourself for a day at the resort. The Venetian tower is part of the fortress built during the Byzantine empire that many tourists look forward to checking out when in Durres.

When you visit Albania, you would never have a minute to ponder as there so much to see and take in this place with fresh, mouthwatering food that the local people go out of their way to serve the travelers. Their hospitality is worth praising as they ensure you make the best memories when you get to see the best tourist places in Albania. Be it your sightseeing to even shopping experience. Every place exudes the warmth of the people.

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