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Famous Theatres of The World That Will Enchant The Art Lover In You


A person who has experienced a live theatre performance reminiscence the moment in forever. The characters of Romeo and Juliet, the revenge of Macbeth and the vengeance of Othello once you read in the book comes alive in front of your eyes, miraculously! A theatre is a place where actors perform live to replicate or breathe life into the characters that are century old. The plays are improvised scripted and acted to their excellence. There are many famous theatres of the world that for centuries have been dedicatedly working to keep art alive. Some of which are famous enough to grab the place in “World Heritage“.

So, let’s check out famous theatres of the world that would glue you to your seat with their charming plays, acts and music-

Shakespeare’s Globe (Globe theatre)

Place: London

The Globe Theatre was first opened in the year 1599, exhibiting the plays from famous Shakespearean dramas. The building underwent a lot of changes over the years to look like what it is right now, a pentagon-shaped theatre massively can accommodate over 1500 spectators in one seating. The theatre has broadcasted some well-known Elizabethan and Jacobean plays that put the respective era live on the stage. The characters from Hamlet, As You Like It, A Midsummer Night’s Dream are enacted live on the stage to the hearts of thousands of spectators watching it below.

Shakespeare’s Globe- London, Via:

A three minutes’ walk from the famous Millennium Bridge, the theatre is a standing combination of tradition and beauty. Hence, if you are planning a visit to London, Globe Theatre is the one play you can’t afford to miss!

Bolshoi Theatre, Famous Theatres of The World

Place: Moscow, Russia

Bolshoi Theatre is a historic epitome that was designed by a famous architect Joseph Bove. A few walkable distances from the world-famous St. Basil Cathedral is the classic example of architectural beauty, structured with neoclassical pillars and horses galloping at the top. The theatre is always known for its ballet and opera performances. The newly reformed structure by architect Alberto Canvas stands as the cultural heart of Russia.

Bolshoi Theatre, Famous Theatres of The World
Bolshoi Theatre- Moscow Via:

The interior of the building is designed with equal nuance like that of its exterior. It is an extravagant affair with a touch of brilliance od white and gold color combination. Visit Moscow next time do drape yourself in the beautiful ballet and opera and feel like a king and queen and take way the moment to cherish it for lifelong!

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La Comedie Francais, Famous Theatres of The World

Place: Paris, France

One of the oldest active theatre in the world, since it was founded in 1680. Located in the world’s most romantic city Paris, the theatre is an epicenter to many couples who love to enjoy performances of famous plays and renowned actors and actresses.

La Comedie Francais, Famous Theatres of The World
La Comédie Française-Paris, Via:

With a maximum capacity to seat 2000 spectators, the theatre has a whooping crowd throughout the year. Paris is a dream destination for most of the people across the globe, don’t forget to book a ticket to this world-famous theatre at the heart of the romantic city.

Royal Opera House, Famous Theatres of The World

Place: Covent Garden, London

Royal Opera House is a name that most people have come across at some of the other points of time. A major venue dedicated to the best of opera performances, art and cultural exhibitions is located at Covent Garden, London. The building is an epitome of classy and royal blend together and the plays conducted also implicates the same. The seating arrangement is also one of the main attractions with more than 2200 spectators seated with comfort and ease.

Royal Opera House, Famous Theatres of The World
Royal Opera House on Covent Garden, London, Via:

The Royal Opera House is a hub for ballet lovers as well as music enthusiasts. If you are planning a trip to London, the Royal Opera House be the first on your “to-do list”.

Sydney Opera House, Famous Theatres of The World

Place: Australia

Sydney opera house was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in the year 2007. It a multi-venue that has something for every age and taste. It is also one of the century’s most loved and building largely because of its distinctiveness and uniqueness. one would randomly think about this building when they think about Australia. Unlike other Opera or play theatres Sydney Opera House is a combined sanctum of modern and expressionist architecture that has been designed by the Arup group. It is estimated that more than 10.9 million people visit the Opera house every year, making it one of the best in itself.

Sydney Opera House, Famous Theatres of The World
Tourist admiring Sydney Opera House, Via:

Sydney Opera House is visited by people who love opera and music and people who don’t, alike and with much affection. The lotus-like structure attracts people all over the world every passing year, so, list it out at the top of your touring list hereafter.

Apart from the above-listed places, there is more the Curtain theatre in London, Burg theatre in Vienna, Tampa theatre in Tampa known for its creativeness and beauty. You may not be a music or art lover to visit these places. The exquisiteness of the place and its history itself is a mere attraction to keep it glued into your “to visit list”.

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