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Explore Galapagos Islands For A Mesmerising Honeymoon Trip


Galapagos Islands in Ecuador is an archipelago of volcanic islands that separates the equator equally distributing on equal sides. If you are wondering why to choose volcanic islands on your honeymoon trip, then the answer is simple- the extraordinary uniqueness and out of the world experience! There are a lot of sites with historical significance, islands that would add spice to your romantic trip, and wildlife like you have never experienced before…let us walk you through the islands where the evolution of human most probably started!

Explore the wildlife of Galapagos’s islands and connect to our past!

Wildlife of Galapagos’s have different story tale for the visitors. It has a centuries-old evolution story to tell. Do you know way back in 1835 Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos islands and his observation about the species gives rise to the extraordinary theory of evolution that we all are aware of. Hence it is a fact that the wildlife of Galapagos’s are unique and main attraction among the tourists. Newly wedded couples come here to explore nature and take home a part of it!

Some places and sites where you can explore the serenity of nature and watch some endangered species walking on the shores.

Santa Cruz Islands

Santa Cruz Islands are home to many endangered turtles and tortoises. The capital of Santa Cruz is Puerto Ayora, the main city and tourism hub.

Santa Cruz Islands Couples havings fun with animals, Galapagos Islands
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The famous Charles Darwin Research Centre for giant tortoises is situated here. To add more, there is a giant volcano that went extinct ages ago and now the main tourist attraction.

Leon Dormido (Island in Chatham), Galapagos Islands

There are multiple reasons that attract tourists from all over the world. One such place is Leon Dormido an island in Isla San Cristóbal (Chatham) about an hour long-distance near to Puerto Baquerizo. Leon Dormido resembles a sleeping lion hence it is also known as Kicker Rock.

Leon Dormido (Island in Chatham), Galapagos Islands
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The place gives you a dramatic experience when the boat sails through or in between two verticle wall like rocks. Sail along with your loved one and explore one miracle amidst the water, if visit the place during sunset then the experience is bound to stay for a lifetime!
Day trips from Puerto Boquerizo Moreno here are around $80.

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Tortuga Bay(Beach in Puerto Ayora), Galapagos Islands

Walking along with your loved one through white sand that has been spread across touching the beach water is a dream come true for many. And if you are lucky enough to be in Tortuga Bay, then there are no words to describe!

Tortuga Bay Couples enjoying Kayak, Galapagos Islands
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This wonderful beach is located 2.5 km from Puerto Ayora. Most of the travellers come here to swim, sunbathe and surf. The best part is that you can see sharks, marine iguanas, pelicans and the occasional flamingo.

Cerro Brujo(Beach in Isla San Cristobal)

Another Beach in Isla San Cristóbal that is well known for its beauty and serenity. The sand on the beach is like a magic that resembles an old powdered sugar. One of the main attractions of this beach is the sea lions that roam here and their colonies.

Cerro Brujo Couple having fun with sealions
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There would be no better place in this world to walk through the beaches holding hands of your loved one.

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Reinvent the history by visiting museums and Historical sites

Muro de las Lágrimas

Is one of the Historic Site located 7 km’s from Puerto Villamil. It is basically a wall wrecked by lava rocks. The conditions of the wall are rough and tough and not very pleasing to the eye.

Muro de las Lágrimas lady watching over
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However, this place has immense value as a part of Galapagos’s history! So what are you waiting for? Grab a bike and ride through the mango groves with your sweetheart to the lap of Muro de las Lágrimas

Post Office Bay

It is a historic site in Isla Floreana (Santa María or Charles) where people flock in to experience some unusual experiences.

Post Office Bay Galapagos Islands
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Most people come to post office bay mostly to hang out and see the wooden graffiti all along the roads of Isla Floreana. Also, the postcard system is quite an attraction for the travelers across who love to leave postcards with an uncanny hope, that the card would eventually find its way like that of a message in a bottle. It would be a wonderful idea to write some romantic words on the postcard with your loved one and leave it there to its own fate!

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 MAPRAE, Galapagos Islands

MAPRAE in Puerto Ayora is one of the world’s exquisite places when it comes to Museum, first of its kind! The speciality is that over 55 pre-Columbian artefacts are showcased in the form of augmented reality.

 MAPRAE, Galapagos Islands
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The history and past of Ecuador’s region are literally bought to life here. Also, visitors get information in the form of a three-dimensional image on their phone directly. It is definitely an experience worth living.

Galapagos Islands are quite an out of the box option to choose for a honeymoon trip, but worth a lifetime experience. With more than 13 islands and remote isolation that has helped to flourish one of the most exquisite flora and fauna, the trip will definitely make you feel on the other side of the world. Explore and reinvent!

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