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Go Solo – Best Places Around The World


Traveling across the world and experiencing the best of place, food and stay is a dream to many. As a result, thousands plan solo travel every year. If you have watched Julia Roberts starring movie Eat, Pray and Love you must have understood the essence of going on solo travel. Solo travel is a way to discover self, finding new friends and end up experiencing something that you could have never experienced going something else. However, few things need to be kept in mind to avoid unnecessary situations. Always be aware of the rules and regulations of the country that you are intended to travel to. Plan well ahead of your journey, plan your budget and places that you are intending to visit there. If you are a first-timer and confused over the places to visit, we are here to help you out.
let’s discuss some beautiful places across the globe that will give you the thrill and learning that you are looking for.

The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands/Image Credit:

The Greek islands are heaven for every wanderlust in the world. Mesmerizingly beautiful islands. Travelers are often confused in choosing between the fabulous islands in the area. Santorini, Crete, Mykonos are a few places that have the best beaches, landscapes, and nightlife to go. Apart from beaches, the cities in the Greek islands are a combination of sightseeing and adventure spots for hike and trekking. Apart from the famous islands, there are some unspoiled untouched places that you can explore. The sunrise and the sunset on the beaches are a sight that is too good to be described in words. Also, for solo travelers, there are lots of beautiful small comfy stay- Ins like a resort, homestays.


Thailand/Image Credit:

Thailand is without any doubt one of the most loved places on earth. The beautiful landscapes, nature and the local culture are the ones that pull the tourist from all over the world. this small country is the best feasible option for solo travelers due to its sustainability. It is one of the cheapest countries to visit. That has some fabulous temples that are ancient, rich with cultural and ethical significance and architectural beauty. As we all know that Thai food is the favorite among food lovers across the globe. So, it will be a lifetime experience to relish the taste of Thai cuisine in Thailand!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka/Image Credit:

Sri Lanka is close to India and without any doubt the most visited place in terms of feasible options. This tiny country is well known for its landscapes, nature, and the best of sustainability. For, the Asian people Sri Lanka seems to be the best place to go solo and on a budget-friendly trip. The culture and tradition of the country. A place is predominantly a place that follows Buddhism, hence many temples depict it. Apart from that, there are beaches, some calm and peaceful resort areas, and hilly areas for trekking. Explore the ancient city and let us know what you feel about it.


Nepal/Image Credit:

Well, if you ask me, Nepal is the best place for a solo traveler. A place that is quite close to the Himalaya, that provides the best of Himalayan trekking. Take a long one-week trip to this country as there are many things to do over there. The Himalayan circuit itself will take a week, then there are several architectural eminences that tourists love to the core. You can enjoy staying in the teahouses in the hilly area to enjoy the local and traditional food and stay. The locals here are friendly and peaceful people who love their guests. Anyways, when you are in Nepal don’t miss to capture the beauty of the Himalayan peak and enjoy the best of trekking, hiking and paragliding.

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Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Attraction / Image credit:

Barcelona is the perfect place for solo travelers or backpackers. With cafes lined up all along the beautiful roads makes it a better place for those who love people-watching. Barcelona has some untouched quiet beaches where you can ensure quality time avoiding the hustle-bustle of the city. The evenings can be beautiful walking through the busy streets in the city and enjoying a super tasty food that will blow your mind. as you are on solo travel try to make new friends as the locals here are quite easy going and friendly.


Featured Masai Mara Kenya / Image Credit:

Kenya may be the odd one out for a place for the solo traveler, but hell lot a place for adventure and sightseeing. For a wildlife enthusiast which place would be more acquiring than visiting the best ecosystem of the earth-Kenya! This place is a place for a safari. There are several professional services that you can hire to get a better experience around the wilderness through the safari tour. The wildlife of this country is unique around the world which assures you an experience worth a lifetime.

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Tikal- Guatemala
Tikal- Guatemala, Via:

The land where once Mayan dynasty existed, Guatemala should not be ignored when you are looking for a place for solo travel. This South American country is full of life and colors. Tourists who come here, are particularly in love with outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, and kayaking. So, go solo and explore the ancient city of Guatemala.


Dead Sea, Jordan
Dead Sea, Jordan, Via:

The city with a dead sea, this is not what Jordan is all about. This beautiful middle east place is full of lively people who would welcome you at their place for homely dinner and few drinks perhaps. Jordan will experience you the best of solo travel experience. You can go for a full day tour across Petra and enjoy the landscapes and cityscapes. Explore Jordan and enjoy the best hospitality ever!

Solo travel is dream come true, and after this ongoing situation, it has indeed become one of the most essential things to back the bag and go for a tour! Just for the sake of sanity. The list must have given you a fair idea about the places that will give you the best solo trip experience. Next time with more ideas and places we will meet here at India Imagine!
Till then Bon voyage!

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